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A Masterclass In The Art And Execution Of The Body Attack Taught By William Zepeda

With the Boxing world still talking about the event that was Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia and unfortunately the circumstances, which led to a pay-per-view crash for many on April 22, the month of April coincidentally would end with a bout that took place around the same weight neighborhood as that heavily hyped, but disappointing night for the sport one week prior.bA fight in Boxing's 135lb. Lightweight division that featured undefeated power puncher William Zepeda defend a regional championship recognized by the World Boxing Association (WBA) against veteran Jaime Arboleda at the College Park Center in Arlington, TX.

Although the bout between Davis and Garcia was technically a Jr. Welterweight bout, having taken place slightly above the 135lb. Lightweight division under a catchweight stipulation, often whenever a marquee fight like that does occur, other fighters in and around that weight will look to make a statement in an effort to make a strong case for themselves as being the next potential opponent for whomever the victor was. While perhaps not intended to be a direct follow up to what occured on April 22, Zepeda would do exactly that by systematically destroying Arboleda.

Zepeda, who entered the fight unbeaten in twenty-seven professional fights with twenty-three knockouts, is a volume puncher that applies constant pressure out of the southpaw stance and looks to overwhelm opponents with both activity and power shots. From the opening bell of this fight, Zepeda quickly applied pressure backing up Arboleda with a consistent body attack as well as landing a solid left hook to the head in the first round that seemed to stun the veteran of twenty-one professional fights.

Despite being very "Game" and appearing to respond well to Zepeda's attack in the opening round, Arboleda simply had no answer to combat or defend against a relentless body attack that Zepeda quickly administered. The effects of both the pressure Zepeda applied from the opening bell and the body attack quickly spelled doom for Arboleda as a left hook to the body would drop him in the second round. Showing his mettle, Arboleda got up from the knockdown and attempted to fight on, but Zepeda sensing his opponent was compromised, pressed forward with relentless body shots that ultimately would send the "Game," but overmatched Arboleda down to the canvas two more times, the last one seeing him grimace in pain as he was counted out.

Simply put, there is not much that one can say about a fight that lasted not even a round and a half. While Zepeda was in the ring with an opponent that he outclassed, he did demonstrate one crucial element that all fighters should study.

The effectiveness of a consistent body attack from the outset of a fight. It is indeed true that a single body punch that lands in just the right spot can end a fight instantly once it connects. What should be pointed out however, is many fighters neglect to implement a body attack on a consistent basis. Among the benefits of going to an opponent's body is because the body is one of the most sensitive parts of the human anatomy, it can do damage quickly as we saw in this fight when it is executed properly. What body shots can also do for a fighter's offenses is if an opponent uses a lot of lateral movement and/or defends against punches to the head well, the body is one part of a fighter's anatomy that does not move and over time if a fighter is consistent with an attack down stairs on an opponent, it will gradually take the opponent's ability to move laterally away as a fight progresses.

In this case, while the fight was too quick to truly appreciate what William Zepeda was able to do against Jaime Arboleda, what Zepeda essentially did was hold a masterclass on the art of implementing/executing a body attack. More importantly in terms of what may be ahead in his future, Zepeda, who is rated number three in the world in the WBA's Lightweight ratings likely put the rest of the division including undefeated Undisputed world champion Devin Haney and former multi-division world champion Vasyl Lomachenko, who will meet for Haney's Lightweight crown on May 20 in Las Vegas, NV, on notice.

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