Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Light Heavyweight James “The Equalizer” Ballard Looks To Make Waves In 2022

 Press Release: December 28, 2021 By Brandon Countee – (Detroit, Michigan) Light Heavyweight and Detroit Michigan native James Ballard looks to get his career back on track in 2022. After 3 straight losses, the fighter felt that 2022 needed to be his crossroad year in boxing. “To be honest I was not prepared like I needed to be in my last 2 fights, and you could see it. I was not focused like I should have been, and I promised myself 2022 would be much better. To be honest my record of 10 and 4 is more a reflection of not being dedicated fully more than my actual potential limits. I am more focused and dedicated, got a new trainer and everything.” Ballard states. He is now aligned with former boxer and trainer Ray Darden who looks to help bring out the best in Ballard. 

Credit: Brandon Countee


“James has talent, and it is a shame that he got unfocused because that can really mess up a fighter's career. My plan is really getting him back on track and to get some quality wins for 2022 and going forward.” states his new trainer, Ray Darden.


Ballard looks to get opportunities to upset the apple cart for contenders at 175. “Boxing is the one sport where one fight can make a star and save a career.”



Material  and Photo Courtesy of: Brandon Countee Used with permission.


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