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Amateur Standout Viviana Ruiz Signs With Tony Tolj

 Press Release: March 8, 2021 By Dragon Fire Boxing – Australian marquee manager Tony Tolj has added one of Australia’s hottest women stars to his ever extensive stable.

Credit: Dragon Fire Boxing 

He is delighted to announce that Colombian born Sydney based Viviana Ruiz has signed a long-term managerial contract with the Perth based manager, who has been a key figure in the rise of fighters such as Chris John, Andrew & Jason Moloney, Bruno Tarimo, Andres Campos amongst others.

The charismatic Tolj is a big advocate of womens boxing currently managing the largest stable of women boxers in the pacific rim, World #6 Kylie Hutt, World Title Challenger Kylie Hutt, as well as prospects, Sarah Higginson, Natalie Jenkinson, Sylvia Cinque, Jeanine Brown  amongst others. 

Ruiz has represented Australia at the Womens World Championships in India. She was competing against the best in the country to qualify (which I did) and then against the best in the world. Ruiz has had over 60 fights, 5 x State Champion, 2xAustralian Champion, Gold medallist in Spain at the Boxam event (the best in the world), Silver medallist for the Commonwealth games trials  and Silver medal for the Olympic qualifiers. 

Ruiz discusses her boxing journey, I came from Colombia alone without speaking English so I was getting into drinking too much, smoking and not doing anything about the great opportunities that Australia has to offer. I decided to do something healthy and good for my life and started walking every nigh.  On one of my walks I saw "The fight gym". I went in there, did my first class and had an amazing feeling of happiness , control and anger realease. We Colombians are very passionate and have a lot of anger lol so it helped me lots to adress it another way. The coach said I was good and should have a fight !and 6 months later I was in the ring. I haven't stopped since there.

The Colombian born New South Wales native discussed his link up with manager Tolj.

Ruiz said, “I am delighted to link up with Tony Tolj and Dragon Fire Boxing. I loved boxing in the amateurs but my ambition was always to be a success in the professional ranks, and I felt that this was the right opportunity for me to make that leap into the pro game and I am really excited to get the ball rolling.

“I have seen the job Tony has done with the likes of the Moloney twins and I believe he will be able to do the same job with myself and take me all the way to world title fights. That is what I am in this game for.”

I was so excited to be part of Dragon Fire Boxing because they actually believe in the potential of the boxers, and I can tell from speaking to Tony that he has true belief in me and his own ability to make me a champion. They want give opportunities to those who really want it.

Ruiz continued, opening up about his style and what fight fans can expect from him, “I have an all action style and I can also box when I need too. I enjoy putting on a show for those in attendance and I feel my style is more suited to the pro game. I am learning all the time but I can guarantee excitement from my fights.”  

“I want to become a World Champion. I want to change all the odds of being too old for the sport. I believe because the world has evolved in many ways, you can now have a proper diet, correct strength and conditioning and be on the top of your game for much longer than they used to be able to”. 

The ever busy Tony Tolj gave his take on his latest acquisition, “Viviana Ruiz has been one of the shining lights in Australian amateur boxing for some years so I am delighted to be looking after her going forward. She trains with Ben Sava who is an excellent student of the game. Ruiz is an unbelievable talent and one that I believe will go all the way in the professional game.”

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