Friday, October 1, 2021

Scardina Stops Doberstein In 5 In Milan, Italy


Undefeated WBO number twelve rated Super-Middleweight contender Daniele Scardina gradually broke down veteran Juergen Doberstein before stopping him in five rounds on Friday night at the Allianz Cloud in Milan, Italy. Before a crowd of 1,200 socially distanced spectators due to the ongoing circumstances of the global COVID-19 epidemic, Scardina, who was fighting for the first time in nearly two years due to both the aforementioned circumstances as well as his own bout with the COVID-19 virus, was frustrated in the early rounds due to the elusiveness of Doberstein, who opted to make lateral movement the focal point of his strategy as he attempted to make full use of the ring while attempting to attack Scardina and execute his offense in sporadic spurts. While this strategy did indeed prove effective for a period of time as the bigger Scardina, a fighter who has become known for his punching power, had significant difficulty early on in cutting the ring off to limit Doberstein’s movement.

In round three however, Scardina’s pressure gradually created opportunities to land his offense. Scardina was able to find particular success in attacking Doberstein with hard thudding body punches and mixing offense to the head as well at this point in the fight. Although Doberstein tried to step up his aggression and fight Scardina off by force with his punches, he simply could not land anything to discourage him from pressing forward. After a particularly tough fourth round in which Doberstein was rocked on more than one occasion with body shots as well as some punches that Scardina was able to land to his head, an exhausted Doberstein informed his corner at the end of the fourth round that he did not want to continue. Even though technically there was no fifth round, the fight was officially stopped after the bell rang for round five resulting in Scardina earning a fifth round stoppage. Daniele Scardina advances to 20-0, with 16 Knockouts. Juergen Doberstein falls to 26-5-1, with 7 Knockouts.

Also on this card:

In a battle of former European Lightweight champions, Francesco Patera scored a third round stoppage of Devis Boschiero. Boschiero attempted to bring the fight to Patera early, but Patera landed a left uppercut to the head in the second round that opened a deep gash on the right eyelid of Boschiero. By mid-way through the third round the referee seeing the damage to the eye called time to have the cut examined by a ringside physician, who determined that Boschiero was not able to continue and could not see out of the right eye. Official time of the stoppage was 1:32 of round three. Francesco Patera advances to 25-3, with 9 Knockouts. Devis Boschiero falls to 49-7-2, with 22 Knockouts.

An all-out war for the Italian Welterweight championship saw undefeated champion Nicholas Esposito score a hard fought ten round unanimous decision over former Italian Welterweight champion Emanuele Cavallucci. Despite neither fighter being known for punching power or as brawlers, this fight saw the two fighters trade the ebb and flow of the combat with near non-stop action for all ten rounds where neither fighter really got a clear upper hand for an extended period of time as whenever one fighter would land significant offense, the other would respond immediately with offense of his own. What was frankly a Fight of the Year candidate not just in regard to Italian Boxing, but in the entire sport saw Espositio outwork Cavallucci down the stretch to earn the unanimous decision victory. Official scores were: 98-92, 97-93, 96-94 in favor of Esposito Nicholas Esposito advances to 15-0, with 5 Knockouts. Emanuele Cavallucci falls to 12-5-1 with 4 Knockouts.

In a Women’s Jr. Welterweight bout, 2018 Commonwealth Gold medalist Sandy Ryan advanced to 2-0 in her brief pro career by scoring a fourth round knockout of Aleksandra Vujovic. Ryan strategically placed her punches throughout until round four when she scored a knockdown of Vujovic with a left hook to the body. Vujovic was able to get up, but Ryan followed with a double left hook to the body that sent Vujovic down for a second time. This time, Vujovic was unable to beat the count. Official time of the stoppage was 1:47 of round four. Sandy Ryan advances to 2-0, with 1 Knockout. Aleksandra Vujovic falls to 4-15-2, with 1 Knockout.

Jr. Middleweight Samuel Nmomah survived a stern test in his unbeaten career by scoring a fourth round stoppage of Craig O'Brien. An entertaining bout in which both men had their say and were more than willing to engage in close, Nmomah brought a sudden end to the fight in the fourth round when he connected with a flush overhand right over a jab from O’Brien that badly staggered him and set off a flurry of unanswered punches that compelled O’Brien’s corner to throw the towel in and stop the fight. O’Brien was irate at his corner for stopping the bout. Official time of the stoppage was :42 of round four. Samuel Nmomah advances to 16-0, with 5 Knockouts. Craig O'Brien falls to 12-3, with 1 Knockout.

Undefeated Jr. Featherweight Vincenzo La Femina battered Oleksandr Yegorov over five one-sided rounds to earn a stoppage victory. La Femina implemented a systematic attack gradually walking his opponent down and landing hard thudding shots. A highlight came in round three when La Femina appeared to score a knockdown of Yegorov with a short left hook to the jaw, but was mysteriously ruled a slip by the referee. Late in round five, La Femina was credited with an official knockdown with a right hand along the ropes. The bout was finally halted at the conclusion of round five when Yegorov’s corner signaled that they were not going to allow their fighter to suffer any more punishment. Vincenzo La Femina advances to 10-0, with 5 Knockouts. Oleksandr Yegorov falls to 20-7-1, with 10 Knockouts.

The card began with unbeaten Welterweight Reshat Mati scoring a workmanlike eight round unanimous  decision over veteran Vladyslav Baranov. Mati generally forced the action and landed the cleaner, more effective punches throughout against Baranov, who appeared content to be in survival mode at times to go the distance.  Official scores were 80-72 (On two scorecards) and 78-74 for Mati. Reshat Mati advances to 11-0, with 7 Knockouts. Vladyslav Baranov falls to 7-11-2, with 5 Knockouts.

While much of this card centered on the premise of some of the rising stars of Matchroom Boxing’s Italian promotional branch in conjunction with Italian promoter Christian Cherchi’s OPI Since 82’s stable of Italian boxers as seeing whether or not the fighters that appeared on this card could serve as a springboard/spark to rejuvenate what some may call a decline of Italian Boxing, what this card offered should be viewed as a little of everything. Competitive fights, knockouts, showcasing fighters at varying stages, and even a sleeper Fight of the Year candidate, that might have otherwise gone unnoticed beyond those in attendance at the Allianz Cloud and to be more specific the country of Italy thanks to the advent of streaming technology and the fact that this card was showcased on digital subscription sports streaming network DAZN, which is a global platform.

Whether or not a perceived “Decline” in the Italian Boxing scene is a legitimate stance or not, the future does look bright even as the world continues to grapple with the circumstances of an uncertain global crisis. Hopefully, as the Boxing calendar inches closer to 2022, the Boxing world will be able to be treated to more cards such as this from the country of Italy. Any nation’s sports scene regardless of what particular sport, is always benefited more when that sport is allowed to be as active as possible with hopefully as few constraints in terms of staging events as possible. The reality is the world will not truly get to that point until the crisis known as COVID-19 is behind us. One can only hope that point is one that the world will get to sooner than later.

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