Sunday, April 30, 2023

A Masterclass In The Art And Execution Of The Body Attack Taught By William Zepeda

With the Boxing world still talking about the event that was Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia and unfortunately the circumstances, which led to a pay-per-view crash for many on April 22, the month of April coincidentally would end with a bout that took place around the same weight neighborhood as that heavily hyped, but disappointing night for the sport one week prior.bA fight in Boxing's 135lb. Lightweight division that featured undefeated power puncher William Zepeda defend a regional championship recognized by the World Boxing Association (WBA) against veteran Jaime Arboleda at the College Park Center in Arlington, TX.

Although the bout between Davis and Garcia was technically a Jr. Welterweight bout, having taken place slightly above the 135lb. Lightweight division under a catchweight stipulation, often whenever a marquee fight like that does occur, other fighters in and around that weight will look to make a statement in an effort to make a strong case for themselves as being the next potential opponent for whomever the victor was. While perhaps not intended to be a direct follow up to what occured on April 22, Zepeda would do exactly that by systematically destroying Arboleda.

Zepeda, who entered the fight unbeaten in twenty-seven professional fights with twenty-three knockouts, is a volume puncher that applies constant pressure out of the southpaw stance and looks to overwhelm opponents with both activity and power shots. From the opening bell of this fight, Zepeda quickly applied pressure backing up Arboleda with a consistent body attack as well as landing a solid left hook to the head in the first round that seemed to stun the veteran of twenty-one professional fights.

Despite being very "Game" and appearing to respond well to Zepeda's attack in the opening round, Arboleda simply had no answer to combat or defend against a relentless body attack that Zepeda quickly administered. The effects of both the pressure Zepeda applied from the opening bell and the body attack quickly spelled doom for Arboleda as a left hook to the body would drop him in the second round. Showing his mettle, Arboleda got up from the knockdown and attempted to fight on, but Zepeda sensing his opponent was compromised, pressed forward with relentless body shots that ultimately would send the "Game," but overmatched Arboleda down to the canvas two more times, the last one seeing him grimace in pain as he was counted out.

Simply put, there is not much that one can say about a fight that lasted not even a round and a half. While Zepeda was in the ring with an opponent that he outclassed, he did demonstrate one crucial element that all fighters should study.

The effectiveness of a consistent body attack from the outset of a fight. It is indeed true that a single body punch that lands in just the right spot can end a fight instantly once it connects. What should be pointed out however, is many fighters neglect to implement a body attack on a consistent basis. Among the benefits of going to an opponent's body is because the body is one of the most sensitive parts of the human anatomy, it can do damage quickly as we saw in this fight when it is executed properly. What body shots can also do for a fighter's offenses is if an opponent uses a lot of lateral movement and/or defends against punches to the head well, the body is one part of a fighter's anatomy that does not move and over time if a fighter is consistent with an attack down stairs on an opponent, it will gradually take the opponent's ability to move laterally away as a fight progresses.

In this case, while the fight was too quick to truly appreciate what William Zepeda was able to do against Jaime Arboleda, what Zepeda essentially did was hold a masterclass on the art of implementing/executing a body attack. More importantly in terms of what may be ahead in his future, Zepeda, who is rated number three in the world in the WBA's Lightweight ratings likely put the rest of the division including undefeated Undisputed world champion Devin Haney and former multi-division world champion Vasyl Lomachenko, who will meet for Haney's Lightweight crown on May 20 in Las Vegas, NV, on notice.

"And That's The Boxing Truth."

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Friday, April 28, 2023

Is It Time For Federal Regulators To Step In Following Yet Another Pay-Per-View Crash?

Readers may recall in the summer of 2021, it had been my intention to cover the heavily hyped Mayweather-Paul exhibition bout. Unfortunately, I would be prevented from doing so, not because of a lack of trying on my part, not because of a lack of my paying a fee to legally access the event, as all who cover Boxing should do when they are unable to attend events in person if they want to cover events, as fans who otherwise want to watch the event should do as well, but because of an issue that caused the servers of United States premium cable network Showtime's streaming app to crash resulting in the event being unwatchable for most consumers and those of us who intended to cover the event, yours truly included. 

Some may recall in the aftermath of what was a fiasco, I penned a column detailing my experience that evening. To be fair to Showtime, I did receive a refund and an apology from the network for my experience that evening, which I did appreciate despite being prevented from covering the event and no on demand access of the event being given, despite what I had been told by representatives of the network prior to the event. Fast forward nearly two years later and unfortunately for Boxing fans and those of us in the media who rely on technology to ply our trades were treated to a similar experience that was to be honest on a much more important scale for the sport and it's future. This observer is referring to the April 22 pay-per-view event at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV that was hailed by some as one that would "Save Boxing." An event headlined by two of Boxing's unbeaten and highest rising stars Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia in a highly anticipated catchweight bout.

Unlike the Mayweather-Paul debacle, this event would involve the participation of another network in addition to Showtime. The digital subscription sports streaming network DAZN, one that has been marketed as an alternative to the status quo in Boxing including the pay-per-view model, of which longtime readers know that I am a staunch critic of. The network as of last year however, in a controversial, but in some ways understandable move due in part to the economic effects of the global COVID-19 epidemic, as well as a way to bring fighters and promoters, who insist on the pay-per-view model to the table, began to implement the use of pay-per-view on what they insist will be a sporadic basis all the while raising their standard subscription prices to $224 per year or $24.99 per month.

Before I go any further, it is important for me to state for the record and for any possible critics that, despite the fact that I do not currently work for any other media outlet or network besides the outlet that this observer owns and operates here at The Boxing Truth®️, I have been vocal in my support of a subscription-based streaming model for the sport of Boxing that networks like DAZN and ESPN+ offer that are of better value to consumers for the price of either a monthly or annual subscription as compared to the overpriced and under valued model that pay-per-view has become, particularly here in the United States. Nevertheless, I have also been critical of both networks for using the pay-per-view model even on an occasional basis and to take it a step further and be a little more specific, doing so at the same price points that often begin at $70 per event that is not economically reasonable for consumers, much less offering value for existing subscribers. Something that will continue as long as the use of pay-per-view exists in the sport and to be more specific, offers little value to consumers in the process as price points continue to increase to let's be honest, asinine degrees with little or no explanation, much less accountability.

As for the Davis-Garcia card, I chose to access the event through DAZN in thinking that since I as a longtime subscriber, who has covered the vast majority of their Boxing events since their launch in September 2018 here in the United States, would at least have on demand access to the event afterwards if there were any issues with the live broadcast or if I simply wanted to watch the event again, as is standard for all DAZN programming. Unfortunately for yours truly, who wanted to cover the event and in particular the main event as well as many others who are either longtime subscribers to the network or subscribed simply to access the event through DAZN, my experience with DAZN that evening would resemble my experience with Mayweather-Paul nearly two years ago.

Despite the involvement of two networks for this event, the broadcast in North America was produced and handled by Showtime and merely simulcast on DAZN. While that was not a red flag as to what was to follow over the course of the evening, I feel it important to point out due to this not being an in-house DAZN production, which in my experience is normally top notch. 

In fairness, the evening, much like virtually every event including the ones I have covered that have aired on DAZN seemed like it would be a smooth one as I was able to observe the opening bout of the card, featuring Middleweight Elijah Garcia scoring a ten round unanimous decision over Kevin Salgado to remain unbeaten. As the broadcast continued, the feed, would begin to become very glitchy and as was the case with Mayweather-Paul, resulting in app crashing making not just the broadcast inaccessible, but hard to even open the app on my streaming devices of choice, an Apple TV as well as Roku. In a scenario that mirrored my experience with Mayweather-Paul, once DAZN's app crashed on Apple TV, I attempted to switch over to Roku to see if I could get the app to open and subsequently restore my feed of the broadcast.

Unfortunately for yours truly, even when I did succeed in getting the app to open and clicking on the broadcast, the glitches including buffering, freezing, pixelation, and yes, app crashing continued for the remainder of the evening. Thus, making my task of covering the main event as well as other bouts on the card for subsequent material down the line for readers an impossible task, at least in terms of being able to do it live or so I thought. 

Based on my previous experience with DAZN, which to be honest, is significant due to the volume of the network's schedule year over year as well as often week to week in a given month, I assumed that an on demand replay of the event, which is standard for all DAZN programming including their select pay-per-view events for seven days in terms of the full broadcast before individual fights of each card are made available in the network's deep Boxing archives, would be made available either overnight or early on Sunday morning as I have also had to take advantage of from time to time when for whatever reason I have not been able to cover an event live.

To my surprise and disappointment, no on demand replay was made available by the network after the event and as of this writing, six days after the event, is still unavailable as is any single bout on the card in the network's archives. In the interest of full disclosure with the reader, I like many of you who also ordered the card through DAZN, have spent the last several days attempting to reach out to the network to inquire about not only if/when an on demand replay would be made available, which frankly would appease yours truly, or if a replay would not be available, a refund of the pay-per-view price, which in the interest of honesty with the reader was $67.99 (Applicable taxes and fees included) as was offered to existing DAZN subscribers, which I have been one since prior to the network's U.S. launch in 2018.

As of this writing, my attempts to reach DAZN, despite my status of being in Boxing media and having an established communication with the network dating back prior to the 2018 launch, has been unsuccessful beyond getting a reply from their support team expressively apologizing and saying they were investigating the matter. This process, which I have documented on this observer's respective social media platforms, not as a means of shaming either DAZN or Showtime, but more so as a way of showing folks that there are those of us in the sport that contrary to the belief of some, that are in the same position as the average consumer in that there is no special treatment for media members who are unable to travel to events to cover them in person. The inadvertent advocacy of yours truly, as well as many fans and even some fellow media members have also taken to social media to share their experience and their desire to be refunded for an event they as well as I could not see, has had one simple message comprised in a hashtag. #DoRightByConsumers. A hashtag that I first used in the aftermath of Mayweather-Paul.

(*Update to the previous statement to follow at the conclusion of this column.)

Much like that event, the issue here seems to be the same. Showtime's servers being inadequate and unable to hold up to the demand from a technological standpoint resulting in glitches, app crashes, and the event becoming inaccessible. Now, the reader is probably asking one simple question "Beau, if the issue you experienced was through DAZN's app, why would Showtime's servers ultimately be to blame here?"

The simple answer though I am not an expert in tech engineering is that the event was merely simulcast on DAZN in the United States and Canada, meaning it was a standard production of a Showtime Pay-Per-View event as opposed to a joint production between two networks that we have seen from time to time in the past. The only thing resembling DAZN on this simulcast feed was the simple presence of DAZN's logo, which was positioned in the top left hand corner of the screen shortly after the broadcast began. When I began to have those all too familiar issues that I have experienced in covering some previous Showtime Pay-Per-View Boxing cards purchased through the Showtime streaming app, I began to suspect seeing as it was only a simulcast made available to DAZN users here in the United States and Canada, there was no mention of DAZN at all  during periods where the feed was up, that somehow this was linked to Showtime's servers, meaning that the feed that DAZN was permitted to simulcast, was likely fed through a link to Showtime's servers as opposed to DAZN's in house engineering, which in my experience has been immaculate in the past. This in all likelihood created a scenario where once Showtime's servers started to experience problems and ultimately crash, due to the feed being linked to DAZN, it subsequently knocked the network offline in North America.

While some might think this is a conspiracy theory on the part of yours truly, akin to what one would see from various YouTubers and others who claim to be in Boxing media, it needs to be pointed out that outside of North America, DAZN was permitted to broadcast this same event in many countries in which it is available using a non-Showtime international feed as part of a standard DAZN subscription, which reported no issues with the broadcast and furthermore, on demand access to international subscribers to the network shortly after the event was made available. Although this should be viewed as a slap in the face to those of us in North America, it puts the blame more in the direction of Showtime as it is clear that their insistence that it be their production as opposed to truly working together with DAZN to not only bring this event, which saw two rival promoters the Premier Boxing Champions group of promoters (PBC), who promote Gervonta Davis and who have a broadcast deal with Showtime and Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions, who promote Ryan Garcia and who has a broadcast deal with DAZN come together to make the fight happen, not only accessible on both platforms as well as cable/satellite providers, but to ensure a smooth viewing experience for all. 

 It is indeed a sign of a network's selfishness in clearly putting their own interest above the interest of the sport and of the public/consumers who legally paid to access the event, even to their own detriment and that of its parent company Paramount Global. After another pay-per-view crash, the question is what now?

Well, despite the fact that I have yet to receive a refund from DAZN, I do believe that it is possible that a reason for lack of communication and resolution with customers and yes those of us who cover the sport, may be due to a potential legal battle that might be brewing between the two networks over the circumstances of what happened on April 22. Although this is purely speculation on my part at this point, just as an observer, I cannot see how a scenario of essentially "Forgive And Forget" could take place when potentially one network might be out millions of dollars due to the obvious server crash and said network clearly being prohibited from producing their own dedicated feed of the event at least in the North American market, despite a proven track record of reliability and dependability when it comes to streaming as compared to the network that insisted upon control. Even as there are some online touting that the event did between 1.2 and 1.4 million buys, which is unheard of in present day with regard to pay-per-view for all too obvious reasons, my question is what will those numbers look like once either refunds are issued or potential litigation due to lack of refunds is brought to both networks by consumers due to the crash of Showtime's servers, which has happened in the past.

(*Update to the previous statement to follow at the conclusion of this column.)

What can realistically be done moving forward? It is no secret and should not be to longtime readers that I as someone who truly cares about the sport and it's future in wanting to see it grow and become more accessible to all regardless of what one's economic standing might be, have been saying for years that the pay-per-view model either needs a significant revamp where it is made considerably more affordable for consumers, in addition to the frequency in which the model is used being reduced, or it needs to be done away with completely in favor of reasonably priced subscription-based options that put the consumer first. After this latest fiasco, perhaps the first line of action that a consumer might want to take at least as far as the United States is concerned would be to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission as well as to reach out to your respective state representatives both in Congress, as well as the United States Senate, who are the lawmakers and tell them not only of your experience with this event, but also to voice your wish to see lawmakers intervene via legislation that would hopefully address both the inadequate experience consumers have to incur when ordering these pay-per-view events as well as to address the issue of the ever increasing price points for these events in the United States, which more often than not, is considerably more expensive than what consumers are charged in other countries for pay-per-view access to the same events, if not offered as part of a subscription network like DAZN or for free in some cases internationally.

The bottom line is something needs to be done to not only benefit the sport of Boxing, but also and more importantly consumers, who do not resort to means of piracy, who do go about access to pay-per-view the right way, by legally paying for it, but unfortunately cannot be guaranteed a smooth experience for the price they paid, much less be given on demand access to these events, which given both the price that consumers continually are asked to shell out, as well as the technology in 2023 being available, should be standard with one's purchase of an event. At the end of the day, no matter what network executives might say in an attempt to spin things to suit their narratives, no matter what a promoter might say about criticizing price points of pay-per-view events, but at the same time not doing anything about it and charging those same price points for their events, no matter what fighters are led to believe that pay-per-view is the only way they can make additional money for their efforts in risking their lives every time they step into the ring, despite the increasing evidence that pay-per-view with only rare exceptions is a failing practice, something needs to change and perhaps the only way to drive that point home if you're in the position of a consumer will be to seek federal intervention by way of the respective lawmakers to force change. 

Unfortunately, without intervention and oversight to force the issue, there will be no accountability for these networks and promoters and unfortunately, in the end both the Boxing fan/consumers as well as the sport will continue to suffer because there will be no incentive to change even as inadequate technology and frankly selfishness/stupidity of some networks take revenue out of their own pockets by failing to deliver what they advertised to consumers. Sadly, both for the sport and the fans that support Boxing in good times and bad, the issues that led to this latest pay-per-view crash was not the first time it has happened and without some form of intervention and accountability, nothing will change.

"And That's The Boxing Truth."

(* UPDATE: As this column was being prepared for release, after several days of attempts to reach DAZN, communication between Beau Denison and DAZN did breakthrough on Thursday, April 27, 2023. In an email sent to Mr. Denison, he was informed that DAZN would be issuing refunds for the Gervonta Davis-Ryan Garcia pay-per-view event, which will take up to seven business days to process. Mr. Denison was also advised that customers who purchased the event via the DAZN website can contact their support team at for more information about obtaining a refund.

If however, customers purchased the event via the DAZN app on mobile/tablet, or connected streaming devices and Smart TVs, those customers will need to contact the platform in which they made the purchase including Google Play, Apple iTunes /Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon /Fire TV, which the network listed as examples of who to contact. If you purchased the event through the DAZN app on a platform that is not listed here, contact DAZN Support  for more information. DAZN also expressively apologized both to Mr. Denison as well as all customers and subscribers who experienced issues accessing the event.

There was no attempt by Mr. Denison to reach out to Showtime regarding the issues discussed in this column as he strictly dealt with DAZN in an attempt to cover the Davis-Garcia event. Customers who purchased the event through the Showtime app can contact the network at for information obtaining refunds.

We here at The Boxing Truth®️ would like to again apologize to readers who were expecting post-fight coverage of Davis-Garcia as was originally planned as it was not in our control.)

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Thursday, April 27, 2023

Schedule Update: Davis-Garcia Pay-Per-View Crash

We would like to let our readers know that a column discussing the issues that prevented many, including us here at The Boxing Truth®️, from being able to access and cover the April 22 pay-per-view bout between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia, will be released on Friday, April 28th during the evening hours.

While it was obviously the intention to cover the bout as was originally planned and scheduled for this week, unfortunately we were prevented from doing so, which will be discussed in the column by Beau Denison. We do nevertheless apologize to readers who were expecting our standard post-fight coverage as it unfortunately and in the simplest terms was not in our control. Stay tuned.

"And That's The Boxing Truth."

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Thursday, April 20, 2023

Ruiz KO's Collazo In 6, Collazo Retires

Jr. Middleweight Angel Ruiz scored a sixth round knockout of forty-one year old former longtime Welterweight contender Luis Collazo on Wednesday night at the Pro Box Events Center in Plant City, FL. From the opening bell Ruiz put Collazo, who was fighting for the first time in more than two years and who took the fight on two weeks notice, on the defensive. It appeared for a time that Collazo may have been in danger of being stopped early as Ruiz swarmed him with offense and Collazo did not appear to have his balance and was not throwing punches back. Collazo however, showing the veteran instincts that made him a difficult fighter to take on for many notable fighters of his generation was able to withstand the assault and eventually find his footing.

In round two, Collazo seemed to be able to find somewhat of a rhythm as he was able to connect with short combinations, particularly to the body of Ruiz as well as held his own in the midst of heated exchanges of punches between the two fighters. Just as it seemed as though Collazo was in the process of building momentum as he was starting to out work and back Ruiz up in the third round, Ruiz responded by landing two left hooks to the head that sent Collazo down to the canvas. Collazo was able to get up, but would have a second knockdown ruled against him when Referee Chris Young ruled that the ropes held Collazo up as Ruiz followed up with a barrage of punches in an attempt to finish the fight, but Collazo was able to survive the round.

As he had done numerous times throughout his career, Collazo tried to fight on and, despite having some moments particularly in the fifth round in landing combinations on Ruiz, it would be the strength and the youth of the twenty-five year old Ruiz that would start to be the difference as any time he was able to connect cleanly, it hurt Collazo. The end would come in round six when a hook to the body of Collazo sent the longtime contender down on his hands and knees unable to beat the count. Official time of the stoppage was :32 of round six. Collazo announced his retirement from the sport after the fight.

Angel Ruiz advances to 18-2-1, with 13 Knockouts. Luis Collazo falls to 39-9, with 20 Knockouts.

Also on this card: 

Unbeaten Welterweight Vadim Musaev scored a first round stoppage of previously undefeated Martin Alvarez. A short counter left hook to the head sent Alvarez down in the opening round. Alvarez was able to beat the count, but got up on very unsteady legs and was in no condition to continue resulting in the fight being stopped. Official time of the stoppage was 2:03 of round one. Vadim Musaev advances to 6-0, with 3 Knockouts. Martin Alvarez falls to 7-1, with 6 Knockouts.

In a battle of undefeated Jr. Featherweights, Jose Salas pounded out a ten round unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Prince Dzanie. This fight saw several heated exchanges of offense throughout, but it was the greater volume of punches, ability to attack in short, but explosive spurts, and movement of Salas in addition to his being able to score a knockdown of Dzanie late in the ninth round that resulted in him earning a convincing unanimous decision victory. Official scores were: 100-89 (On all three scorecards) in favor of Salas. Jose Salas advances to 12-0, with 9 Knockouts. Prince Dzanie falls to 23-1, with 19 Knockouts. 

Undefeated Cruiserweight Robin Safar scored a fifth round stoppage of veteran DeShon Webster. The bout was stopped after the completion of round five. Robin Safar advances to 16-0, with 12 Knockouts. DeShon Webster falls to 12-7-3, with 6 Knockouts.

In some ways, the end of Luis Collazo's career, if it is indeed the end as he nears his forty-second birthday on April 22, is in line with the way many fighters and those who are able to have long careers in the sport eventually end theirs. By fighting a fighter that is in a way a younger version of themselves. Collazo, who began his career in 2000, eventually earned Interim/Regular champion status in the World Boxing Association's (WBA) Welterweight ratings in his career, but as a slick and crafty southpaw boxer with good hand speed and lateral movement, he was able to give difficult fights to many great fighters including, but not limited to Ricky Hatton, Andre Berto, and Keith Thurman among others over the course of a twenty-three year career and as seems to be the case for a lot of veterans in the sport, he was also on the losing side of some decisions that a lot of people, this observer included, who has covered many of his fights over that time, felt should have gone his way.

Despite the setbacks and due to the politics that be in the sport, never getting beyond holding an interim/regular champion designation, Collazo has always represented the sport well and is a credit to Boxing and a good example to young fighters as to how they should approach their careers. In Angel Ruiz, Collazo faced a fighter that in some ways was reminiscent of himself in his prime and if Collazo has truly hung up his gloves, he has nothing to be ashamed of because he as always gave a good account of himself and approached the end of his career the same way he has since he began it, by fighting till the end.

"And That's The Boxing Truth."

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Press Release: April 20, 2023 By  DAZN - Thunder' headlines second show at the Utilita Arena Sheffield


Credit: DAZN 

Dalton Smith and Sam Maxwell will clash for the British and Commonwealth Super-Lightweight Titles at the Utilita Arena Sheffield on Saturday July 1, live worldwide on DAZN (excluding Australia and New Zealand).

Sheffield's Smith (14-0, 10 KOs), who will be headlining his second fight night in his home city, is aiming to win the prestigious Lord Lonsdale Challenge belt outright after claiming the vacant title by stopping local rival Sam O'Maison last August and then making successful defences against Kaisee Benjamin in November and Billy Allington in February. 

One of the hottest properties in world boxing, 'Thunder' will be aiming to add Maxwell's Commonwealth Title to his growing collection that boasts the WBA Intercontinental Title, WBC International Silver Title and British Title, as he continues to work towards a dream World Title shot at Hillsborough, home to his beloved Sheffield Wednesday, in summer 2024.

Liverpool's Maxwell (17-1, 11 KOs), a former WBO European and British Champion at 140lbs, will be looking to reclaim the British Title after outpointing Akeem Ennis-Brown to win the famous old belt, along with the Commonwealth crown, in Birmingham back in August 2021. The former Team GB standout bounced back from his stoppage loss to Alejandro Meneses with a comfortable decision over Shaun Cooper in February. 

"It will be an honour to win the Lonsdale belt outright on July 1 in my home city and write my name into the history books, as well as picking up the Commonwealth Title," said Smith. "Every British fighter dreams of winning the Lord Lonsdale Challenge Belt when they start out, so to win it for keeps will be a massive box ticked for me as I then kick on. Sam is a great fighter who can really punch. He will be giving it his all to get the British Title back and keep his Commonwealth Title, but I'm very confident I will have too much for him on the night and it will be another special atmosphere in the arena in front of my home support."

"It is every boxer's dream to headline a massive show, so to get the opportunity to do so on a Matchroom Boxing card shown live around the world on DAZN is amazing," said Maxwell. "My Commonwealth belt is on the line but I'm looking forward to hearing, 'AND THE NEW' when I regain the British Title. I believe no one in the world can beat me when I am at my best. I can't wait for fight night. The atmosphere is going to be unreal and my fans will definitely be heard."

"I can't wait to see Sheffield's very own Dalton Smith back at the Utilita Arena on Saturday July 1 as he looks to create more history by winning the British Title outright against Liverpool's Sam Maxwell in front of an electric crowd," said Matchroom Sport Chairman Eddie Hearn. "The arena was bouncing last summer when he claimed the vacant belt against local rival Sam O'Maison and I'm anticipating it to be even louder in there as 'Thunder' looks to pick up the Commonwealth Title in front of his growing support. He faces his toughest test to date in the shape of former British Champion Maxwell, who will be looking to claim the scalp of one of the brightest talents in world boxing and put his name firmly back in the mix at 140lbs. We've got another stacked card in store for fight fans that we will be announcing soon. Catch it all live around the world exclusively on DAZN."

Tickets for Smith vs. Maxwell are priced £40, £60, £100 and £200 (VIP).

Matchroom Fight Pass members will be able to purchase tickets from midday on Monday April 24. Priority ticket info will be emailed directly to eligible members ahead of the on-sale time. 


General Sale tickets can be purchase via Stage Front and from midday on Tuesday April 25.


Material and Photo Courtesy of DAZN Used with permission.

For more information about DAZN including schedules, list of compatible streaming devices, platforms, Smart TVs, availability around the world, local start times in your area, and to subscribe please visit:

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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Davis-Garcia Will The Hype Result In A Great Fight?

There are some criteria when it comes to the signing of a fight that qualifies it as one that might be a classic encounter that might be talked about for years to come. One among them is when you get two rising stars with significant fan followings, who are both approaching their athletic primes to face off against each other. When you also add into the equation stats such as both being unbeaten and each having crowd pleasing styles, you have the ingredients for not only hype, but also what just might be a great fight.

Such criteria exists in the upcoming catchweight battle between undefeated former Jr. Lightweight world champion Gervonta Davis and undefeated former Lightweight turned Jr. Welterweight contender Ryan Garcia. A showdown between two of Boxing rising stars that will take place at a 138lb. catchweight, but essentially for all intents and purposes will be occuring in the 140lb. Jr. Welterweight division, five pounds above the 135lb. Lightweight division where until recently both Davis and Garcia had fought many of their bouts. The bout between the two will take place on April 22 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV and can be seen in the United States on both DAZN Pay-Per-View and Showtime Pay-Per-View as well as internationally as part of a standard streaming subscription to DAZN.

This is an encounter between two fighters who have shown the ability to score quick knockouts, but one where one fighter, Davis is known for his punching power. What can be a bit deceiving about Davis is in actuality, he is a well-rounded boxer/puncher who, like his opponent in this fight Ryan Garcia, has shown that he can do a little of everything inside the ring.

In thinking of how this fight could go, this observer started thinking of the differences between the two fighters rather than their similarities. Although Davis has fought as high as 140lbs. before in earning Interim/Regular champion status in the World Boxing Association's (WBA) ratings in both the Lightweight and Jr. Welterweight divisions after being a unified world champion in the Jr. Lightweight division, he will be going against a fighter in Garcia that has over five inches in height over him at 5'10 and a three inch reach advantage. While that may seem like Garcia might have the edge over him, the reality is we won't know until the two fighters are in the ring in the midst of battle. Where Davis has an indisputable advantage over his opponent is the fact that he is a former world champion and has fought a higher caliber of opposition as compared to Garcia, who has yet to fight for a world championship in his career beyond fighting for an interim designation when he was still a Lightweight.

Garcia however, is no stranger to overcoming adversity. Some may recall in January 2021, Garcia scored the biggest win of his career in knocking out former world title challenger Luke Campbell after being knocked down for the first time in his career in that fight. Despite appearing to possibly be on the verge of fighting for a world championship after that fight, Garcia, who has been open about his struggles with mental health chose to take time off to address some of those struggles he had been dealing with, something that he should be commended for in putting his health and well-being as the main priority over further lucrative opportunities or world championships. Since returning to the ring in April of last year, Garcia has remained unbeaten, but with his return came a move up in weight to the 140lb. Jr. Welterweight division as well as a new trainer in the legendary Joe Goosen.

While Garcia clearly passed the test that Luke Campbell had given him two years ago, and keeping in mind that he has shown no negative effects from his hiatus in terms of inside the ring, this will likely be the most significant test in his career in his twenty-fourth professional fight. Garcia is also facing a fighter in Davis that has twenty-six knockouts in his twenty-eight career wins. The challenge for Garcia here will be both dealing with the magnitude of the event in this being the first time he is fighting on something akin to a world championship level, but also to deal with Davis' punching power, which can come out of nowhere at times and be quite explosive when it does.

Garcia having the guidance of Joe Goosen in this fight will likely be a strong asset because having trained many world champions in a Hall of Fame career, Goosen is certainly experienced in bringing fighters to the top level of the sport and Garcia will likely need a calm voice in his ear as he tries to navigate both the event/hype and a very dangerous opponent in Davis across the ring. 

While it is logical to expect Davis to try and systematically walk Garcia down as he has done to several of his previous opponents, it is crucial that Garcia find a way to get the respect of Davis early in this fight, but must do so tactically. Though it may be tempting at some point during this fight especially if he is able to have success early to trade shot for shot with Davis, the logical approach for Garcia will be to box and try to take advantage of any openings Davis might leave him.

Although Garcia was able to get up from being knocked down by Luke Campbell, he will now be facing a fighter in Davis, who hits harder with both hands and there are likely some who will question how Garcia will stand up to Davis' power if Davis is able to land flush. Gervonta Davis does have underrated Boxing ability, which would likely surprise some if he chose to box rather than looking for a chance to end the fight if an opportunity arises, but logic would suggest that he will likely spend the early rounds studying what Garcia will bring as Garcia will likely try to do the same.

An element that has brought this fight to fruition is the fact that two networks Showtime, who is aligned with the Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) group of prompters who promote Davis and DAZN who are aligned with Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions who promote Garcia are each involved in the distribution of this pay-per-view event on their respective streaming platforms as well as cable/satellite pay-per-view. While on one hand the fact that it takes two networks who have exclusivity with the respective promoters to make a fight like this happen is a flaw of the business of the sport, perhaps another flaw could be both networks counting on the fact that both fighters have significant fan followings/social media presence in thinking that will translate into pay-per-view revenue at the same inflated price points that have turned many consumers in the United States and even elsewhere off. With DAZN a subscription -based digital streaming network that was marketed as an alternative to the pay-per-view model insisting that they will only use pay-per-view sparingly when they have no other alternative, and Showtime continuing to rely heavily on the pay-per-view model, despite dwindling returns including most recently, the David Benavidez-Caleb Plant bout, which only generated 49,000 total buys at a $74.99 price point, you do have to wonder, despite all the hype surrounding this fight if consumers will be willing to buy it at an $84.99 price point for most consumers. A question that is especially valid when one considers the rantings of many on social media directed at both networks that they will look for a third-party streaming option rather than paying for it legally.

While the issue of piracy is something that should not be condoned, it is an issue that unfortunately is not going to go away even as many in Boxing continue to rely on a model that consumers with only very rare exceptions continue to reject. Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia checks just about every box a Boxing fan could ask for in terms of what could be an exciting bout, perhaps it will take a fight like this that has been heavily promoted and hyped to underperform to finally convince those making decisions at the networks that it is time to change. It would be sad for a fight that has been hyped as one that will "Save Boxing" turns out to be yet another example of the need to change the model to subscription-based options that fans/consumers are more likely to embrace, especially if this turns out to be a truly great fight.

"And That's The Boxing Truth."

Davis vs. Garcia takes place on Saturday, April 22 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV. The card can be seen on both Showtime Pay-Per-View and DAZN Pay-Per-View in the United States and Canada for $84.99 beginning at 8PM ET/5PM PT and will be available on both the Showtime and DAZN streaming apps on mobile, tablet, and connected streaming devices/Smart TVs as well as traditional cable/satellite providers. To order through Showtime to watch via the Showtime app please visit: To order on DAZN please visit: for ordering information and to verify access in your region of the world either through pay-per-view or through a standard DAZN subscription.

*Card and start time subject to change* 

*Check your local listings internationally for local start time.*

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Monday, April 17, 2023

Zhilei Zhang Shoes Why Anything Can Happen In Boxing

It is a mantra that has come out of this observer's mouth perhaps more often than others. "Anything Can Happen In The Sport Of Boxing, And That Is What Makes The Sport Great." It is a mantra that is rooted in the fact that regardless of all the statistics that are available, odds that might be placed on a fight, and, despite all the analysis that those who cover the sport, like yours truly, can off, ultimately the appeal of Boxing is not knowing what will really happen when two fighters enter a ring to do battle. While it is something that was instilled in me from an early age dating back to the time before I began my writing journey covering Boxing and other combat sports, it does at times still surprise me how some are surprised when something unexpected happens inside the ring.

The Heavyweight encounter between undefeated WBO number one Heavyweight contender Joe Joyce and Heavyweight contender Zhilei Zhang on April 15th in London, England serves as the latest example. Despite Zhang only having one loss in his career, he was viewed by some as a significant underdog against Joyce, who had earned his number one ranking in the World Boxing Organization's (WBO) rankings off of a string of impressive knockouts including in his last fight in being the first to stop former WBO Heavyweight world champion Joseph Parker last September.

With Joyce unfortunately not being close to getting his title shot, which was covered by yours truly in previewing this bout, it facilitated the need for him to fight to maintain his number one ranking. Although Joyce had an arena full of supporters at London's Copper Box Arena, it would become clear rather quickly that this fight would not be a mere "Tune Up" while he was waiting for his shot at the WBO title currently held by undefeated WBO/IBF/WBA/IBO world champion Oleksandr Usyk. While Joyce's path to a world title had stalled through no fault of his own, Zhilei Zhang only saw opportunity.

From the opening bell the southpaw Zhang found a home for his punches working behind his right jab and following it up with flush right hands to the face of Joyce. Although Joyce had also earned a reputation prior to this fight for his ability to take a punch, otherwise referred to as having a solid or "Granite Chin,"' his defensive liabilities emerged in this fight. Most notably his inability to move his head as Zhang was able to land frequently to his head and at times, through his defensive guard. This in addition to peroidic effective work Zhang was also ablecto do to Joyce's body made it clear that the unbeaten Heavyweight was facing an uphill battle.

Despite doing his best to return offense, which did work sporadically, it was not long before the effects of accumulated punishment began to show as Zhang's steady flow of solid left hands resulted in Joyce's right eye rapidly closing. By round six, Joyce's right eye was swollen shut and with no way to defend against the offense of Zhang, appearing as though he could not see out of his right eye, Referee Howard Foster consulted with a ringside physician two times both prior to the start of round six and after halting the action during the round before they collectively made the decision to stop the fight.

For Zhilei Zhang, his win in getting a stoppage over the previously unbeaten former Olympic Gold medalist Joe Joyce not only now catapults him into a mandatory position as far as being a mandatory challenger in the WBO Heavyweight ratings, not only serves as the biggest win of his career, but also in some way likely seems like redemption for him after he suffered a controversial loss in the eyes of some in losing s twelve round split decision to undefeated contender Filip Hrgovic in his last fight prior to facing Joyce where he lost the fight and with it his undefeated record. A lesson that can be learned here for fighters is that a loss does not signal the end of one's career, but those setbacks that in all honesty most fighters suffer at some point throughout their careers can be used as motivation for a fighter to bounce back as Zhang has done here. 

As many fighters have done before him, Joe Joyce must first recover from the beating that was administered at the hands of Zhilei Zhang. Once he has recovered, the process of resuming his career can begin. One defeat does not signal the end of a fighter's career, but it is how that fighter deals with defeat that often shows the mark of a great fighter as those who are able to bounce back and go on to win world titles and gain greater recognition in the process are often referred to when their careers are over. The loss to Zhilei Zhang is the end of a chapter in the story of the career of Joe Joyce, it is not the end of the story itself.

The primary lesson to take from this fight if you are a fan is never approach any fight with the mentality that what you are about to watch is a forgone conclusion. As we have seen time and time again, decade after decade, "Anything Can Happen At Any Given Time In The Sport Of Boxing, And That Is What Makes The Sport So Great."

"And That's The Boxing Truth."

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Friday, April 14, 2023

Can Joyce Or Zhang Make A Statement To Earn A Shot At A World Heavyweight Championship?

There is little doubt that one of the biggest stories occurring outside the ring in the world of Boxing in 2023 has been the on again, off again, back on again,  and finally stalled negotiations for a fight for what would be the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the world between undefeated world champions Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk. While that subject will certainly remain a topic of discussion, the longer both champions are idle also creates a ripple effect for others in the Heavyweight division that are all looking to get into position to challenge either champion. Such is the case with undefeated WBO number one contender Joe Joyce. 

Joyce,  a former Olympic Gold medalist, has boxed his way to an undefeated record of 15-0, with 14 Knockouts and has successfully moved into the mandatory position in the World Boxing Organization's (WBO) Heavyweight ratings, which in theory puts him next in line to face the unified IBF/WBA/IBO/WBO world champion Oleksandr Usyk. Despite this and an impressive knockout win of former WBO Heavyweight world champion Joseph Parker in his last fight in September of last year in becoming the first fighter to stop Parker, Joyce is unfortunately no closer as Mid-April 2023 now comes to facing Usyk. While unfortunately that is likely the result of the stalled negotiations between Usyk and Fury, which if that fight had happened, Joyce would theoretically be in line to face the winner, it now creates a scenario where Joyce needs to fight both as a means of staying active, but also to try and maintain his number one ranking.

Although it has to be frustrating for a fighter in Joyce's position in the politics that be in the sport more or less for the time being maneuvering him out of the equation for a shot at the title, there is a way that this could turn out to be a positive for him. A brief dive into Boxing history by this observer for the reader provides some precedent as to how. 

Many of us of a certain age who have followed the sport for most of, if not all of our lives likely remember the circumstances that the legendary Evander Holyfield found himself in during his initial rise as a Heavyweight contender in the 1980"s after an unbeaten run where he successfully unified the Cruiserweight division. As a Heavyweight contender,  Holyfield fought his way to a number one ranking in the WBC,WBA, and IBF during the period where those were the three recognized world sanctioning organizations in the days that predated the inception of both the WBO and the International Boxing Organization (IBO). The Undisputed Heavyweight champion in those days was a young and unbeaten Mike Tyson,  who in addition to getting into troubles outside of the ring, was facing other opposition in the ring and for circumstances that can be explained simply as the politics of the sport,  Holyfield was denied his opportunity to face Tyson. 

Holyfield responded to those circumstances by fighting more frequently than the champion, facing both top contenders and former world champions in the process. By doing so, it not only kept him active against the best available competition at the time, but it also kept Holyfield in the public eye. This served to his benefit as he built public support in the process and eventually used that to secure a fight with James "Buster" Douglas, who had defeated Tyson in February 1990, to fight for the undisputed championship in October of that year. Holyfield made quick work of Douglas knocking out the champion in three rounds to win the championship and in the process, ushered in a new era of the division, which was largely dominated by him as its central figure. 

While obviously Holyfield had to wait longer than he should have to get his shot, his patience and persistence paid off in the long run and today he is a Hall of Famer and regarded as one of the all-time great Heavyweights. The point of this brief background into a fighter that found himself in similar circumstances as Joyce is now in is simple. Though it has to be frustrating,  it can work for him by turning a negative into a positive.

The next step in the career of Joe Joyce will take place on April at the Copper Box Arena in London, England when the unbeaten "Knockout Artist" will face number thirteen ranked WBO Heavyweight contender Zhilei Zhang in a fight that can be seen here in the United States on digital subscription sports streaming network ESPN+. Zhang is the first Heavyweight that this observer can remember to hail from China and will enter this fight with a 24-1-1, with 19 Knockouts. 

Zhang will also come into this fight however,  coming off of his first loss in his career in dropping a twelve round unanimous decision to undefeated Heavyweight contender Filip Hrgovic in August of last year.  While Zang, much like Joyce, has punching power and has shown the ability to score quick knockouts in his career, an argument could be made that the two times he has stepped up his caliber of opposition up to this point, it resulted in a draw with veteran Jerry Forrest and the loss against Hrgovic.

With this in mind, Zhang might be looking to not only win this fight, but do so by making a statement against clearly another opponent that is a step up for him. What this could mean is potentially a short, but explosive fight where it may simply come down to which fighter is able to land flush on the other. In terms of each fighter's ability to take a punch, Joyce took the best of what Joseph Parker threw at him including several flush punches that would have likely dropped most Heavyweights and he kept coming forward. The question is how will Zhang respond to Joyce's power if the unbeaten contender lands flush.

Although much of the attention on the current state of the Heavyweight division has centered on the Usyk-Fury saga as well as the recent return of former two-time Heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua, who scored a twelve round unanimous decision over Jermaine Franklin at the beginning of April, it is now time for Joe Joyce and Zhilei Zhang to take center stage to see if either can maneuver their way into a possible opportunity to fight for a world championship, which unfortunately due to the business and political elements of the sport,could prove to be an easier fight to make for either Oleksandr Usyk or Tyson Fury, than a fight between each other for the Undisputed Heavyweight championship of the world appears to be.

"And That's The Boxing Truth."

Joyce vs. Zhang takes place on Saturday, April 15th at Copper Box Arena in London, England. The fight can be seen here in the United States on digital subscription sports streaming network ESPN+  beginning at 2PM ET/11AM PT.

ESPN+ is available through the ESPN app on mobile, tablet, and connected streaming devices and Smart TVs. For more information about ESPN+ including schedules, list of compatible streaming devices, platforms, Smart TVs, and to subscribe please visit:

*Card and start times subject to change.

"Check your local listings internationally.*

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Thursday, April 13, 2023

Stevenson Adds His Name To Lightweight Mix

The Lightweight debut of undefeated former two-division world champion Shakur Stevenson on April 8th was one that in some ways felt more like a formality than what one would consider a legitimate test for a fighter who has proven to be a difficult puzzle for opponents to solve. Perhaps adding to that feeling of formality was that Stevenson per his being a former unified world champion in the 130lb. Jr. Lightweight division, was moved immediately into an elimination bout to determine the next mandatory challenger in the World Boxing Council's (WBC) Lightweight ratings, which theoretically would put him in line to challenge the winner of the upcoming world championship bout between undefeated Undisputed Lightweight champion of the world Devin Haney and former three-division world champion Vasyl Lomachenko, which will take place on May 20th in Las Vegas, NV.

 Formalities and what seemed designed to be a clear prelude to Stevenson challenging for a world championship in now a third weight class, was also not without its share of criticism. This was due to Stevenson's opponent, the unbeaten, but largely unknown former Japanese and Oriental Professional Boxing Federation (OPBF) Lightweight champion Shuichiro Yoshino being rated number four in the world by the WBC, despite not having faced a world rated contender prior to the bout. The OPBF's affiliation with the WBC did nevertheless, provide Yoshino an opportunity to show what he could do on a significant stage against one of the top stars in the sport.

Stevenson's hometown of Newark, NJ and the Prudential Center would be the site for the bout. In previewing this bout, this observer stated that Yoshino was a fighter that liked to come forward and throw punches in bursts. Yoshino proved to be true to form because that would be the approach he would attempt against Stevenson from the outset by coming forward and trying to apply pressure on him, while also trying to back the former world champion up and go to his body.

While Yoshino succeeded in showing that he came to fight, it would not be long before Stevenson would turn the outcome of this fight into, you guessed it dear reader, "A Formality." After taking a round to study his opponent, Stevenson began to open up with offense. As I also stated prior to this fight, Yoshino did tend to throw looping punches, and as it would turn out, the technical flaw that Yoshino had shown in previous bouts, was something that a slick boxer like Shakur Stevenson was able to recognize and exploit.

In the second round, Stevenson would score the first of what became two knockdowns when he connected with a flush counter left hook to the head. This would be followed in round four when Stevenson dropped Yoshino for a second time with a left hook to the body. Although Stevenson is not known for his punching power, the only thought that I had as I watched this fight as it became clear that Stevenson on this night was against a fighter that though very "Game," was overmatched, and likely too brave for his own good, was simply how long the fight would be allowed to go on.

To be honest with the reader, I felt that if Stevenson wanted to press the issue a bit more than he did, the fight probably could have been stopped in the fourth round. After taking a consistent beating for five rounds, Yoshino would be protected from himself as the fight was mercifully stopped in round six.

Although it did not take long for this fight to become a competitive mismatch, no one can take anything away from the bravery that Shuichiro Yoshino showed in what was his first fight in the United States. Unfortunately for Yoshino, he was simply against a superior fighter and he should hold his hand high for the valiant effort he put forth in defeat. Yoshino gave it everything he had and at the end of the day, win or lose that is really all you can ask of a fighter.

As for Shakur Stevenson, it is logical to assume with this fight now in his rearview, what was the twentieth win of his career, likely secured him a ringside seat to witness the highly anticipated Haney-Lomachenko world championship bout in Las Vegas on May 20th and there is no doubt in my mind that if indeed Stevenson does attend the bout between Haney and Lomachenko, that he will likely call out the winner shortly after the fight concludes. The question coming out of his victory over Yoshino however, should be whether or not this was a glimpse of a Shakur Stevenson that now as a 135lb. Lightweight will try to sit on his punches more and attempt to score more knockouts as he was able to do here, which has not always been the case in either the 126lb. Featherweight or 130lb. Jr. Lightweight divisions. For a fighter that has been labeled as one to avoid by some, if Stevenson has decided to try to score more knockouts into an already immaculate skillset, he may have just become even more dangerous.

"And That's The Boxing Truth."

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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

DiBella Entertainment 's Broadway Boxing To Debut On DAZN April 27th From New York City

Press Release: By  DAZN - New York, NY, April 12, 2023 - - BoxingInsider returns for its fourth promotion in six months with Broadway Boxing, a card full of local and international talent to be streamed globally on DAZN. 

BoxingInsider is thrilled to once again work with Hall of Fame promoter Lou DiBella’s DiBella Entertainment to promote the latest installment of Broadway Boxing. Brooklyn’s Brian Ceballo (13-1, 7 KOs), a five-time New York Golden Gloves champion, will headline against Dominican Edward Ulloa Diaz in an eight-round super welterweight contest. In December 2020, Ceballo captured the WBO Inter-Continental welterweight belt. Ceballo will be looking to rebound from his lone defeat in his last fight on October 26, 2022.

The stacked undercard will feature Mongolian Olympian Tsendbaatar “Chinggis Khaan” Erdenebat, former women’s world champion Miyo Yoshida facing Indeya Smith, local boxers Sydney Maccow, Christian Otero, Ireland’s Larry Fryers, and David Lopez. They will all lace ‘em up on Thursday, April 27, at Sony Hall, in the heart of Times Square, Manhattan.

The April 27 event is promoted by BoxingInsider Promotions and DiBella Entertainment.

“In the fall, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the famed Broadway Boxing brand in New York City,” said Lou DiBella, President of DiBella Entertainment. “I’m thrilled that the April 27 Broadway Boxing event will stream live on DAZN, a subscription service that has proven its international commitment to the sport of boxing. I’m happy to be co-promoting again with BoxingInsider; Larry Goldberg shares a commitment to grassroots boxing that is worthy of Broadway Boxing.”

“It’s crazy to think that this is our fourth show since October 2022 in Manhattan,” said BoxingInsider’s Larry Goldberg. “My goal from day one has been simple - to put on the best fights with local and international talent and to expose those to the largest possible audience; I’m thrilled that the DAZN subscribers will get to watch this terrific show.”

Two-time Mongolian Olympian and 2018 Asian Games gold medalist Tsendbaatar “Chinggis Khaan” Erdenebat (5-0, 3 KOs) will compete in an eight-round super featherweight bout against Edy Valencia Mercado (20-9-6, 7 KOs). Tsendbaatar returns to Sony Hall following a third-round TKO win at the venue on February 23.

Former WBO Super Flyweight World Champion Miyo “Miyo Musashi” Yoshida (15-3) was born in Kagoshima, Japan, and now resides in New York, NY. Prior to becoming world champion in 2019, Miyo won the Japan Boxing Commission and Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation bantamweight titles. As world champion, Miyo made one successful defense, then lost the title by technical decision (stoppage due to gash over eye). She regained the belt in a rematch six months later. In her last fight, she lost the WBO title via split decision. 

Indeya Smith (6-6, 1 KO), from Dallas, TX, via New Orleans, LA, made her BoxingInsider Promotions debut on December 21, 2022, with an upset win versus Sulem Urbina, dominating the bout from the opening bell.

Sydney “The Jackal” Maccow (8-8, 3 KOs), born in Sint Maarten, Netherlands, now residing in Brooklyn, NY, is coming off of a five-fight streak of four wins sandwiched around a no contest. Christian “Veneno” Otero (4-3, 2 KOs), from New York, NY, made his pro debut on October 31, 2020, and his career began with four straight victories.

In one of the most exciting matches a club show could make, this bout features a real-life New York City grudge match between Church St. Boxing Gym trainer and boxer Maccow and fellow New Yorker Otero. The dislike here is real and born in the gym, as these two went to war in sparring. Edited footage showing a Maccow beatdown soon hit social media, which started a dispute that must be solved in the professional prize ring.

Joshua David “Pretty Boy” Rivera (8-2, 3 KOs), from La Mesa, CA, made his pro debut in 2018 and his first nine fights took place in Tijuana. His last bout, at Madison Square Garden on the Amanda Serrano-Erika Cruz undercard on February 4, was a unanimous decision loss against an undefeated Aaron Aponte.

Larry “Lethal” Fryers (11-6, 4 KOs) was born in Clones, Ireland, and now resides in Yonkers, NY. Fryers won 11 of his first 12 fights after making his pro debut in 2016. As an amateur, he was an Ireland Nationals U21 finalist and a U23 semi-finalist. “Lethal” has a large Irish following and is eyeing another chance at glory.

“Dynamite” David Lopez (2-0, 2 KOs), the 19-year-old super lightweight phenom from Las Vegas, NV, will compete in a four-rounder. In his last fight, Lopez needed just 87 seconds to stop Paul Walters Jr. on February 17 in Topeka, KS. Coming from a family of fighters, Lopez, who is of Black and Filipino heritage, is trained by his father and former boxer Kris Lopez.


Established in 1997 as a premier boxing news and information destination, Boxing Insider has recently transitioned into the promotional business.  This will be Boxing Insider’s fourth professional boxing promotion.  It has promoted one amateur boxing event and three professional events, on October 13, December 21, and February 22, all at Sony Hall, Times Square, New York, NY.


In May of 2000, Lou DiBella launched DiBella Entertainment (DBE), a full-service sports and entertainment company, which has become one of the most successful promotional entities in boxing. Serving as matchmaker, television distributor, marketing advisor, and promoter, DiBella has developed an exciting stable of championship caliber, world-class fighters, such as Sergio Martinez, Bernard Hopkins, Jermaine Taylor, Micky Ward, Deontay Wilder, and George Kambosos, among others. DBE clearly established itself as an industry leader with the successful launch of its monthly-televised "Broadway Boxing" series in November 2003. Prior to becoming a promoter, DiBella held an 11-year tenure as the Senior Vice President of HBO Sports. While at HBO, DiBella created and established the highly successful “Boxing After Dark” series, which featured some of the sport’s greatest fights. He is also a well-known fixture in the film industry, having worked as an Executive Producer for the film "Love Ranch", as an Associate Producer on "The Fighter", and making his acting debut in "Rocky Balboa". He also produced or executive produced numerous documentaries, such as Viva Baseball!, Magic Man, Maravilla, Larry Flynt for President, and Tapia. The President and Managing General Partner for the Richmond Flying Squirrels baseball team, DiBella proudly wears his 2010, 2012 and 2014 World Series rings, as his team is the class AA affiliate to the San Francisco Giants. In 2017, DiBella also became the CEO and Managing Owner of the Montgomery Biscuits baseball team, the AA-affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays. DiBella was elected into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2020 and inducted in June 2022, as well as the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame in 2014 and the Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame in 2015.

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Teraji Maintains His Position Atop The Jr. Flyweight Division

One of the Boxing events that was to be a focal point in the sport was to be the highly anticipated unification bout for the WBC/WBA Jr. Flyweight world champion Kenshiro Teraji and WBO world champion Jonathan Gonzalez, which would have unified three of five recognized world championships in the 108lb. Jr. Flyweight division. As some may recall however, Gonzalez was forced to withdraw from the bout, which was to take place at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan, in late March due to becoming ill with pneumonia.

Although in decades past it was not uncommon for fights of significance such as world championship unification bouts to see a postponements in the event that a fighter suffers an injury or illness, if nothing else to persevere the financial interests that are involved in a fight, there are times where a fighter who is not injured or ill will try to keep the scheduled date where the original bout was to occur. This is precisely the situation that Kenshiro Teraji found himself in.

While sometimes there are other circumstances that emerge that makes an attempt by both a fighter and promoter to keep a scheduled bout on, what sometimes can get overlooked is the inherent risk that a fighter takes by choosing to fight on rather than trying to wait for a postponed bout to be rescheduled. There is after all a risk not only to a fighter's record in the potential that they could lose, but if they do lose, the risk to their standing in a given division as well as the previous financial incentives that were in place prior to a scheduled bout 's postponement is also potentially impacted.

In this case, Teraji had a little more than two weeks from the postponement of his bout with Gonzalez to find an opponent to step in on short notice so he could defend his unified portion of the World Jr. Flyweight championship. The replacement would be found in the form of Anthony Olascuaga. Olascuaga was given what amounted to an opportunity of a lifetime, albeit one that came on short notice. The opportunity to fight for a world championship, let alone a unified world championship is one that many fighters strive for their entire careers to earn. For Olascuaga, the opportunity came after he had gone unbeaten in five professional fights.

While that statistic might be open to criticism as obviously Olascuaga had not fought anyone near the level of Teraji, it is important to keep in mind that this fight was put together with the primary intention of ensuring that Teraji was able to keep the April 8th date, and was done so on short notice where there is a possibility that Olascuaga may have been the only opponent available and willing to take the fight under the circumstances.

One might question given those circumstances however, the wisdom of both the World Boxing Association (WBA) and the World Boxing Council (WBC) in sanctioning this fight as a world title bout given the challenger's limited resume and opposition. Although this is something that is not really done in the modern era of the sport of Boxing, perhaps it would have been wise given both the circumstances of the postponement of the unification bout with Gonzalez as well as both Olascuaga taking the fight on short notice and his limited experience, if this were made into a non-title fight as world champions fought routinely in decades past in between title defenses in an effort to stay as active as possible. If nothing else, a decision like that would have at least limited the criticism of some given the circumstances.

Despite the odds being significantly in his favor, there was nevertheless an element of danger for the champion Teraji from the standpoint of both having to prepare for a change of opponent with less than two weeks to do so as well as an element of the unknown in that Olascuaga was unbeaten, but also untested up to this point. To Teraji's credit, he was able to adapt accordingly. Despite the long odds against him, Olascuaga immediately brought the fight to the champion and was clearly intent on showing that he was not merely interested in sharing the ring with one of the best fighters in the sport. He not only traveled to Japan to fight, but he did so with the intention of winning the unified Jr. Flyweight championship of the world.

As is usually the norm in fights fought in Boxing's lower weight divisions, this fight was fought at an extremely high pace with both fighters throwing punches with knockout intent. The challenger's strength appeared to be his ability to catch Teraji with short combinations as the champion was throwing his punches. A tactic that is also referred to as catching an opponent in between punches in exchanges. The highlight of Olascuaga's offense was whenever he would catch Teraji with right hands to the head.

Frankly, both fighters landed hard, thudding punches throughout most of the fight, but gradually as the bout progressed the experience and skillset of Teraji began to show itself. While Olascuaga was able to land power shots periodically, it was Teraji who took over the tempo of the fight and became the one throwing first and initiating the combat. The champion connected with a short right hand that landed on the neck of Olascuaga forcing his gloves to touch the canvas, resulting in a knockdown being called in round three. To the challenger's credit, he was able to shake it off and the fight continued.

With each passing round, both champion and challenger continued fighting at an exhaustive pace. Teraji's greater volume, accuracy and overall skillset however, eventually broke Olascuaga down.

A brutal combination of punches to the head of the challenger in the ninth round would send Olascuaga through the ropes and force a referee's stoppage of the fight. In all honesty, this turned out to be a much more competitive fight than anyone could have realistically expected under the circumstances in which it came about. Anthony Olascuaga certainly was very "Game" and proved his mettle in defeat. His performance in this fight should lead to another opportunity down the line at another world title, but given that his first opportunity came in fight number six of his career, even in defeat he gained valuable experience that will only benefit him in the long-term.

Ultimately, despite for the moment missing out on an opportunity to further unify the World Jr. Flyweight championship, Kenshiro Teraji got what he wanted. He got to stay active, got to successfully defend his WBC and WBA crowns in the process, and got an impressive victory. The obvious question however, will be whether or not once Jonathan Gonzalez is well enough to resume competition, if an attempt will be made to reschedule the unification bout. As tempting as it might be to say it should be rescheduled as soon as possible, Teraji has certainly earned the chance to get some rest after what was a grueling and tougher than expected title defense.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Undisputed Middleweight Champion Claressa Shields Rematches Four-Division Champion Hanna Gabriels in First Boxing Event at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit & Streaming Live on DAZN

Credit: DAZN

Press Release: April 11, 2023 By  DAZN - DETROIT – April 11, 2023 – Undisputed Middleweight World Champion and Michigan’s own Claressa “GWOAT” Shields will make a homecoming return as she headlines the first boxing event in the history of Little Caesars Arena in Detroit on Saturday, June 3 taking on four-division champion Hanna Gabriels in a rematch that will stream live on DAZN in the U.S. and Canada. 


Shields and Gabriels will go face-to-face to preview the exciting event at a press conference being planned for Tuesday, April 18 in Detroit. Additional press conference details will be announced.


Tickets for the live event go on sale Tuesday, April 18 and can be purchased through, and the XFINITY Box Office at Little Caesars Arena. The event is promoted by Salita Promotions and 313 Presents.


The only two-division undisputed champion in boxing history, Shields will continue to make history as she brings big-time boxing to the home of the Detroit Pistons and Detroit Red Wings. The Flint, Michigan-native first faced Gabriels in Shields’ sixth pro fight back in 2018, with Gabriels putting Shields on the canvas in round one with a vicious right uppercut-left hook combination. It remains the only time Shields has ever been knocked down as a professional or amateur and although she recovered to win an exciting unanimous decision, she will look for an emphatic ending to their rivalry on June 3.


“The ‘GWOAT’ is bringing championship boxing back to Detroit!” said Shields. “After my historic victory over Savannah Marshall in the U.K., I wanted a true homecoming fight in the U.S.  I’m really excited to headline the first fight ever at Little Caesars Arena. Hanna Gabriels knocked me down in round one in our first fight and I’ve wanted the rematch ever since to settle that score. She’s a four-time world champ but she’s fighting the GWOAT, who’s a thirteen-time world champion and three-time undisputed champion. This is a big, important fight for me and will be another great fight for women’s boxing. I’m ready to defend my titles and win in dramatic fashion in Detroit!” 


“I know that Claressa is looking for the right adversary to put on a Fight of the Year-type fight that Taylor vs. Serrano was, so I’ve done my homework since our last encounter five years ago and I’m a much more improved and dangerous fighter now,” said Gabriels. “Claressa and boxing fans can expect to see the best version of Hanna Gabriels come fight night. I knocked Claressa down in our first fight and I intend to do the same in our rematch. Only this time, she’ll stay down.”


“Claressa Shields is making history again by opening up professional boxing at the brand new world class Little Caesars Arena in the heart of Detroit,” said Dmitriy Salita, President of Salita Promotions. “This is going to be a ‘HERstoric’ event in resurrecting the tradition of big-time championship events in Detroit, in an electric rematch against current light heavyweight and heavyweight world champion Hanna Gabriels. Tommy Hearns won his first world title at Joe Louis Arena in 1980 and now in 2023 Claressa will electrify fans watching the fight at the arena and live on DAZN in USA and Canada.”


“As Detroit’s premier live entertainment company, 313 Presents is excited to bring boxing to Little Caesars Arena in partnership with Salita Promotions,” said Howard Handler, President of 313 Presents. “Detroit’s boxing scene has a rich history that has produced and embraced numerous champions, from Joe Louis to Sugar Ray Robinson to Tommy Hearns to Hilmer Kenty and now Claressa Shields. June 3 will be a historic night for us and we’re thrilled to provide an action-packed night of boxing back in Detroit.”


“We are thrilled to have Claressa back on DAZN,” said Joe Markowski, CEO North America DAZN. “This homecoming fight for Claressa is highly anticipated by DAZN subscribers in the US and Canada. We can’t wait to have another massive women’s fight on the platform after making history with Taylor vs. Serrano last year. Tune in live to DAZN June 3rd for this very special event.”


A two-time Olympic gold medalist throughout her storied amateur career, the 28-year-old Shields (13-0, 2 KOs) avenged her only amateur defeat last October when she traveled to the U.K. to win the WBO Middleweight Title from Savannah Marshall via unanimous decision. Shields’ last fight in her home state of Michigan came in March 2021 as she bested Marie Eve Dicaire to become undisputed super welterweight world champion, her second undisputed distinction after originally unifying all the middleweight titles with a 2019 victory over then unbeaten Christina Hammer.


Representing her native Alajuela, Costa Rica, and promoted by DiBella Entertainment, Gabriels (21-2-1, 12 KOs) first became a world champion at welterweight in 2009, before capturing the super welterweight championship in 2010. She would go on to unify  154-pound titles with a TKO over Katia Alvarino in 2016 and followed up her 2018 loss to Shields with two successful 154-pound title defenses in 2019. Most recently, Gabriels captured both the WBA Light Heavyweight and WBC Heavyweight world championships with a second-round stoppage of Martha Lara Gaytan in April 2021.

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About Salita Promotions

Salita Promotions was founded in 2010 by Dmitriy Salita, a professional boxer and world-title challenger who saw the need for a promotional entity to feature boxing's best young prospects and established contenders in North America and around the world. Viewers watching fighters on worldwide television networks including SHOWTIME, HBO, ESPN, Spike TV, Universal Sports Network, UFC Fight Pass, DAZN, ESPN+ and MSG have enjoyed Salita Promotions fight action in recent years. We pride ourselves on offering our fighters opportunities inside and outside the ring. Salita Promotions looks forward to continuing to grow and serve the needs of fight fans around the globe.


Check the Salita Promotions YOUTUBE CHANNEL for regular updates of the modern world’s greatest fighters, contenders and prospects in action. 


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313 Presents is Detroit’s premier live entertainment company. Inspired by the soul of Detroit, 313 Presents promotes and produces concerts, theatrical productions, sporting events and family shows at six world-class venues across southeast Michigan including Little Caesars Arena, the historic Fox Theatre featuring Proud Partner Comerica Bank, Comerica Park, Pine Knob Music Theatre Presented by Proud Partners United Wholesale Mortgage, Trinity Health and Ally, Meadow Brook Amphitheatre and Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre. Headquartered in The District Detroit, 313 Presents is a joint venture between Ilitch Sports + Entertainment and Pistons Sports & Entertainment. For additional information, visit


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DAZN is the NFL’s global partner and, from the 2023 season, will be the only place for fans around the world to watch every NFL match through the NFL Game Pass International add-on subscription. DAZN is a global home for boxing and combat sports through its partnerships with Matchroom Boxing the Professional Fighters League, and a global home for Women’s Football with UEFA Women’s Champions League and Finetwork Liga F.  DAZN is adding more and more sport to its platform to create a destination for sports fans.  


DAZN is reimagining the way people enjoy sport. With a single, frictionless platform, sports fans can watch, bet, play, share, socialise, and buy tickets, NFTs and merchandise. Live and on-demand sports content, anywhere, in any language, on any device – only on DAZN.  


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DAZN is a global, privately-owned company with employees in over 25 countries. For more information on DAZN, our products, people, and performance, visit   


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Friday, April 7, 2023

Boxing Buddy The Next Innovation In Boxing Training

The task of training a boxer either for fitness or for competition is something that has evolved as time has gone on. Of course, many are familiar with the standard equipment such as jump rope, speed bag, head gear for the purposes of sparring, as well as several methods that are used to help train the fighter in the defense of moving his head, which obviously will vary depending on both the trainer and the fighter.

Credit: Boxing Buddy, Inc.

While some ot the examples this observer has pointed out have been the status quo for many decades and it continues to this day, there have been methods as technology has improved that have gone from never seen or thought of before in the training of a fighter to now widely regarded methods of training as both technology and access to it has improved with time. One of the earliest examples that this observer for the purposes of historical context can remember seeing came during Evander Holyfield's first reign as World Heavyweight champion in the early 1990's.

Some may recall prior to his first title defense against George Foreman in April 1991, the then undefeated champion provided a one of a kind look into his training regimen that one might call revolutionary. Among the innovations that Holyfield along with his longtime strength and conditioning coach Tim Hallmark used were devices that helped the champion utilize his movement including tactics such as jumping over placed blocks that varied in height, as well as one device that sticks out in my memory where the champion was hooked into position by cables while wearing a specially designed vest that was used for the purposes of monitoring his heart rate and punch intensity as he shadow boxed. I can also recall at the time that in some ways these innovations were compared in sort of a tongue and cheek manner to the methods that were used by the character Ivan Drago portrayed by Dolph Lundgren in the 1985 film Rocky IV.

One of the things that Hallmark and Holyfield used in their training sessions however, that sticks out in my mind more than any other even over thirty-two years later was at the time a new twist on the use of another piece of standard Boxing equipment used through generations, the heavy bag that I had not seen before and shockingly have not seen used by any fighter since. An innovation where Holyfield would bend down and throw punches while Hallmark positioned behind the device and slightly above the bag, would move a bar up and down as Holyfield would move in a side to side motion. The device that was used I cannot recall by name three decades later, but it's use went beyond one seen in a standard heavy bag as it clearly was used to simulate a fighter fighting in close on the inside not only offensively, but also due to the bar being pressed was to train the fighter in the habit of moving his head side to side while fighting in close.

While I feel that the training methods that were used by Holyfield and Hallmark three decades ago could have benefited many fighters had the technology been more universally available.  It was however, truly revolutionary for it's time and Holyfield was in many aspects a pioneer for being the first notable fighter to use such methods and innovations in his training in what became a Hall of Fame career. 

It was those innovations that I saw as a fan all those years ago in the years before I began writing about and covering Boxing and by extension combat sports, that immediately came to mind when I was approached about a new innovation on the heavy bag. Boxing Buddy. Boxing Buddy, a product marketed and developed by Boxing Buddy, Inc. is the first of its kind Smart training system and device specifically designed for Boxing. It features soft adjustable arms that can fit around any existing Heavy bag or other round objects that simulate a fighting experience, which allows trainees to work not only on their offense, but it has an emphasis on teaching and honing defensive skills as well.

The Boxing Buddy device offers three modes that work in conjunction with the Boxing Buddy companion app including three modes with four difficulty levels including modes that define the speed of punches thrown by the trainee, Random sparring mode, which simulates a sparring session as well as custom mode and coach mode offing the first of it's kind Boxing training experience without going to a Boxing gym and all of the device functions can be controlled and tracked with the Bluetooth-enabled Boxing Buddy companion app. 

Having seen clips of the device in action, this observer believes that much like what Tim Hallmark and Evander Holyfield were able to demonstrate in 1991 by incorporating then state of the art technology into Holyfield's training regimen, Boxing Buddy appears to be the next evolution in Boxing training that is portable and simple to use. 

The Boxing world has definitely come a long way in the past three decades and as Holyfield's longtime trainer, manager, advisor, former fighter, and Hall of Famer in his own right, the late great Lou Duva said when questioned about the training being implemented by his fighter prior to facing George Foreman that technology was in his words "Here To Stay" and, despite coming up through the old school of Boxing, that he was only interested in what would work best for his fighters. There is no doubt that Holyfield's training methods in the 1980's and 1990's, which along with God given talent saw him win five world championships in the Cruiserweight and Heavyweight divisions, was truly groundbreaking and ahead of its time. Now, with the further innovation that is being brought to Boxing by Boxing Buddy, it has taken Holyfield's pioneering approach to training and conditioning one step further.

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