Sunday, February 6, 2022

Ballard Changes Lifestyle in Preparation for Ring Return

Press Release: February 6. 2022 By Brandon Countee – In preparation for his return to the ring in 2022, light heavyweight boxer James Ballard has embraced a vegan lifestyle to better maintain weight and improve his health. Ballard whose weight in between fights tops 195 pounds feels that he needs to adjust his total lifestyle in order to perform at his best.

Credit: Brandon Countee


"It's the right thing to do for my body. Eating all this pre-processed stuff is just abusing my body. I've seen how Floyd Mayweather, AJ, and a few other guys have really changed what they eat to maintain their performance. If it works it's worth it." Ballard says. "I want my body to be right and 100% if I want to compete at my highest level."


Ballard's intent is to return to the ring in March or April to showcase his new style and physical conditioning with hopes to get his career back on track with a big fight. "James, his trainer, and I talked about what needs to be done for 2022 and we agreed that he has to be at his physical and mental best." Says Brandon Countee, Ballards Manager. "We decided to work together in 2022, but it would only work if he was in his best place mentally and physically. When he told me he was going vegan I commended him on being true to trying to be in his best physical place."


Ballard admits that he is only embracing a vegan lifestyle to improve his boxing performance and that the door is still open to eating meat again. "I love my steak, chicken, and hamburgers. I definitely will eat those things again. Maybe I'll feel so good ill just go to the impossible meats I don't know. I know I just have to do the best I can for 2022."



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