Sunday, March 5, 2023

Noongar Star Alex Winwood Stuns World Number 13 Tibo Monabesa

 Press Release: March 5, 2023 By Clinton Wolf / Dragon Fire Boxing - Australia has a potential new boxing superstar and his name is Alex Winwood.

Credit: Mike O'Hara/Dragon Fire Boxing

World renowned boxing trainer Angelo Hyder has been talking the young Noongar man up and saying pound for pound Winwood is the most powerful puncher he has ever trained; a huge statement given the hard-hitting fighters and world champions renowned for their power Hyder has trained over the years.

On Friday night in front of a packed and roaring crowd at Metro City in Perth Winwood demonstrated he had the kind of crushing power in both hands that can end a fight in one punch.

Winwood also has a God-given ability to measure distance, where he can avoid getting hit while at the same time dishing out vicious combinations of punches that destroyed his world class opponent, world no. 13 Tibo Monabesa.

This all culminated in one knockdown in round 3 and two knockdowns in round 4; the third knockdown being delivered with such power and precision that his opponent was unable to beat the referees count and the fight was mercifully called off.

After the fight, Winwood said he felt "absolutely fantastic".

"I can't wait to come back and go across the road to RAC Arena and fight for the world title, and become the fastest Australian to do so," he said.

Winwood, provided he maintains the discipline, desire and work ethic, could one day be categorised in the echelons of the greatest fighters Australia has ever produced - he is simply that good. If he does, he will be a wonderful role model for Indigenous Australia and Australia as a whole.

He has set himself a goal of being world champion and Australia should get right behind him on his journey to the top.

Material Courtesy of Clinton Wolf / Photo Courtesy of Mike O’Hara / Dragon Fire Boxing Used with permission.

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