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Mr. Neerav Tomar & Mr.
Brigadier Raja, President of the IBC

Press Release: July 13, 2015 (Originally released July 8, 2015) By The Indian Boxing Council NEW DELHI: Indian Boxing has a brand new window of unlimited opportunities with the birth of a first of its kind organization – Indian Boxing Council. The “Indian Boxing Council” (IBC), a not-for- profit organization created for promoting the sport of Professional Boxing in India will be headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. 

The IBC, a brainchild of the former Secretary General of the Indian Amateur Boxing federation, Brigadier PKM Raja is conceptualized as a National governing body that sanctions professional boxing matches and awards national and subordinate championship titles to its boxers. 

Announcing the formation of the IBC at a press conference here at New Delhi, Brigadier Raja, President IBC said “Indian Amateur Boxing has over the last 2 decades shown an exciting upswing, with outstanding performances at the Olympics, World Championships, Asian Games etc. Unfortunately we seem to have lost the momentum in the last 3 years owing to multiple squabbles and administrative issues with the World Amateur Boxing Body. Our boxers have suffered enough, it is time we did something for them.  We should be extremely proud that one of our boxers Vijender Singh is such hot property in the Boxing world that some of the biggest boxing promotions companies in the world are queuing up for his signatures. Let’s create more such Vijenders.”

The IBC will be a platform and an umbrella organization for boxers who have had a successful amateur career fighting for India, to now safely protect their own careers with structured, safe and more exciting prize fighting contests which are already existent around the world. 

The IBC announced 3 layers of competitions to create a whole new domestic circuit which will help Indian Boxers to gradually come up the ladder fighting 4 Round, 6 Round, 8 Round and 12 round Championship bouts. 

In another significant announcement, Brig. Muralidharan Raja announced the appointment of Mr. Neerav Tomar as the Chairman -Commercial Wing, IBC and he also appointed IOS Boxing Promotions as official commercial partner of IBC. which will be responsible for entire commercial rights engagements of IBC. Brig Raja said “IOS Boxing Promotions has recently achieved a historic milestone by taking Olympian Vijender Singh at a global platform of Professional Boxing in association with Queensberry Promotions and IOS has a proven track record for the last 10 years of  working and having managed country's top players, sporting events and rights and a long association with boxing.”

The newly appointed Chairman, Commercial Wing of IBC ,Mr. Neerav Tomar said "I am very  excited to take on this association with IBC forward to build and develop pro boxing in India and unlock the potential value commercially and we are on the threshold of creating history by bringing home a multi-billion dollar sport globally to this country.This is a great moment for Indian Boxing with India's top boxing administrators coming forward on one platform to promote the sport in the country. IOS has been associated with this sport for more than a decade and  this new initiative by Brig. Muralidharan Raja will surely help take the sport to the  next level".

Fight cards of an IBC affiliated competition can be built and marketed by a Boxing Promoter who can yearn to be spoken about in the same breath as the likes of Don King, Bob Arum and Frank Warren from around the world. The IBC alongwith IOS Boxing Promotions shall hold bids for Promoter licenses over the next few months to invite Marketing Groups, Entrepreneurs and individuals to come forward and build an entire new ecosystem in India. The true beneficiaries of such a system would be the Boxers, Trainers and Boxing clubs around the country who have nothing to look forward to after an amateur career which is usually short-lived and ends when the boxer is just 23 or 24.

To turn Pro – an amateur boxer needs to contact an IBC Boxing Commissioner from his zone (details of each Zonal Boxing Commissioner is up on the IBC website Boxers would be assessed on their preparedness for the rigours of Pro Fighting by an IBC appointed selection committee who will in turn nominate them for fighting in a Pre ranking tournament – the Indian Golden Glove Championships. Pro Licenses are awarded by membership commission of the IBC only after a thorough medical examination by the IBC medical commission.

Brigadier Raja added “When we talk about creating an ecosystem – we mean developing capacities in Refereeing & Judging of contests, Doctors and Paramedics, Other ring officials like Master of Ceremonies, Ring Whips, Trainers, Seconds, Cut men. The IBC is committed to training and developing an entire platform which can start producing true Asian Champions and World champions in the next few years."

Material and Photo Courtesy of: The Indian Boxing Council (IBC) Used with Permission.

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