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Press Release: October 30, 2021 By Dragon Fire Boxing – Chilean standout Andres Campos is geared up for his ring return, as the highly touted 112 pounder looks to set himself up for a world title clash in 2022. 

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Campos sits high in the world ratings, as he currently holds regional titles with both the WBO and WBA, placing in prime positions to challenge of the champions, with Japan’s Junto Nakatani being one of Campos’ targets.


The Chilean Crocodile, who is guided by Australian boxing monocrat Tony Tolj, discussed his ring return on December 4.


Campos said, “I am so happy to be back in the ring. The COVID period has not been easy for professional boxers, but my team have made a big effort to keep me busy, including traveling to the United States of America to spar Andrew and Jason Moloney. That was a fantastic experience.


“Now I get back in the ring and I look to show everybody that I am ready to challenge for a world title. I have to continue to show that I am improving and that I can genuinely challenge fighters like Nakatani and get into the ring knowing I can win.”


Campos has held numerous titles as a professional whilst gaining multinational experience due to his affiliation with Tony Tolj’s Dragon Fire Boxing.


The Chilean opened up about his plans to go international.


“I’ve travelled a lot as a professional already for camps, so going overseas doesn’t concern me when it comes to fighting. I always go into fights looking for the knockout, so I don’t think about overseas judging. I just come to win in style in every fight I have.


“I would love to go to Japan to challenge Nakatani. He is a great champion. However, right now my focus in on December 4, and putting on a show for my supporters here in Chile. I am very blessed to have great support in Chile so I need to give them a show they will remember. After December, I am happy to go to Japan, America or wherever to become champions.


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