Thursday, February 24, 2022

Texas Heavyweight Looks To Deliver In 2022

 Press Release: February 24, 2022 By Brandon Countee – Austin native and Heavyweight boxer Blair Anderson looks to notch the first win of his professional career in the first part of the year. Anderson currently sits with a 0-1 record with his first bout ending in less than a minute in Dallas, Texas. “I should have turned it down, but I didn’t,” Anderson states about the bout. “We put in the training, sparring, and all that. I was all nervous about my first fight, but I thought I was ready. We get to Dallas, and I'm told immediately the opponent pulled out and I ended up fighting a sparring partner. We thought about pulling out but went ahead. I had a guy in the ring who knew my weaknesses and did what he had to do. I got to accept that.” Blaire understands that in sports you either win or lose. Before transitioning to boxing, Anderson played basketball at Blinn College. So, he intends to treat his career not as an individual but as a team initiative. “I got me a good team at management and my trainer, and I have made some changes to learn and grow from 2021.” says Blair.

Credit: Brandon Countee


I look like a boxing champion. I am 6’4, handsome, and in great shape and I just need to start my path in 2022. I am a competitor and grew up being one. I got six siblings and played basketball, so I understand that it is not only you out there. I know what it's like to win and what it is like to lose. Not winning sucks, not winning hurts. I am going to move on, and that first bout is a learning experience for the boxing business. It was a surprise. There will be no more surprises.”


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