Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NYPD And FDNY Prepare To Fight!

Corporal Murphree, wife Ashley, and son Brody Photo Credit: FDNY
Press Release: October 23, 2014 By Tony Shultz- The NYPD and FDNY are going at it again, this time for bragging rights and a great
cause. Boxing teams for both of the city’s Elite First Responders are hard at work training
for their upcoming charity boxing rivalry, and stakes couldn’t be higher!

Proceeds from ticket sales to this years event are going to an incredibly heroic Army
Veteran who enlisted to serve because his family was affected by the September 11th
Terrorist Attacks. Corporal Jesse Murphree tragically lost both his legs and is dealing
with a traumatic brain injury, due to being hit by an anti-tank mine while on a mission in
the extremely dangerous Taliban stronghold of Korengal Valley, Afghanistan. This area

is notorious for being a key to breaking the Taliban and has been the site of numerous
fierce firefighters with enemy forces, so much so in fact, it’s been dubbed "The Valley
Death" by American Forces. Unfortunately Cpl Murpree was a victim of one of those

deadly missions.

The charity boxing event will help raise funds for Cpl Murphree, along with his wife and
son to build a mortgage free, handicap accessible home in their dream location of Tampa,
FL, through the charity “Building Homes for Hero’s” located on Long Island, NY.

Madison Square Garden, which is hosting the event, has named Tony Shultz's FightTown
Promotions as the “Official Marketing Partner” of The 32nd annual “NYC: Battle of the
Badges" Boxing Event at The Theatre at MSG on November 22nd.

“Being that American Forces have dedicated so much, for so long, and put themselves in
harms way to prevent another September 11th Attack” Shultz said when asked about
helping to promote the fight. “As a boxing promoter, this is the best way I felt I could
give back to all the Cpl. Murphree’s and their families, one fight at a time”.

Tickets can be purchased at: or by clicking the fight poster at

About FightTown Promotions:

FightTown is a Boxing Promotions company that focuses on promoting Heavyweight
World Championship Fights. With an emphasis on promoting strong “Rivalry’s”
FightTown is constantly looking to create explosive matchups between Boxing’s Top
Contenders and current World Champions that decide once and for all who is the
Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Material Courtesy of: Tony Shultz/FightTown Promotions, The New York City Police Department, The New York City Fire Department, and Madison Square Garden. Used with permission.  

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