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Thoughts On Charlo-Derevyanchenko


One of the marquee attractions of what was billed as “Two Pay-Per-View Cards In One” that took place on September 26th at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT was the Middleweight encounter between undefeated top contender and former IBF Jr. Middleweight world champion Jermall Charlo and former two-time world title challenger Sergiy Derevyanchenko. While the concept of the pay-per-view, as well as the second main event of the card will be covered in separate upcoming material here on The Boxing Truth®️ over the upcoming week, the first main event did bring two of the top Middleweights in the world together for what on paper had all the makings of a closely fought battle.


As readers who read the preview this observer penned last week discussing the pay-per-view doubleheader know, this fight had an interim championship designation at stake in the World Boxing Council’s (WBC) Middleweight ratings due to current WBC world champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez being designated as a “Franchise Champion “ due to his desire to fight between the 160lb. Middleweight and 175lb. Light-Heavyweight divisions depending on opportunities that may be available to him both in terms of marquee fights as well as the lucrative incentives they could bring. Although the political aspects of the sport often do not lend favorably upon those top contenders who are seeking an opportunity against a fighter in Alvarez’ position, this fight also had the potential for the winner to set themselves up for lucrative opportunities against other top stars in the Middleweight division as well as top positioning in the division should Alvarez ultimately vacate his standing as a Middleweight.


In previewing this fight, I stated that I felt it was crucial for Derevyanchenko to implement a body attack on Charlo. This proved to be a difficult task as Charlo was able to keep Derevyanchenko on the outside in the early rounds of the fight by using his near 74” reach and three inch height advantage to land offense as Derevyanchenko as he came forward. A focal point of that offense for Charlo during this period of the bout was his jab and more specifically his ability to be accurate with it.


It was this approach that allowed Charlo to dictate the tempo of the combat through much of the first half of the fight. As the fight progressed however, Derevyanchenko was able to make gradual adjustments, most notably, his approaching and attacking Charlo at angles as opposed to coming straight forward. This allowed Derevyanchenko opportunities to get on the inside of his taller and longer opponent. In some ways, this bout resembled Derevyanchenko’s fight against Gennady Golovkin in the sense that once Derevyanchenko was able to implement a body attack, the dynamic of the fight changed. When the fight was fought in close on the inside, there were several heated exchanges of offense between the two fighters, but one aspect of offense that worked well for Derevyanchenko in the middle rounds was how he was able to land a left hook to the body followed by a left hook to the head. 


While Derevyanchenko had trouble implementing this aspect of his attack consistently as the fight moved into the later rounds, it was this combination along with his overall approach that seemed to allow him to make up ground in the middle rounds on the scorecards in my mind. A competitive fight from start to finish where both fighters were able to have their moments throughout and with both men having their ability to recover while hurt tested throughout, made the encounter the entertaining battle that many thought it would be. 


Although this observer felt this was a close fight that I ended up scoring a draw at the end of the twelve round bout, it did not turn out that way on the official scorecards as all three judges scored the fight for Charlo by significant margins.  In many cases when it comes to fights that are viewed as close from outside observers, but differ significantly from the three official judges tasked with scoring a fight, it will often come down to interpretation as to how one sees w fight. 


A commonality between this fight and Sergiy Derevyanchenko’s two previous losses to Daniel Jacobs and Gennady Golovkin was that Derevyanchenko did not get the nod from the judges in the early rounds, but stepped up his pace as those bouts progressed and managed to make up ground on the scorecards. While in some was this fight was similar to those fights, Derevyanchenko was unable to win any of the first five rounds on the official scorecards, which put him at a significant deficit to overcome on the scorecards. It is also important to keep in mind that Charlo was also able to win some rounds over the second half of the fight and with Derevyanchenko unable to score any knockdowns that would have narrowed the margin on the official scorecards, it is understandable how the three official judges arrived with wider scores than yours truly did in an unofficial capacity. While there is no argument that Charlo had the upper hand over the first half of the fight, I did not feel he swept the first five rounds and that along with Derevyanchenko’s success in the second half of the bout was how I arrived with a draw when all was said and done. 


With the victory, Jermall Charlo maintains his position in the Middleweight division. Whether or not Charlo could be a potential opponent for Saul “Canelo”Alvarez remains unclear due largely to the various business and political aspects involved, which unfortunately play a role in what fights get made and when. Charlo’s stock however, has gone up with this victory over Sergiy Derevyanchenko. Based on how competitive the fight between the two was as well as obstacles that could be made in a relatively short time, the possibility exists for a rematch between the two to take place down the line.  We will have to see what the landscape of the division looks like heading into 2021 with the element of COVID-19 also likely to continue to overshadow things.


“And That’s The Boxing Truth.”


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Making Sense Of Chavez Jr.- Cazares


Readers who have followed this observer’s work both online and in print over the two decades I have covered combat sports and primarily Boxing are likely familiar with numerous writings through the years about the career of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. A fighter known as “The Son of the Legend “, his namesake Hall of Famer Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.  Many years ago during my time as an overseas correspondent for The Fist Boxing Magazine, which was based in Australia, I wrote a column discussing the promise that is often placed upon fighters that follow in their parent’s footsteps by embarking on their own Boxing career and how unfortunately such promise/potential often came with unrealistic expectations that the offspring of a great fighter unfortunately could not live up to. 


The main focal point of that column centered upon Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., who at that time appeared as though he might have been nearing a fight against Hector Camacho Jr,, the son of a Hall of Fame fighter in his own right, who Chavez Sr. had defeated in a memorable showdown in September 1992. Despite having a decent career in his own right where at times he was a contender, Camacho Jr. never quite fulfilled his potential and never went on to win a world championship. As most know however, Chavez Jr. did win a world championship in 2011 when he won the WBC Middleweight world championship and went on to successfully defend the crown four times before losing the championship via twelve round unanimous decision to Sergio Martinez in 2012.


Like many offspring of great fighters before him, Chavez’ career has been marked by highs where he has looked very impressive, but also lows where he has been very inconsistent both in his performances in the ring as well as his training and preparation outside the ring where despite winning a world championship, he has not been able to fulfill his potential. In recent years, he has been more known and criticized for his inconsistencies than his successes. Such inconsistencies have led many including yours truly to question whether or not Chavez Jr. was done as a serious contender who could be in a world championship picture.


Some may recall his recent bout against former IBF Middleweight world champion Daniel Jacobs in December of last year where despite holding his own early in the fight in what appeared to be a solid showing, Chavez quit after five rounds citing that he couldn’t breathe in what was later revealed by his father that he had in fact suffered a broken nose. The aftermath of the stoppage was an ugly scene that was riots from the crowd in attendance in Phoenix, AZ. Needless to say, criticism of Chavez Jr. has continued.


Chavez Jr. however, returned to the ring on September 25th in headlining a card that featured his father and fellow Hall of Famer Jorge Arce participating in an exhibition, their third such exhibition, for charity at the Grand Hotel in Tijuana, MX. The opponent for Chavez Jr. came in the form of unbeaten, but unknown Light-Heavyweight Mario Cazares. Cazares, who entered the fight undefeated in eleven previous professional bouts, appeared to be at a significant disadvantage both in terms of overall time in the ring as well as quality of opposition as only one of his previous opponents had a record where he had won more fights than he had lost. Although this fight obviously had an element of the unknown, it did give the impression that the intention was to attempt to get Chavez some rounds and back in the win column before trying to secure another potential opportunity against a known contender.


What occurred instead can best be described as “Ugly.” A fight that saw Cazares frequently out work Chavez, but one that saw the unbeaten fighter frequently foul his more experienced opponent. Cazares was penalized a point in round two for what was ruled an intentional headbutt, but what appeared to be an elbow to this observer. Another foul that was ruled to be an unintentional headbutt caused a cut over Chavez’ left eye, which ultimately resulted in the fight being stopped in the sixth round. Despite the frequent fouls, Cazares’ greater activity along with Chavez’ inability to get into a rhythm and let his hands go resulted in the undefeated fighter earning a unanimous six round technical decision and the biggest win of his career.


Although there will obviously be a natural angle for a potential rematch, quite frankly this was one fight that does not require much analysis and it is debatable as to whether or not there will be any demand for a second meeting between the two even amongst the most loyal of Chavez’ supporters. Why is that? Frankly, Chavez did not look good in this fight and while it is difficult to look good against a fighter who fights dirty and is willing to foul, this along with previous inconsistencies in the career of Chavez Jr. including his previous fight against Daniel Jacobs may have left a bad taste in the mouths of his fan base.


Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. was an all-time great fighter not only because of his dominance throughout his prime including going 89-0 before his first career defeat before ultimately finishing his competitive career with 107 victories in one hundred fifteen career bouts, but also because of his willingness to fight under circumstances where he was in extreme pain and being more than willing to engage with any opponent that was put in front of him. Such traits is one of many reasons why Chavez Sr. is a beloved figure not only in Mexico, but throughout the entire sport. Although Chavez Sr. had a few instances later on in his career where he did not continue on in fights, most notably his second brutal encounter with Oscar De La Hoya in 1998 where Chavez retired in his corner after eight rounds, his status in the sport was not damaged in any way as most would say that at that point in his career as well as later on Chavez had nothing more to prove and he was fighting on well past his prime.


As someone who grew up watching Chavez Sr., covering him late in his career, and has covered his son Chavez Jr. from very early on in his career up to this point, I believe it may be time for father and son to have a heart to heart talk and discuss whether or not Chavez Jr. wants to continue with his career. While I am one who believes that no one can tell a fighter when it’s time and those of us who cover the sport like yours truly, who have never been in the ring certainly have no place to say anything, after another setback against an unknown opponent in a fight where he looked sluggish and couldn’t let his hands go consistently, Chavez Jr. needs to decide whether he wants to continue fighting and whether his commitment to the sport is serious enough where he can make a legitimate attempt to resurrect what was once a promising career.


If not, as I said many years ago in that column for The Fist, Chavez Jr.’s career, though with the accomplishment of becoming a world champion will largely resemble many of the offspring of great fighters that have come before and since. Unfulfilled promise, with unrealistic expectations.


“And That’s The Boxing Truth.”


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Friday, September 25, 2020


 Press Release September 25, 2020 By DAZN – Matchroom returns to Mexico on Friday, October 23 at Azteca Studios in Mexico City with a World title triple-header led by champions Juan Francisco EstradaRomán ‘Chocolatito’ González and Julio Cesar Martinez, live on DAZN in the U.S. and on TV Azteca in Mexico, on a huge fight night brought to you by Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing with Zanfer Promotions. 

Credit: DAZN 


Juan Francisco Estrada (40-3, 27 KOs) will defend his WBC and Ring Magazine World Super-Flyweight titles in a rematch with Carlos Cuadras. Estrada makes the second defense of the belts having stopped Dewayne Beamon in nine rounds of action in Hermosillo in Mexico in August 2019, four months after ripping the belts from Srisaket Sor Rungvisai with a brilliant performance in their rematch in Los Angeles. 


Victory in Mexico City for both Estrada and Chocolatito could lead to a rematch between the pair eight years after Chocolatito won their first meeting, but Cuadras has other ideas.


Estrada and Cuadras tangled for the first time in September 2017 in an ultra-competitive showdown, where an 11th round knockdown by Estrada proved decisive in all three judges awarding him the fight by a solitary point. Cuadras (39-3-1, 27 KOs) enters the bout with three wins on the spin and the 32-year-old will be putting it all on the line to become a two-time WBC champion at Super-Flyweight.


“I am excited to return to the ring,” said Estrada. “It has been tough months for the whole world and we want to give a great show to all the fans of this sport.


“The first fight against Cuadras was a good fight, without a doubt this will be too. Also, we are going to share the show Chocolatito and I and if everything goes well, we hope to see each other again soon.”


“I am going to correct the mistakes that were made in the first fight against Gallo to go out with my hand up in this new opportunity that is being presented to me,” said Cuadras. “I want to show that I am one of the best in this division.”


Chocolatito (49-2, 41 KOs) is back at the summit of the sport after rolling back the years with a vintage win over Kal Yafai in February. The Nicaraguan ace stopped the unbeaten Briton in the ninth round in Dallas to become a World Super-Flyweight champion for the second time, and the four weight World ruler will defend the WBA belt he ripped from Yafai and aim to set up another clash with Estrada against a former Yafai victim, Israel Gonzalez.


Gonzalez (25-3, 11 KOs) ran Yafai close for the WBA crown in Monte Carlo in November 2018 and his clash with Chocolatito will be his third World title shot, having challenged Jerwin Ancajas for the IBF strap in February 2018.


“I want to thank God for giving me the strength to endure the sport I love and defend my World title,” said Chocolatito. “I want to thank Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Boxing as well as my family of Teiken. I also want to thank all my fans, especially my Mexican friends and Zanfer promotions for giving me this great opportunity. It is truly a blessing to fight in Mexico and I am ready to give my all on October 23.


“It’s a goal of mine beating Chocolatito especially when the fight is in Mexico,” said Gonzalez. “I feel the compromise of giving a great fight for the fans and for every Mexican fighter that have fought for a World title.”


The third World title fight on the bill sees a welcome return to the ring for one of boxing’s most exciting rising stars as Julio Cesar Martinez puts his WBC World Flyweight strap on the line against IBO champion Maximino Flores.


Martinez (16-1, 12 KOs) is becoming a must-see attraction in the sport with his all-action style and ferocious power, and the 25-year-old Mexican puts his belt on the line for the second time since beating Cristofer Rosales inside nine rounds in December, and seeing off the spirited challenge of Jay Harris in Dallas in February.


Flores (25-4-2, 17 KOs) landed the vacant IBO crown in August with victory on hostile territory over Carlo Penalosa in the Philippines, and the 29-year-old can add another title straight away with victory in this all-Mexican bout. 


“I’ve been preparing very well here with my trainer Mauricio Aceves,” said Martinez. “We’re having a very strong camp. Thank God that I’ve still been able to work out throughout the pandemic. Either my trainer comes to my house or I go to his. Either way I haven’t lost my conditioning. 


“Thank God I haven’t been directly affected by the pandemic. I’ve been able to remain active with running and practical skills with the help of Mauricio. We’re just here putting the final touches on my training but I’m very confident that my trainer has me in the best shape for this upcoming fight.”


“The whole world will know my name when I beat Martinez,” said Flores. “It is a unique opportunity in my career, and I have to take advantage of it. All my life I have prepared for this moment”.


Three of Eddie Hearn’s young tyros make their return to action on the bill, with Diego Pacheco (9-0 7 KOs) boxing for the tenth time in the paid ranks, Austin Williams (5-0 4 KOs) making a second foray outside the States in his sixth pro fight and Otha Jones III (5-0 2 KOs) also boxing for the sixth time as a pro.


“I can’t wait for our return to Mexico with this triple-header of World title action,” said promoter Eddie Hearn. “Three of the very best World champions are in action and in real tests for their crowns. 


“A rematch between Juan Francisco Estrada and Chocolatito is a done deal for the first quarter of 2021 but they both have hard fights ahead. Estrada’s first fight with Carlos Cuadras was nip and tuck war, and Carlos is full of confidence that he’ll get a big victory this time.


“Chocolatito was outstanding in beating Brit Kal Yafai in Dallas, and the former pound-for-pound king has a new lease of life as he chases more belts – but must be at his best against his Mexican namesake aiming for third time lucky in his hunt for a World title.


“Julio Cesar Martinez is one of the most thrilling World champions out there right now and I can’t wait to see him back in action. The firecracker Mexican guarantees excitement, and with Maximino Flores having a high KO percentage himself and coming in after landing the IBO belt, this will catch fire straight away.


“Three incredibly talented youngsters are back in the ring on the night in Diego, Ammo and OJIII – it’s a stacked night of action and one not to be missed!”


“We are going to give the fans a high-quality card as they always deserve it,” said Fernando Beltran from Zanfer Promotions. “Very interesting fights with great sports idols who always leave everything in the ring.”


Matchroom’s third ever show in Mexico is part of a blockbuster month for Eddie Hearn’s promotional outfit on both sides of the pond, starting with the return to action of Olympic bronze medal man Joshua Buatsi taking on Marco Calic on October 4 on a stacked card that also sees Chantelle Cameron fight for World title honors for the first time as she meets Arianna Dos Santos Araujo for the vacant WBC Super-Lightweight strap.  Newcastle’s fan favorite Lewis Ritson then takes center stage as he takes on Miguel Vazquez on October 17 and there’s more top-class World title action on that card too as Savannah Marshall faces Hannah Rankin for the vacant WBO World Middleweight strap.


Material and Photo Courtesy of: DAZN Used with permission.


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Reyes Stops Rodriguez In 4

 Undefeated Welterweight prospect Mark Reyes scored a dominant fourth round stoppage of Carlos Rodriguez on Thursday night at the Biloxi Civic Center in Biloxi, MS. Although Reyes was able to establish himself as the harder puncher of the two fighters early in the bout, the first three rounds of the fight were competitive where Rodriguez was able to hold his own. This changed in round four when Reyes connected with a short right hand to the head that sent Rodriguez down. Despite Rodriguez being able to beat the count, Reyes sensing he had his opponent in trouble pressed forward and scored a second knockdown with a follow-up barrage. Although Rodriguez was very “Game”in getting up for a second time and tried to survive, he simply had no way to keep Reyes off of him and the all out assault was finally halted when Referee Keith Hughes stepped in and stopped the fight at 1:51 of round four. Mark Reyes advances to 13-0, with 11 Knockouts. Carlos Rodriguez falls to 13-9-1, with 5 Knockouts.


Also on this card:


In the first of three Jr. Welterweight bouts on the card undefeated prospect Eridson Garcia scored a six round unanimous decision over Christian Guido.  Garcia was able to pick his spots and consistently outworked Guido over the course of the fight. Official scores were: 60-54 (On all three scorecards in favor of Garcia. Eridson Garcia advances to 9-0, with 6 Knockouts. Christian Guido falls to 8-13, with 6 Knockouts.


This was followed by unbeaten prospect Tyler Tomlin, who scored an impressive first round knockout over Gabriel Gutierrez. A three punch combination, ending with a left hook to the body sent Gutierrez down in round one and unable to beat the count. Official time of the stoppage was 1:49 of the first round. Tyler Tomlin advances to 7-0, with 5 Knockouts. Gabriel Gutierrez falls to 5-9, with 3 Knockouts.


Finally, undefeated prospect Michael Williams scored a second round knockout of Thomas Miller. After a relatively uneventful first round, Williams brought a sudden end to things with a right hook to the body of Miller, who was unable to beat the count. Official time of the stoppage was 1:42 of round two. Michael Williams advances to 13-0, with 9 Knockouts. Thomas Miller falls to 6-4, with 3 Knockouts.


This card, which was promoted by future Hall of Famer Roy Jones’ RJJ Boxing, headlined the Boxing portion of a night of combat sports that also featured the debut of Jones’ Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotion IKON Fighting Federation, featured a look at several rising prospects in the RJJ Boxing stable. Although much like others in the sport, the main goal was to get these fighters in active competition again, despite the ongoing circumstances of the COVID-19 epidemic, it will be interesting to see if the fighters who were successful in these bouts will be able to step up the level of opposition in future bouts.


“And That’s The Boxing Truth.”


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Previewing Charlo Twins Pay-Per-View Doubleheader


One of the many casualties that the sport of Boxing has faced in the year 2020 due largely to the ongoing COVID-19 global epidemic has been a noticeable absence of marquee bouts that would normally be a fixture on the Boxing calendar under normal circumstances. While this has been due to a variety of reasons not necessarily limited to the COVID-19 virus, it has unfortunately left the sport open to criticism from some due to a perceived lack of quality in the cards that have been presented by a small fraction of promoters who are fortunate enough to be active during this unprecedented time.


On September 26th, the eyes of the Boxing world will focus on the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT where an intriguing card headlined by two twin brothers, who are each rising stars in the sport will take place. This observer is referring to the card that will be headlined by Jermell and Jermall Charlo in separate bouts. A card that will be presented on traditional cable/satellite pay-per-view in the United States and Canada by Showtime Pay-Per-View.


Although much of the attention regarding this card has centered on the fact that it will be shown via pay-per-view, I believe it is fair to discuss the two headline bouts in detail before discussing the various business aspects involved. In the main event, Jermell Charlo will put his WBC Jr. Middleweight world championship on the line against unified WBA/IBF Jr. Middleweight world champion Jeison Rosario in a unification bout scheduled for twelve rounds. This could well be a candidate for Fight of the Year honors of what has been a frustrating 2020 for all.


It is a fight that much like the upcoming Lightweight unification bout between undefeated world champions Vasyl Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez will have the unique distinction of taking place behind closed doors in a fan-less environment. Normally when discussing a fight of this magnitude, an aspect that would almost certainly come up amongst fans and experts alike would center on how the fighters would deal with what most would associate as the “Big Fight Atmosphere” with a sold out crowd being very much involved in the equation.


Obviously due to the COVID-19 epidemic, this fight will take place under unique circumstances and those circumstances will be front and center in what will be the biggest fight in each fighter’s career. As has been the case with virtually every bout that has taken place since Boxing began trying to resume in June, the central question of not only this fight, but also the second fight that will be co-headlining this doubleheader will center on how the fighters have prepared for battle with COVID-19 overshadowing everything.


While some fans may not think much of this, it is important to keep in mind that it can be stressful for a fighter to prepare for a fight under normal conditions, when you throw in the constant uncertainty and the element of not knowing whether a fight will take place as scheduled, it has to be stressful.


In terms of bow this fight shapes up on paper, both Charlo and Rosario have registered career knockout percentage of over 50%. While this statistic suggests that both fighters are capable of getting an opponent out of there should the opportunity present itself, this is a fight between two boxer/punchers and both fighters have a solid skill set. While anything can happen when two fighters enter the ring, I believe this could be a closely fought tactical battle between two seemingly evenly matched combatants and it might come down to who can be more effective in executing their offense in what could wind up being a close fight on the scorecards if it goes the distance.


Charlo avenged his lone career defeat in his last fight in regaining the WBC Jr. Middleweight world championship in stopping Tony Harrison in eleven rounds in what was a back and forth battle in December of last year. Rosario meanwhile, also won his unified portion of the Jr. Middleweight world championship by scoring a fifth round knockout over Julian Williams in January of this year.


Although it is not necessarily common to see two world champions immediately positioned against each other in a unification bout so soon after each winning their portion of a world championship, it has been done when the sport has seen world champions participate in a unification tournament concept like the current World Boxing Super Series tournaments (WBSS) or the successful Super-Six World Boxing Classic Super-Middleweight tournament that occurred a decade ago, to name a few. One must keep in mind however, that the sport much as the rest of the world is dealing with an unprecedented situation and an argument could be made that a unification bout like this is the type of fight that needed to be made if the promoters promoting the event, in this case the Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) group of promoters, and the main broadcaster Showtime insisted on presenting this card as a traditional pay-per-view event under circumstances of an ongoing epidemic.


While such a decision will be discussed more later in this column, the second half of the doubleheader has just as much intrigue as the unification bout that will close the evening. I speak of course of the battle for interim/regular champion status in the World Boxing Council (WBC) Middleweight ratings between undefeated top contender and former IBF Jr. Middeweight world champion Jermall Charlo and two-time former world title challenger Sergiy Derevyanchenko in a bout scheduled for twelve rounds.


In an effort to explain why this fight is for what amounts to an interim designation in the WBC Middleweight ratings as opposed to the WBC world championship in the 160lb. Middleweight division for a reader who might be confused, the short version is the WBC has designated current WBC world champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez as a “Franchise Champion “ due to Alvarez’ opting to fight between the 160lb. Middleweight division and the 175lb. Light-Heavyweight division in his recent fights where opportunities have been lucrative. Even though the political aspects of the sport would be worthy of a column in its own right to try to explain it more thoroughly, this is why an interim championship designation, currently held by Jermall Charlo, the current WBC mandatory challenger in the Middleweight division will be on the line in this bout.


The bout between Charlo and Derevyanchenko does however, bring together two of the top Middleweights in the world for what is likely to be a competitive bout as well as an interesting clash of styles. In his last bout, Jermall Charlo stopped a very “Game” Dennis Hogan in seven rounds in December of last year. Derevyanchenko meanwhile is coming off a hard-fought loss in his last fight when he challenged for the then vacant IBF Middleweight world championship in losing a twelve round unanimous decision to Gennady Golovkin in October of last year.


Much like the other half of this doubleheader, both Charlo and Derevyanchenko have career knockout percentages of over 60%, with Charlo registering a percentage of nearly 74% having scored knockouts in twenty-three of his thirty career win compared to Derevyanchenko’s ten out of thirteen career wins.  Although in terms of overall time in the ring as a professional, the statistics favor Jermall Charlo, it is important to keep in mind that Derevyanchenko’s two career defeats came in world championship bouts, which there was a healthy debate as to who won each of those fights. While Charlo may have more career bouts under his belt going into this encounter, Derevyanchenko certainly has recent big fight experience in dropping close decisions to both Daniel Jacobs and most recently, Gennady Golovkin.


 When discussing a fighter with only fifteen bouts in their career prior to a fight like this, it is normal to wonder if it is too much, too soon. In Derevyanchenko’s case, this is not one of those scenarios as not only did he hold his own against both Jacobs and Golovkin, but he also has an extensive amateur background including representing Ukraine in the 2008 Olympics.


As some may recall in his last fight against Gennady Golovkin, a fighter known simply to many fans as “GGG”, there were some that did not give Derevyanchenko a chance against a fighter who had carved out a reputation as a “Knockout Artist” such as Golovkin. Derevyanchenko however, was able to weather an early storm by Golovkin in overcoming a knockdown in the first round as well as a bad cut over the right eye early in the fight to make it an extremely competitive battle that some feel he should have won.


In thinking of how this fight might shape up once the two fighters are in the ring, this observer decided to do some extensive film study of each fighter’s last outings. Although Derevyanchenko came out on the losing end against Golovkin, it is indisputable the success he was able to have in a fight, particularly in the middle and late rounds where he was able to push Golovkin back, hurt him, and do significant damage via body punching.


As this fight approaches, I feel that it is crucial for Derevyanchenko to implement a body attack on Charlo. Why do I feel this way? Not only is a consistent body attack one of the most effective strategies that a fighter can implement, but if it is done from the outset, it can play a crucial role in the scoring of a fight if it is a closely fought bout as Derevyanchenko’s fight with Golovkin was. One might argue that what led to Derevyanchenko’s downfall in that fight, was largely based on the knockdown he suffered in the first round as well as losing most of the early rounds, which put him at a deficit right out of the gate.

While the styles of Gennady Golovkin and Jermall Charlo are different, in Charlo’s last fight, he had difficulty in slowing down Dennis Hogan, who was able to execute an attack in short bursts of offense to the body and head of Charlo in the early rounds. In some ways, Hogan’s approach was similar to how Derevyanchenko approached his attack on Golovkin. The one difference between the two was Hogan used a lot of lateral movement to try and evade Charlo as he came forward whereas Derevyanchenko was willing to engage with Golovkin on the inside and did seem to get the better of some key exchanges as the fight progressed.

In terms of the circumstances odds as this fight approaches, it would appear as though many are expecting this to be one of the more stern tests of Charlo’s career based on current estimates courtesy of Sports Betting Dime “At just 13-2 in his pro career, casual boxing fans may look at Derevyanchenko as a speed bump for the undefeated Charlo. But his two losses were in title fights against Daniel Jacobs and GGG, the former by split decision. Charlo has never faced anyone on that level, which is why oddsmakers opened this fight around -130/+100, only slightly favoring the American. These odds are can differ depending on which one of these sports betting websites you select from, having a top five list certainly speeds up the process.”


 The odds appear to indicate that the potential of a close and competitive fight certainly exists. It is important to keep in mind anything can happen. Although Derevyanchenko is a dangerous opponent for anyone in the 160lb. Middleweight division in this observer’s eyes, one could also question what the fight with Gennady Golovkin took out of him as it was a grueling battle. We are likely to get an answer to that question as this fight progresses.


While this doubleheader is being marketed as two pay-per-view cards in one as each half of the doubleheader will headline it’s own portion of a card that features six bouts total, the decision to put this card on pay-per-view has been met with criticism by many fans and experts, including this one. The criticism has nothing to do with the fights that are being presented or the fighters themselves, but rather the decision by Showtime and the PBC group of promoters to put it on pay-per-view in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, particularly the price point of $74.95.

Longtime readers know that yours truly has long been critical of the traditional pay-per-view model as I have frequently called it an overpriced, outdated, and undervalued model in terms of what is offered to the consumer for what has been an increased price tag over the years.


As technology has evolved and digital streaming networks such as DAZN and ESPN+ have entered the market and provided an economically reasonable alternative to the pay-per-view model, the model has continued to underperform with rare exceptions. As the cable/satellite industry continues to decline in losing pay-TV subscribers, which has not been helped by the current epidemic, one could realistically ask what any pay-per-view attraction will generate in terms of revenue, which is perhaps as compelling a question as anything that might happen in the ring regardless of who is on the card under the circumstances.


In thinking of what Showtime and the PBC could have done to ensure more eyes had the opportunity to see what they will present on September 26th, I immediately thought of two alternatives, YouTube and CBS All Access. Both streaming platforms with a sizable user/subscriber-base.


One, YouTube, has been used occasionally by both Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promoters as a pay-per-view platform offering users the chance to see a card at a reasonable price point. CBS All Access meanwhile is owned by ViacomCBS, the same media conglomerate, which owns Showtime networks that had over four million subscribers as of February 2019, would appear to have been a viable alternative to the pay-per-view model in this case, especially if the card were marketed across both traditional and online digital platforms as a way to increase subscribers. Although an argument could be made that YouTube has a wider global reach and could theoretically ensure a more significant return even as a reasonably priced pay-per-view attraction, with CBS All Access heading towards a rebranding to Paramount+, which will include additional content from all ViacomCBS owned networks including Showtime in early 2021, I believe an opportunity to increase subscribers was missed here.


With the PBC group of promoters planning at least two more pay-per-view events between its TV partners Showtime and Fox Sports in the remainder of 2020 after this card, how successful those attractions might be could potentially be gaged by how successful this doubleheader is able to do in terms of buys. In comparison, the one fight that many would argue would be a pay-per-view attraction outside of those events or those that will be streamed on DAZN’s exclusive global platform in the coming months, the Lightweight unification bout between Vasyl Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez in October will not be on pay-per-view, will not be on ESPN’s ESPN+ digital subscription network with a sizable subscriber-base, but will instead be made available on ESPN’s main network across cable/satellite and live TV streaming platforms.


While the decision to air the Lomachenko-Lopez bout should not be viewed as it not being a viable fight or attraction, much like this doubleheader, the decision to air the card on ESPN is a clear response to the ongoing conditions caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. While all three of these fights are likely to be competitive as well as have solid undercard bouts, it would be a shame if this doubleheader does not produce the types of numbers it could have had it been presented on another platform. It would be an even bigger shame if two fights, which each could be Fight of the Year candidates were more remembered for what could be a “Bad Business Decision” rather than what takes place in the ring.


“And That’s The Boxing Truth.”


Charlo vs. Derevyanchenko / Charlo vs. Rosario takes place on Saturday, September 26th at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT. The card can be seen in the United States and Canada on cable/satellite pay-per-view on Showtime Pay-Per-View for $74.95. Contact your cable/satellite provider for ordering information. Check your local listings internationally.


The Boxing Truth® is a registered trademark of Beau Denison All Rights Reserved.


Follow Beau Denison on Twitter: www.twitter.com/Beau_Denison





Tuesday, September 22, 2020


 Press Release: By DAZN – INDIO, CALIF. (Sept. 22, 2020) – Mexico’s rising middleweight star Jaime Munguia (35-0, 28 KOs) will return to the ring to defend his WBO Intercontinental Middleweight Championship against Tureano Johnson (21-2-1, 15 KOs) in a 12-round battle on Friday, October 30 at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino. The fight will be streamed live exclusively on DAZN

Credit: DAZN 


Additional information for this card will be announced shortly. The event will be closed to the public and media.


“Jaime Munguia has all the qualities to become Mexico’s biggest boxing superstar,” said Oscar De La Hoya, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy. “He’s tough, charismatic and has the physique to win world titles at both middleweight and super middleweight after a successful reign at 154 pounds. However, Tureano Johnson is coming off an impressive knockout win against Jason Quigley in which he handed him his first loss, something he definitely wants to do against Munguia as well. This is a veritable crossroads fight, and the winner will cement his case for a world title opportunity and be a threat to any of the champions.” 


Munguia is a 23-year-old contender of Tijuana, Mexico who catapulted to the highest levels of the 154-pound division by knocking out Sadam "World Kid" Ali in May to capture the WBO Junior Middleweight World Title. Munguia then defended his title against Liam "Beefy" Smith, Brandon "Bad Boy" Cook, Takeshi InoueDennis Hogan and Patrick Allotey. After five defenses at junior middleweight, Munguia moved up to 160 pounds to capture the WBO Intercontinental Middleweight Title against Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan. Now, he’ll face his toughest test to date against a battle-tested warrior Johnson. 


“It’s a great honor to be returning during these tough times,” said Jaime Munguia. “I hope to deliver excitement and entertainment to the fans as the world begins to slowly make its return to normalcy. At the same time, I have been training and improving my skills with my team at the Ceremonial Center in Otomi [Mexico], and I will show everyone that Jaime Munguia is ready for the best in the division.”


“I am very happy and excited,” said Fernando Beltran, CEO of Zanfer Promotions. “With so many issues that are taking place on a global level, it is an honor to have the most charismatic boxer in Mexico in Jaime Munguia returning to the ring.”


Johnson is a 36-year-old contender who hopes to fight for a world title despite some setbacks in his career. Johnson's only losses were against Curtis "The Cerebral Assassin" Stevens and Sergiy "The Technician" Derevyanchenko. After a very tough battle against Fernando "El Huracan" Castaneda in February, the native of Nassau, Bahamas bounced back by handing Jason Quigley his first loss and capturing the NABF Middleweight Title. Johnson is eager to show everyone that he is world championship caliber.


“I am excited about the opportunity to fight Jaime Munguia,” said Tureano Johnson. “The setbacks I have had in my career have only made me stronger. Munguia is a tough undefeated fighter, but I will hand him his first defeat as I pursue my quest to be the middleweight champion of the world.”


Munguia vs. Johnson is a 12-round fight for the WBO Intercontinental Middleweight Title presented by Golden Boy in association with Zanfer Promotions. The event is sponsored by Hennessy "Never Stop. Never Settle" and BetOnline - Your Online Sportsbook Experts." The fight will take place on Friday, October 30 at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino and will be streamed live exclusively on DAZN.


For more information, visit www.goldenboypromotions.com and DAZN.com. Follow on Twitter @GoldenBoyBoxing and @DAZN_USA. Become a fan on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GoldenBoy and https://www.facebook.com/DAZNUSA/. Follow on Instagram @GoldenBoy and @DAZN_USA. Follow the conversation using #MunguiaJohnson


Material and Photo Courtesy of DAZN Used with permission.


For more information about DAZN including schedules, list of compatible streaming devices/platforms/Smart TVs, availability around the world, and to subscribe please visit: www.DAZN.com


The Boxing Truth®️ is a registered trademark of Beau Denison All Rights Reserved.




Monday, September 21, 2020


 Press Release: By FITE – New York, September 21, 2020 - FITE, the premiere digital platform for global sports and entertainment, is proud to announce that it’s streaming app will be distributed globally via premium partner, Foxxum. The Foxxum Smart TV App Store serves leading television brands such as:  Panasonic, TCL, Toshiba, Vestel, Sharp, Medion, Metz, Hisense, JTC, Blaupunkt, Skyworth, Axen, Ergo, CTVE, MasterG, Kayse, Profilo, Sunny, Tornado and UMC. 


Headquartered in the USA, FITE is a worldwide brand with an expertise in combat sports and long-time partnerships with major leagues like the WWE, NJPW, Premier Boxing Championship, Top Rank, Impact Wrestling, AEW, Brave and UWN. In March 2020, FITE decided to expand its offerings to include motorsports, basketball, soccer, tennis, music and films. FITE continues to break new ground with emerging partnerships and exciting new productions as well as offering lots of free programs each week.


FITE is now fully launched on Foxxum enabled devices, which means Smart TV users can now access the FITE app on their TV to enjoy global events in the following regions: Europe, Western Europe, CIS, LATAM, Oceania, Middle East + Arabic Speaking Countries.


“We are known for delivering the most popular sports and content providers of events,” said Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum GmbH. “So adding the FITE app to our Smart TV consumer offering was a very exciting development for us. FITE offers some of the biggest sports brands as well as exclusive events from around the globe. The app also offerssome events in additional languages which are made to be especially consumer-friendly by displaying countdown-clocks, reminders, ratings, suggestions and of course, replays with PPV purchase.”


“Over the last two years FITE has been very focused on reaching all of our fans, old and new, on the platforms, devices  and in the territories where they live and consume our world class programming.  Launching on Foxxum allows us to further extend our reach,” remarked Louis Lewow, VP of Distribution for FITE. “Foxxum enables us to serve large and small markets around the world.  We are excited to partner with them.” 


About FITE

FITE is the premium global platform for live sports and entertainment offering many of the industry's marquee PPV events and SVOD packages with 2.5MM

registered users. FITE is available worldwide through its iOS and Android

mobile apps, Apple TV, Android TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire TV and Huawei apps. In

addition, FITE supports Vizio SmartCast™, Foxxum, Chromecast, PS4, Xbox, ZEASN, Netrange, Vidaa/Hisense, Vewd, Netgem TV, Xfinity 1 and Xfinity Flex as well as 7,000

models of Smart TVs. Available online at www.FITE.tv. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  If it happens, it’s on FITE.


About Foxxum

Foxxum is a global leader in the development, operation and commercial marketing for innovative Smart TV solutions. As an established pioneer in the sector, Foxxum works closely with leading companies at all stages of the global consumer electronics value chain to develop Smart TV solutions – from silicon vendors to device manufacturers and network operators. Worldwide partnerships with premium broadcasters and video-on-demand services, video producers and distributors allow Foxxum to provide a best-in-class content portfolio containing the most important global content brands as well as country specific local content providers. Foxxum’s development and platform expertise offer viewers the best Smart TV user experience possible, with innovative Smart TV technology, a global entertaining content portfolio and an outstanding design. Foxxum provides its clients with highly tailored solutions, which includes the possibility of jointly tapping into profitable revenue streams in a technology sector with enormous growth potential. Further information can be found at www.foxxum.com.


Material Courtesy of: FITE Used with permission.


For more information about FITE including schedules and list of compatible streaming devices/platforms/Smart TVs please visit: www.Fite.TV


The Boxing Truth®️ is a registered trademark of Beau Denison All Rights Reserved.