Thursday, August 31, 2023

Schedule Resumption Notice: Hurricane Idalia

We would like to let our readers know that we will be resuming our regular schedule on Monday, September 3rd after pausing due to Hurricane Idalia with a feature discussing the Heavyweight action that took place on Saturday, August 26th. We sincerely apologize for the interruption to the schedule as it was out of our control and we thank our readers for their continued patience. Stay tuned.

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Monday, August 28, 2023

Hurricane Idalia Notice

We would like to let our readers know that due to the uncertainty of what is projected to become Hurricane Idalia, we will be pausing out regular schedule until further notice. When we are able to resume, a feature discussing the Heavyweight action that took place on Saturday, August 26th will be released. We do apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and we will update the websites once we know we can resume. Stay safe anx stay turned.

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Friday, August 25, 2023

Slaveski Wins World Welterweight Championship At BKFC 49

Undefeated Welterweight Gorjan Slaveski successfully went from contender to world champion by scoring a hard fought five round unanimous decision over previously undefeated Jake Lindsey to win the vacant Bareknuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) Welterweight world championship on Friday night at the Miami-Dade Fairgrounds in Miami, FL. The main event of BKFC 49 turned out to be an ugly, grueling, and great fight all in one. 

A fight that began almost exclusively with both fighters trying to tee off on each other on the inside including trying to fight and grapple in the clinch, similar to what you would see in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), but not something that is legal in Boxing including Bareknuckle Boxing. As the bout went on however, both fighters had their share of moments in what became a seesaw battle in terms of momentum as both fighters landed hard, thudding punches to the head that frankly would have dropped many of fighters. Despite suffering an injury to his right hand as the fight was entering the latter rounds where his knuckles were bleeding heavily, Lindsey managed to seemingly keep the fight close, but it was the harder punches of Slaveski that ultimately prevailed in a grueling back and forth contest as he would win the fight and the world championship via unanimous decision.Official scores were: 49-46, and 48-47 (On two scorecards)  in favor of Slaveski.

Gorjan Slaveski advances to 6-0, with 4 Knockouts. Jake Lindsey falls to 4-1, with 4 Knockouts. 

Also on this card:

Unbeaten Lightweight Bryce Henry scored a first round knockout of  Tom Shoaff. A right hook followed by a barrage of punches put Shoaff down. Shoaff signaled to Referee Sam Burgos as he was counting that he did not want to continue. Official time of the stoppage was 1:29 of round one. Bryce Henry advances to 3-0, with 3 KO’s. Tom Shoaff falls to 4-5, with 4 Knockouts.

Undefeated Featherweight Bryan Duran scored a first round knockout of Dakota Highpine. A fight where both fighters threw punches with knockout intentions, a perfectly timed counter right hook that landed on the forehead of Highpine sent him down and out on the canvas. Official time of the stoppage was :48 of round one. Bryan Duran advances to 5-0, with 5 Knockouts. Dakota Highpine falls to 1-2, with 0 Knockouts.  

In a battle of unbeaten Bantamweights, Justin Sanchez scored a five round unanimous decision over Quinton Foye. A closely fought bout from the opening bell, Sanchez landed more punches, particularly to the body of Foye down the stretch to earn a unanimous decision victory. Official scores were: 48-47, 49-46, and 48-47 in favor of Sanchez. Justin Sancez advances to 2-0, with 0 Knockouts. Quinton Foye falls to 1-1, with 0 Knockouts.

Also in the Bantamweight division, unbeaten Alberto Rodriguez scored a first round knockout of a debuting Jaoa Guerra. A right hand, left hook combination quickly dropped Guerra. Rodriguez closed the show with a follow up combination, which sent Guerra down for a second time. Although Guerra got up, he took his mouthpiece out and shook his head as the ten count was reached. Official time of the stoppage was :51 of round one. Alberto Rodriguez advances to 3-0, with 3 Knockouts. Jaoa Guerra falls to 0-1, with 0 Knockout.

Featherweight Howard Davis scored a first round knockout of Jeff Chiffens. Davis opened a gash on the left side of Chiffens’ head with a right hook immediately upon the fight starting. A right uppercut to the face sent Chiffens down. As Chiffens was being counted out, he was shaking his head, which resulted in the bout being stopped before the count was completed.  Official time of the stoppage was 1:12 of round one. Howard Davis advances to 6-1-1, with 5 Knockouts. Jeff Chiffens falls to 4-6, with 1 Knockout.

Lightweight Joshua Alvarez scored a first round knockout of a debuting Aaron Sutterfield. A left uppercut to the head sent Sutterfield down on his hands and knees in the middle of the ring. Sutterfield was very “Game” and tried to get up, but was unable to beat the count. Official time of the stoppage was 1:29 of round one. Joshua Alvarez advances to 4-3, with 3 Knockouts. Aaron Sutterfield falls to 0-1, with 0 Knockouts. 

Women’s Strawweight Laddy Mejia pounded out a five round split decision over Sarah Click to successfully make her professional Bareknuckle Boxing debut. A competitive fight that was fought at a surprising tactical pace for a Bareknuckle fight, Mejia was able to land the harder punches over the final three rounds to earn the decision victory.  Official scores were: 48-47 (Click), and 49-46, 48-47 for Laddy Mejia. Laddy Meija advances to 1-0, with 0 Knockouts. Sarah Click falls to 0-3, with 0 Knockouts. 

Undefeated Bantamweight Matthew Russo scored a first round knockout of a debuting  Jaymes Hyder. An overhand right to the head staggered Hyder, which Russo followed by a right hook to the jaw that sent Hyder down on his back for the ten count. Official time of the stoppage was 1:16 of round one. Matthew Russo advances to 2-0, with 2 Knockouts Jaymes Hyder falls to 0-1, with 0 Knockouts. 

In a Featherweight rematch from April of this year, Freddy Masabo avenged his only loss by scoring a five round unanimous decision over Bovar Khanakov. The story of this fight was the movement and combination punching of Masabo as he frequently beat Khanakov to the punch. Khanakov suffered two severe cuts over his right eye and on the bridge of his nose in the first round and he was unable to get the ebb and flow of the combat to shift in his favor.  Official scores were: 48-47 (On all three scorecards) in favor of Masabo. Freddy Masabo advances to 3-1, with 2 Knockouts. Bovar Khanakov falls to 3-2, with 0 Knockouts.

Cruiserweight action began the evening as John Escoboza scored a hard fought five round majority decision over previously undefeated Esteban Rodriguez. A high pace slugfest from the opening bell, Escoboza’s cleaner punches, particularly in landing his right hand to the head of Rodriguez, which opened a bad cut over his left eye in the first round ultimately gave him the edge. Escoboza scored a knockdown of Rodriguez with a right hand that appeared to land on the side of the head in the second round. Official scores were: 47-47, (Even) 48-46 (On two scorecards) in favor of Escoboza. John Escoboza advances to 8-1, with 4 Knockouts. Esteban Rodriguez falls to 2-1, with 2 Knockouts.

BKFC 49 brought to a close two nights of Bareknuckle Boxing cards promoted by the Bareknuckle Fighting Championship and its founder David Feldman. A modernized form of Bareknuckle Boxing that is still growing, as the promotion prepares for its fiftieth numbered card next month, a successful debut of its prospects series on August 24th, and continued international expansion including in Bulgaria later this year, the BKFC has laid out what this observer believes is a successful blueprint for other Bareknuckle promoters to try and follow including, but not limited to the adaption of a universal rules standard as approved by the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC). 

In many ways, the rate at which the Bareknuckle portion of the sport of Boxing has been able to grow has in some ways not faced as much opposition and resistance as the sport of MMA did for many years after it's inception here in the United States in organized form in the early 1990's. It is something that should be seen as a positive in a sport that is always the subject of ridicule for its negatives. Especially, if not only safety standards continue to be followed and improve, but also if it continues to provide more options to fighters across all combat sports. 

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Thursday, August 24, 2023

BKFC Prospects 1 Results From Miami, FL

Women’s Flyweight Rosalinda Rodriguez successfully made her Bareknuckle Boxing debut by scoring a lopsided five round unanimous decision over MMA veteran Christina Crist in the main event of Bareknuckle Fighting Championship’s (BKFC) inaugural BKFC Prospects event on Thursday night at the Miami-Dade Fairgrounds in Miami, FL. Rodriguez, who is 13-0, in traditional professional Boxing and is the current North American Boxing Federation (NABF) Bantamweight champion, dictated the fight from the start by using effective lateral movement, and her jab to control the distance over Crist, who was also making her professional Bareknuckle Boxing debut after a successful career in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The consistent pattern of the fight consisted of Rodriguez throwing the jab, moving inside, landing short combinations, and moving back out before Crist could land anything really effective. As the fight went on, Crist began swinging wildly in an attempt to land something that would turn the ebb and flow in her favor, but it simply was not to be as Rodriguez boxed her way to a convincing unanimous decision victory.  Official scores were: 50-44, 49-45, and 50-45 all in favor of Rodriguez. Rosalinda Rodriguez advances to 1-0, with 0 Knockouts. Christina Crist falls to 0-1, with 0 Knockouts. 

Also on this card:


In a battle of undefeated Heavyweights, Leonardo Perdomo scored a first round knockout of  Ryan Shough. Perdomo quickly dropped Shough with a right hand seconds into the opening round. He then closed the show dropping Shough with a brutal combination to the head that resulted in the fight being immediately stopped. Official time of the stoppage was :59 of round one. Leonardo Perdomo advances to 2-0, with 2 Knockouts. Ryan Shough falls to 1-1, with 1 Knockout.

 Light-Heavyweight Drew Nolan scored the first win of his Bareknuckle Boxing career by scoring a second round stoppage of Markus Suarez. Nolan was dropped by a short right hook to the head in round one, but a cut that Nolan was able to open over the right eye of Suarez began to bleed heavily and resulted in a second round stoppage when the ringside physician ruled that Suarez could not continue. Official time of the stoppage was 1:22 of round two. Drew Nolan advances to 1-1, with 1 Knockout. Markus Suarez falls to 0-1, with 0 Knockouts.

A Light-Heavyweight bout between Fred Pierce and a debuting Sean Hotusing ended in a second round disqualification in favor of Pierce. A competitive fight from the beginning, Pierce’s awkward counterpunching style appeared to give Hotusing problems for a time. The end came when Pierce was sent down bent over with his hands touching the canvas via a slip. Hotusing however, landed two shots on Pierce while he was ruled on the canvas resulting in Pierce being declared the winner via disqualification when he was unable to continue. Official time of the stoppage was 1:38 of round two. Fred Pierce advances to 2-4, with 1 Knockout. Sean Hotusing falls to 0-1, with 0 Knockouts. 

Bantamweight Dameko Labon needed only twenty-one seconds to knockout Justin Watson. Labon landed a stiff jab at the opening bell followed by a right hook that sent Watson down to the canvas. Watson got up from the knockdown, but walked into a flush left hook to the jaw that sent him down for a second time and the fight was immediately stopped. Official time of the stoppage was :21 of round one. Dameko Labon advances to 1-0, with 1 Knockout. Justin Watson falls to 0-1, with 0 Knockouts. 

In a Welterweight bout that began the evening between two fighters making their professional Bareknuckle Boxing debuts, Leandro Torres scored a third round stoppage of Harry Cruz to successfully make his professional Bareknuckle Boxing debut. A back and forth fight that saw both men cut early and several heated exchanges of offense in close, it was Torres' combination punching over Cruz’ ability to attack at awkward angles. The end came midway through the third round when Cruz was ruled unable to continue due to heavy bleeding from a cut on the outside of his right eye. Official time of the stoppage was 1:29 of round three. Leandro Torres advances to 1-0, with 1 Knockout. Harry Cruz falls to 0-1, with 0 Knockouts. 

Over the last decade, the sport of Bareknuckle Boxing has through various variations grown and expanded at an exceptional rate since the sport was reintroduced in modernized form. The Bareknuckle Fighting Championship has become one of the Bareknuckle promotions led by promoter David Feldman that is now leading the way in the growth and expansion of the sport. A sign of such growth came in the days prior to this card when the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) adapted a universal standard of rules for Bareknuckle bouts. The first edition of the BKFC prospects series, which will be a monthly series to go along with the promotion’s marquee and fight night events certainly did not disappoint as fighters participating in the series have the goal to earn a contract to fight under the BKFC banner in a way similar to the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) series in which it’s president Dana White awards contracts to non-signed MMA fighters under the Dana White’s Contender Series banner. 

With fighters from traditional pro Boxing, MMA, and other combat sports disciplines all now venturing into professional Barekuckle bouts, the future of the Bareknuckle portion of the sport of Boxing certainly looks bright. The next event on the BKFC schedule, BKFC 49, which will take place on Friday, August 25th also in Miami, has a tough act to follow.

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August 26, 2023: A Big Day For The Heavyweight Division

August 2023 in the sport of Boxing will come to a close on Saturday, August 26th with the spotlight firmly focused on the Heavyweight division. In some ways, this day will look at both the present and what could well be the future, which can all be seen here in the United States on digital subscription sports streaming network ESPN+.

The marquee attraction of the day will take place in Wroclaw, Poland as undefeated unified WBO/IBF/IBO/WBA Heavyweight world champion Oleksandr Usyk will make the second defense of his crown against WBA number one Heavyweight contender Daniel Dubois in Wrocław Stadium. This fight is the first for Usyk following two decision wins over Anthony Joshua in 2021 and 2022 where he won and then successfully retained the unified Heavyweight crown. While many had expected that Usyk's next fight following his rematch against Joshua in August of last year would be a unification bout with undefeated WBC world champion Tyson Fury for what would be the Undisputed Heavyweight championship of the world, unfortunately due to elements involving the business of Boxing, that fight did not materialize.

Instead, Usyk will be turning his attention to fulfilling one of his mandatory defense obligations of one of the four world championships he currently holds by facing the WBA's mandatory challenger Daniel Dubois. Although some may dismiss this fight as a mere mandatory, in that sometimes those who earn opportunities to fight for a world championship by being mandated by a sanctioning organization as it's top contender in a given weight class, does not always have significant public interest, this could be a dangerous fight for the undefeated champion.

It was not long ago when Daniel Dubois was considered one of the sport's feared rising "Knockout Artists." Dubois carried a record of 15-0, with 14 Knockouts into what was a highly anticipated clash with then fellow undefeated "Knockout Artist" and former Olympic Silver medalist Joe Joyce in November of 2020. Dubois would suffer the lone defeat of his career by being knocked out by Joyce in the tenth round in a fight where he suffered a broken left eye socket. Since that setback, Dubois has won four straight fights, all by knockout including a fourth round knockout of previously unbeaten Trevor Bryan in June of last year where he earned Interim/Regular champion status in the WBA's Heavyweight ratings, which in short made him the number one contender.

The question going into this fight will be whether Dubois will be able to deal with the angles and overall skill of Usyk. While Oleksandr Usyk is the favorite going into this title defense, he has had some difficulty in some bouts since moving to Heavyweight after becoming undisputed champion as a Cruiserweight. Usyk's fight with longtime Heavyweight contender Dereck Chisora in October 2020 can serve as an example of Usyk having trouble against a Heavyweight that was able to apply consistent pressure on him, which is something that Anthony Joshua was not able to do in two fights and given Dubois' punching power, it will be interesting to see if he has studied Usyk's fight against Chisora that he could try to implement a similar strategy. It is also important to keep in mind that Usyk has not scored a knockout since moving to Heavyweight and, despite remaining unbeaten and becoming unified world champion in the division, questions do remain in regard to his punching power as a Heavyweight.

With a possible unification bout to become Undisputed Heavyweight champion of the world still no closer to becoming a reality, Usyk must remain focused on the task at hand even if some are dismissing this fight as a mere mandatory or "Stay Busy" fight. If he is not focused, Daniel Dubois does have the power to pull off what would be considered an upset, despite being the natural Heavyweight and bigger fighter.

As Usyk-Dubois will focus on the current landscape of the Heavyweight division in terms of the world championship picture, August 26th will also provide a look at a Heavyweight contender that could well be the future of the division. This observer is referring to the undefeated "Knockout Artist" Jared Anderson.

Anderson, who is coming off of the first decision win in his career in July where he was forced to go ten full rounds in his fifthteenth professional fight against former IBF Heavyweight world champion Charles Martin, who had taken the fight on short notice. A fight that ended Anderson's fourteen fight knockout streak, which began his career, he was still impressive in scoring a convincing ten round unanimous decision in his hometown of Toledo, OH.

Now, a little more than one month after that fight, Anderson is getting back in the ring to face veteran Andrii Rudenko in a scheduled ten round bout at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, OK. Although some may view a fighter competing so soon after a fight in which they had to go ten competitive rounds as too soon to be back in the ring, in actuality, it is a method that many fighters used to do on a regular basis from rising contenders as Anderson is to even world champions in decades past. 

The biggest detriment to any fighter in any combat sport on any level is inactivity and while a fighter will obviously risk their standing every other they compete, there is an old adage that yours truly believes in that the more active a fighter is, the more theoretically they will be prepared and in condition when all significant fight such as one for a world championship does come along. In this case, Anderson is trying to continue his progression as well as stay active. 

Currently rated number seven in the world in the World Boxing Council (WBC) Heavyweight ratings, Anderson while now risking a top ten ranking with each subsequent time that he competes, in addition to being active, it will also increase his name recognition value towards a potential world championship bout should he continue to win.  In Andrii Rudenko, Anderson will face a veteran of forty-two professional fights, who has a respectable record of 35-6, with 21 Knockouts. A possible red flag that some might point to however, is all of Rudenko's six defeats came when he has stepped up in the caliber of his competition having lost to several top contenders in his career, most notably among them, former world title challenger Alexander Povetkin in July of 2017.

The one bright spot for Rudenko is he has only been stopped once in his career and it will obviously be interesting to see if he will be able to stand up to the power of Anderson. Although this has the appearance of a "Stay Busy" fight for Anderson, his position in the WBC ratings likely means that he potentially could be on a short list of possible contenders who might get an opportunity to either fight in a world championship elimination bout, if not potentially an opportunity to face Tyson Fury sometime within the next year. Thus, it is an important fight for the young undefeated American contender as he continues his rise up the ranks.

While this day spotlighting the Heavyweight division offers a look at two different levels of the division, one should not dismiss the possibility of Anderson potentially being in line to face the winner of Usyk-Dubois down the line as well, especially if no further progress is made towards further unification of the division going into 2024. Stranger things have happened in the sport before and if Anderson beats Rudenko, the idea of him facing either Usyk or Dubois is something to discuss. We will see who emerges victorious in these two Heavyweight bouts on Saturday, August 26th.

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Usyk vs Dubois takes place on Saturday, August 26 at Wrocław Stadium in Wrocław, Poland. The fight can be seen in the United States on digital subscription sports streaming network ESPN+ beginning at 5PM ET/2PM PT.

Anderson vs. Rudenko takes place on Saturday, August 26 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, OK. The fight as well as it's full undercard can be seen in the United States on digital subscription sports streaming network ESPN+ beginning at 6:45PM ET/3:45PM PT.

ESPN+ is available through the ESPN app on mobile, tablet, and connected streaming devices/Smart TVs. For more information about ESPN+ including schedules, list of compatible streaming devices, platforms, Smart TVs, and to subscribe please visit:

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(*Check your local listings internationally.*)

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Classic Boxing Series To Debut On FITE+

Press Release August 23, 2023 By FITE-  Determined to always bring you the best value in streaming sports, FITE+ has added a weekly series of classic fights, called Monster Knockout, curated by our experts and tons of new live and archival  boxing, pro wrestling, MMA, grappling and more sports content – All at an incredible subscription price

New York, NY  (August 23, 2023): FITE by Triller announced the addition of even more live and on-demand action for FITE+ subscribers. Kicking off with our new series of classic fights called Monster Knockout – each Wednesday we’ll feature some of the most famous boxing matches ever. This debuts August 23rd with Oscar de la Hoya vs. Ricardo Mayorga. If you’ve enjoyed the popular Oscar de la Hoya documentary on MAX, come to FITE+ to see The Golden Boy in action. Future weeks will feature the likes of Shane Mosley, Manny Pacquiao and the classic showdown with Mike Tyson vs. Lennox Lewis, to name a few. 

Another new and live series, kicking off Thursday, August 24th is BKFC’s Prospect Series. This live and FREE debut show will hail from Miami, FL and features a group of hungry new fighting prospects for BKFC, known as the world’s fastest growing combat sport promotion. This show will build the farm team for the BKFC and find future stars of the sport. FITE+ includes ALL of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship Main Events such as this Friday’s BKFC 49, also from Miami like the Prospect Series, and features Gorjan Slaveski vs. Jake Lindsey battling for the BKFC Welterweight Championship. 

All this exciting FITE+ action joins exclusive content from Major League Wrestling, Fight2Win and Game Changer Wrestling, as well as shows from New Japan Pro Wrestling, Wrestling Revolver, the U.S. Open Karate Championships, Muay Thai events, SlapFIGHT, Grappling and live boxing from around the world.

“We are here to go above and beyond for viewers no matter what it takes,” said FITE co-founder and COO, Michael Weber. “This massive increase in events, both current and classic, puts us well past the 4,000 hours benchmark, across 100 promotions and multiple sports – all at the best global pricing model ever.  We’ve got plenty of surprise additions lined up between now and the end of the year too.”

The new additions to FITE+ include:

UK’s Strongest Man

Monster Knockout

LIVE shows from OVW, GCW, ICW, BKB, FSW, MLW, F2W, Fusion Fight League, Rap Report Card, River City Fights and many more

In addition to all the new content added, FITE+ is pleased to announce that it has introduced new geo-priced subscriptions, following the norms of leading streaming platforms, to adjust for regional cost differences. Click this FITE+ link to automatically view your local pricing with confidence as you’ll get the best value in streaming sports, including a 7-day free trial, and special annual rates.

About FITE:

FITE by Triller is the premium global platform for live sports and entertainment offering many of the industry’s  marquee PPV events to more than 7M registered users. Additionally, FITE offers exclusive subscription packages such as AEW Plus in select regions, and FITE+, the Best Value in Streaming Sports, Worldwide. Consumers can stream FITE globally through its iOS and Android mobile apps, Apple TV, Android TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire TV and Huawei apps. In addition, FITE supports Samsung, LG, Cox Contour, Vizio SmartCast™, Virgin Media, Shaw Communications; Blue Curve IPTV, Foxxum, Chromecast, PS4, XBOX, ZEASN, Netrange, Vidaa/Hisense, VEWD/ TiVO, Netgem TV, Comcast’s Xfinity 1 and Xfinity Flex, as well as more than 7,000 models of Smart TVs. FITE also offers a free ad-supported FAST channel called FITE 24/7 both on and off platform. Visit FITE online at Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIN, and Facebook.. FITE is owned by Triller Inc. 


Material Courtesy of FITE Used with permission.

For more information about FITE including schedules, list of compatible streaming devices, platforms, Smart TVs, information on the FITE+ subscription service, and for instructions on how to download the FITE app please visit: www.FITE.TV

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Monday, August 21, 2023

Ramirez-Smith Collide October 7th In Las Vegas On DAZN

Press Release August 21, 2023 By DAZN-  LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (August 21, 2023) - Former World Champion Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez (44-1, 30 KOs) will make his grand debut in the cruiserweight division and measure up against former light heavyweight World Champion Joe “Common Man” Smith Jr. (28-4, 22 KOs) of Long Island, New York on Saturday, October 7. The 12-round clash, presented in association with Star Boxing, will take place live from The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and live around the world on DAZN. 

Credit: DAZN 


The former WBO Super Middleweight World Champion, Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez will be looking to make a statement and demonstrate he has the bravado to become a two-division titleholder. With nearly 15-years of professional experience, he embarked on a career that would see him defeating the likes of Maxim Vlasov, Jessie “Hard Work” Hart and “King” Arthur Abraham, whom he defeated to become the WBO Super Middleweight World Champion. His sole blemish on his record comes from a valiant performance against Dmitrii Bivol last November 2022. Ramirez is now ready to return to the ring and contend against the heavy hitters of the division.


“I am ready to take over the cruiserweight division and prove to myself that I can add another championship belt to my resume,” said Gilberto Ramirez. “I want to thank all of my fans, Golden Boy, DAZN, the WBA, and my entire team that have supported me through this season of change. We are ready to face a hungry opponent in Joe Smith Jr. who is used to being an underdog. I know both of us wanted this fight at light heavyweight a few years back, but I’m glad we can make it now. See you all in Las Vegas!” 


The iron-willed, former light heavyweight World Champion Joe Smith Jr. is known to prove his critics wrong, becoming the WBO Light Heavyweight World Champion after giving an unyielding boxing performance when he fought Maxim Vlasov in April 2021. He went on to successfully defend his title against Steve Geffrard in January 2022 and then succumbed to Artur Beterbiev in a massive unification fight on June 18. In addition, Smith has one of the best resumes in boxing that includes victories over former undisputed champion and boxing legend, Bernard Hopkins, former world champion, Eleider Alvarez, and title contenders Jessie Hart and Andrzej Fonfara. Having begun his career in 2009, he has earned the respect of the “common man” and will also be going up to cruiserweight for the first time to face Ramirez.


“It feels great to return to the ring in a big way on October 7 against ‘Zurdo’ Ramirez,” said Joe Smith Jr. “I was having a rough time this year, then we tragically lost my brother Alex on top of it all. I miss him and know he will be with me when I step into that ring. He was always proud of me and he would be happy to see me back. I can’t wait to show the world the Common Man is back and hope my performance can bring some happiness and inspiration back to my family.”


“‘For almost 15 years, ‘Zurdo’ beat everyone who stepped into the ring, becoming a world champion and the most feared man in the Super Middleweight division in the process,” said Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions Oscar De La Hoya. “But coming off a loss and with a new weight division to conquer, there is a renewed fire in Zurdo’s eyes. I expect an impressive outing and a first step towards a cruiserweight world championship.”


“We are thrilled to announce the return of Star Boxing’s ‘Common Man,’ Joe Smith Jr. at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas live on DAZN,” said Star Boxing’s CEO Joe DeGuardia. “He and his family have had a rough year, but in quintessential Joe Smith fashion, while there were many fights out there for him, he wanted the biggest and toughest challenge available.  It will once again be Champion vs Champion as two former world champs go head to head in this intriguing fight. This has all the makings of must see action and I personally look forward to watching Joe back in the ring on October 7th.” 


“What an exciting fight this will be between two former World Champions,” said Joseph Markowski, CEO North America, DAZN Group. “Zurdo wanted a tough test, and this one-his first at cruiserweight-vs Smith Jr. is going to be a very difficult fight for him. You will not want to miss it! Tune in October 7th live from the fight capital of the world, Las Vegas, broadcast only on DAZN.”


Media interested in covering the fight can apply for a credential at: Applications are due EOD, October 2, 2023. 


More information on event tickets and the complete undercard will be announced in the coming weeks. 


Zurdo vs. Smith Jr. is a 12-round cruiserweight fight presented by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Star Boxing. The event will be available worldwide to all subscribers on DAZN, both live and on demand.


For more information, visit, and Follow on Twitter @GoldenBoyBoxing, @StarBoxing and @DAZNBoxing. Become a fan on Facebook at, and Follow on Instagram @GoldenBoy, @StarBoxing and @DAZNBoxing. Follow the conversation using #ZurdoSmith


Material and Photo Courtesy of: DAZN Used with permission.

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Sunday, August 20, 2023

Sebastian Papeschi Collides with Diego Carmona for IBF Regional title in Cordoba, August 26

Press Release August 20, 2023 By ProBox TV-  

Sampson Boxing/Tello Box South American Boxing Series Continues in Argentina LIVE on ProBox TV

Credit: ProBox TV 

Sampson Lewkowicz and Carlos Andres Tello return to ProBox TV next Saturday following a successful event last month in Montevideo, Uruguay that saw Amilcar Vidal Jr. get back to winning ways against Domicio Rondon.  The South American promoters keep the show on the road in neighbouring Argentina as ProBox TV continues to provide subscribers with more international content. 

Lewkowicz and Tello head to Argentina’s second largest city of Cordoba to bring you three highly competitive televised fights from the 5-star Quorum Cordoba Hotel on August 26. The evening’s main-event will see Sebastian Horacio Papeschi and Diego Carmona square-off for the vacant IBF Latino middleweight title over 10 rounds.  

Papeschi (19-4, 7 KOs) comes off an emphatic 8th round knockout victory over Jairo Ariel Rayman for the South American light heavyweight title. The all-action fighter from Buenos Aires was previously stopped on a trip to Kazakhstan suffering a 5th round knockout loss to Meiirim Nursultanov last June. 

Mexico’s Carmona (13-1, 11 KOs) is on an impressive six fight knockout streak, his most recent victims were Addir Sanchez in Panama and Alberto Mosquera in his native Mexico. The bout sees two southpaws collide with rankings places at stake at 160 pounds.

“Both fighters like to come forward, it is a real 50/50 fight that one.” Lewkowicz said of his upcoming main-event. “Papeschi does not have the biggest punch but will come forward all night. Carmona is like all Mexican’s, he will be coming to look for a fight.”

The chief-support provides a 10 round flyweight battle between Ramon Nicanor Quiroga and Efrain Rodriguez Gonzalez. 

Quiroga (5-1, 2 KOs) represented Argentina at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games turning professional shortly after. The man from Mendoza picked up a WBA regional belt against the undefeated Afolabi Shittu with a wide points victory in Buenos Aires less than two months ago. 

The dangerous Gonzalez (7-0, 7 KOs) fights outside his native Mexico for the first time in his career. His immaculate record most recently saw the undefeated Diego Montalvo Reyes fall to the 26 year old, Gonzalez dispatching of his opponent by the 2nd round this past March in Mexico City.

Opening the televised broadcast will see the undefeated Argentine Josue Francisco Arguero (7-0, 3 KOs) lock horns with the highly experienced Fabian Oscar Orosco (28-14-4, 10 KOs) in the super featherweight division scheduled for 8 rounds. 

ProBox TV’s upcoming broadcast will be available to all subscribers [Excluding Argentina]. 

You can sign up to ProBox TV with no obligation for just $1.99 a month and gain access to a host of exclusive content including Wednesday Night Fights

Material and Photo Courtesy of: ProBox TV Used with permission.

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Saturday, August 19, 2023

The Galal Yafai Express Rolls On

The story going into the Flyweight bout between 2020 Olympic Gold medalist Galal Yafai and former British Flyweight champion Tommy Frank on August 19th at the Birmingham Arena in Birmingham England was whether Yafai, who entered the bout ranked number fourteen in the world in the World Boxing Council (WBC), could continue on what has been a fast track since beginning his career in February of last year.

Although it is not uncommon to see fighters who are able to benefit from the exposure that the Olympics offers, and to be more specific, those fighters who are able to reach the medal rounds, progress at a faster pace upon embarking on professional careers as compared to those with limited or no amateur experience, Yafai has been able to work his way to a low top-twenty ranking in a world sanctioning organization's rankings in only four professional fights. While Yafai entered the bout unbeaten in four bouts having gone the distance in one of those fights, the question this observer had prior to this encounter was whether Tommy Frank, a fighter with British championship pedigree, would be able to provide Yafai with what would be the first test of his career.

Despite Frank's edge in terms of professional experience over Yafai, it would take the undefeated fast rising contender only a minute and forty seconds to answer that question with an emphatic "NO!" At the sound of the brll to begin the fight, Yafai immediately applied ehat yours truly would call "Suffocating Pressure" on Frank that reminded me of future Hall of Famer Manny Pacquiao in his prime. In that he immediately cut off the ring and swarmed Frank with a near non-stop attack , which sent the former British champion scrambling looking for space.

Unfortunately for Frank, he had no answer and apprared simply unprepared for the type of attack that Yafai put on him. It was not long before Frank would be knocked to the canvas with a short left hook to the head. While Frank was able to get up quickly, it was academic as Yafai continued his relentless assault on his opponent. With Frank pressed up against the ropes with no way to escape, his corner mercifully threw the towel in giving Yafai a statement-making first round stoppage and a successful defense of his WBC International Flyweight championship. 

In previewing this fight and at the beginning of this column, yours truly made reference to Yafai being on a "Fast Track" towards a world championship shot. After this latest performance, perhaps those of us in Boxing media should refer to the track that Yafai is on as a "Train Track" because his performance in stopping Tommy Frank was the Boxing equivalent of a runaway train steamrolling down a track and wiping out whatever is unfortunately standing in the way. While this observer does not partake in deliberate hype tactics, there is simply no other way to describe what happened in this fight.

Although this performance, as emphatic as it was, will probably not move Galal Yafai into a world championship fight in his next fight, he is clearly on track to potentially challenge for a world championship either at or before his tenth professional fight. With five fights to go before fight number 10 for Yafai, the question is if any potential opponent will he able to stand on the track as "The Yafai Express Train" continues barreling down the track in an attempt to stop what has thus far been a runaway train or if it will continue to be full steam ahead as Yafai continues his trip up the 112lb. Flyweight division.

" And That's The Boxing Truth." 

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Friday, August 18, 2023

Galal Yafai vs. Tommy Frank Takes Centerstage August 19th

Originally, August 19th in the world of Boxing was to be spotlighted by the highly anticipated World Light-Heavyweight championship fight between undefeated champion Artur Beterbiev and former Super-Middleweight world champion Callum Smith. As some know, the bout between Beterbiev and Smith has been postponed to January 2024 due to Beterbiev needing time to recover from recent dental surgery. While that fight was initially one of the highlights of the month of August 2023, a bout that could be described by some as under the radar could prove to be interesting. This observer is referring to the Flyweight bout between undefeated Flyweight contender Galal Yafai and former British Flyweight champion Tommy Frank, which will take place at the Birmingham Arena in Birmingham, England that can be seen globally on digital subscription sports streaming network DAZN. 

While the 112lb. Flyweight division does not always get much exposure, particularly here in the United States, one thing that makes this fight interesting is that it offers a chance for a higher ranking in the World Boxing Council’s (WBC) for the WBC International championship. Although a regional championship may not seem significant to some fans, what makes it significant beyond the reality of a higher position in the WBC rankings is the quick pace in which Yafai has gotten to this fight. Galal, the third in the line of the fighting Yafai brothers following Kal and Gamal, will be going into only his fifth professional fight when he faces Tommy Frank. After a decorated amateur career in which he represented Great Britain in both the 2016 and the delayed 2020 Olympics, winning the Gold medal in the 2020 tournament in the Flyweight division, Yafai turned pro in February of last year and won the WBC International title with a fifth round knockout of Carlos Bautista. Yafai being able to enter a regional championship fight in his professional debut is representative of his Olympic pedigree and though a fighter entering that type of fight out of the box as a professional is certainly a roll of the dice, Yafai has thus far proven to be someone who, despite his limited experience as a pro, is on the verge of challenging for a world title in stopping three of his four opponents prior to this fight. 

Going into this fight, Yafai is rated number fourteen in the WBC’s Flyweight ratings and obviously the longer he is able to hold onto the international title, the more likely his ranking will be elevated sooner than later. It should not have to be pointed out however, that there is a risk with each fight and if Yafai should lose, obviously the expedited pace in which he has entered the WBC ratings will be halted. 

In Tommy Frank, Yafai will be facing a veteran of nineteen fights with a record of 15-3-1, with 3 Knockouts. While Frank does not, or at least has not, up to this point shown much punching power in only scoring three knockouts in his fifteen career wins, what he does have that could be an asset is experience in being able to go rounds and it is important to keep in, mind that as Yafai has been on the fast track so far in his career, he has yet to be tested. Frank however, is coming into this fight off of a knockout loss to Jay Harris where he lost the British Flyweight championship being stopped in ten rounds. Perhaps some might see that as a red flag against Frank, or to be more specific, his capability in being able to provide Yafai with a stern test, but it is something that will only be found out once the bell rings.

This fight will headline a card promoted by Eddie Hearn's Matchroom Boxing's NXTGEN series. While obviously that series, which prior to the COVID-19 epidemic was a fixture on Matchroom's schedule in showcasing some of the young, up and coming talent in the Matchroom stable, obviously it has been a few years since the series has been in circulation. A fight like this however, featuring an Olympic Gold medalist, who seems to be racing towards a shot at a world championship perhaps within the first ten fights of his career, going against a former British champion looking to bounce back, seems like a perfect vehicle to reintroduce the series. 

"And That's The Boxing Truth."

Matchroom Boxing NXTGEN: Yafai vs. Frank takes place on Saturday, August 19th at the Birmingham Arena in Birmingham, England. The fight as well as it's full undercard can be seen globally on digital subscription sports streaming network DAZN beginning at 11:45AM ET/8:45AM PT with Before The Bell, which will feature preliminary bouts. This will be followed by the main card, which will begin at 2PM ET/11AM PT.

(*U.S. Times Only.*)

(*Card and Start time Subject to Change.*)

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Wednesday, August 16, 2023


Press Release August 16, 2023 By DAZN And Most Valuable Promotions- The undisputed featherweight world champion will be in Rosado’s corner as she faces Tarrethia Dixon on Friday, August 18th live on DAZN from the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, FL 

NEW YORK, NY – August 16, 2023 – Today, Most Valuable Promotions (MVP) announced that Krystal Rosado will be going face to face with Tarrethia Dixon (1-0, 1 KO) in a 4-round bout at 115 Ibs on Friday, August 18 in Orlando, Florida during its second installment of Most Valuable Prospects. Rosado, a Carolina, Puerto Rican native, is newly managed by MVP’s own undisputed featherweight world champion, Amanda Serrano. As Serrano’s first signed athlete, Rosado will be under the guidance of one of boxing’s and Puerto Rico’s most decorated athletes. Serrano will be in Rosado’s corner as she makes her professional boxing debut. 


The Most Valuable Prospects series is produced and promoted by MVP, with Boxlab Promotions serving as the official licensed promoter and is distributed by DAZN. CELSIUS Essential Energy, maker of lifestyle energy drink, has also recently signed on to be the exclusive energy drink sponsor of the Most Valuable Prospects series. The second event in the series continues the commitment from MVP co-founders Jake Paul and Nakisa Bidarian to highlight the world’s best up-and-coming boxing talent. All events within Most Valuable Prospects will take place on Friday nights in 2023 and will be hosted by the series’ official title sponsor, Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, FL. DAZN will air the series across its platforms as a part of its subscription package which will include the entire main card lineup and prelims. Tickets are now on sale at


Ahead of her debut, Rosado represented Puerto Rico in the 2023 IBA Women’s World Championships and won in an impressive feat against Petrae Mezei. The 20-year-old also took home a Bronze medal at this year’s Central American and Caribbean Games. 


Rosado’s competitor will be Tarrethia Dixon who holds the record of 1-0 with 1 KO. The 27-year-old Kalamazoo, Michigan native is coming off her first victory, which ended in a first round KO against the former amateur standout Natalie Gray. 

“I met Krystal years ago in Puerto Rico when she was 15 years old. Krystal and her mother used to attend each of my boxing matches and over time, we became incredibly close. She has an immeasurable amount of untapped potential and her growth as an athlete is already remarkable. We’ve spared a few times over the years and now at the age of 20, she has the skills necessary to make it in this business. Even Nakisa and Jake were very impressed by her tenacity and determination in the ring,” said Amanda Serrano. “ It’s an honor to help her as she embarks on this next part of her career and I look forward to being there Friday night as she makes her debut. I promise it will be a battle you won’t want to miss.” 


“This is the first female fight we’ve had in our Most Valuable Prospects series, and it couldn’t be more of a full circle moment because Amanda is managing one of the boxers,” said Nakisa Bidarian and Jake Paul, co-founders of Most Valuable Promotions. “MVP started this series to promote and provide a stage for the most promising, young talent out there, no matter what gender. Amanda has been the biggest supporter of female athletes and it’s a privilege to watch her offer her advice and expertise to Krystal. August 18th will be a big night with a lot of surprises coming out of the ring.”


“It’s great for all the fans in Orlando to have Amanda Serrano back in town at Caribe Royale. The local Puerto Rican community gets a chance to see a new and rising prospect lead by one of the Greatest of all time!  We’re proud this show is at caribe Royale and the Central Florida area as we continue to bring new and exciting events to the area,” said Amaury Piedra, Managing Director of Caribe Royale Resort and President of Boxlab Promotions.

Most Valuable Prospects II will also feature bouts between Nestor “El Mas Bravo” Bravo and Will “III Will” Madera, welterweights Damian Lescaille (4-0, 3 KOs) and Hugo Noriega (8-0, 5 KOs) for the WBA Continental Americas Title, Elijah Fores (5-0, 2 KOs) and Elijah Williams (6-0, 2KOs), Lorenzo Medina (7-0, 6 KOs) and Antonio Torres (4-0, 4 KOs), and lastly, Antraveous Ingram (5-0, 2 KOs) vs. Orlenis Licea (0-0-1), who made his debut on Most Valuable Prospects I. 


For more information, follow on Twitter via @JakePaul, @MostVPromotions, @DAZNBoxing, @Boxlab_AP, and @cariberoyale or on Instagram via @JakePaul, @MostValuablePromotions, @DAZNBoxing, and @cariberoyaleorlando.



About Most Valuable Promotions (MVP)

Most Valuable Promotions was founded by Jake Paul and Nakisa Bidarian in 2021. With the mission to provide more creative control to fighters, MVPworks to identify, grow, and maximize return for its own events and talent partners. One year into its inception, MVP was nominated as one of the prestigious Sports Breakthroughs of the Year in 2022 by Sports Business Journal. MVP has produced Jake Paul’s last four global pay-per-view events, including the recent Paul vs. Fury match, which surpassed 800,000 Pay-per-view buys worldwide. The promotion company also signed one of the most decorated Hispanic athletes of all time, Amanda Serrano in its first year. Serrano and MVP made history in April of 2022 when Serrano went head-to-head with Katie Taylor, marking the first female fight to headline at Madison Square Garden, recently earning a nomination for Event of The Year by Sports Business Journal. Co-founder Nakisa Bidarian was an executive producer of the historic Triller Presents Mike Tyson v. Roy Jones Jr., which was the 8th most bought pay-per-view event in history.


About DAZN

DAZN is a leading digital sports platform in Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Japan, Canada, US, and the UK.  Its wide range of exclusive content includes top-flight football from the world’s most popular competitions – Bundesliga, English Premier League, J.League, LaLiga, Serie A, and the UEFA Champions League, in addition to the biggest sports from around the world - Formula 1, NFL, NBA, MotoGP and the UFC.   


DAZN is the NFL’s global partner and, from the 2023 season, will be the only place for fans around the world to watch every NFL match through the NFL Game Pass International add-on subscription. DAZN is a global home for boxing and combat sports through its partnerships with Matchroom Boxing the Professional Fighters League, and a global home for Women’s Football with UEFA Women’s Champions League and Finetwork Liga F.  DAZN is adding more and more sport to its platform to create a destination for sports fans.  


DAZN is reimagining the way people enjoy sport. With a single, frictionless platform, sports fans can watch, bet, play, share, socialize, and buy tickets, NFTs and merchandise. Live and on-demand sports content, anywhere, in any language, on any device – only on DAZN.  


DAZN is available on most connected devices including smart TVs, set-top boxes, streaming sticks, smartphones, tablets, PCs and game consoles, ensuring that fans have access to ground-breaking rights catalog and slate of incredible content. In the UK and globally, DAZN can be accessed on Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic Smart TVs and on Games Consoles including PlayStation and Xbox. Subscribers also have access to DAZN on their Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast, and Apple TV and can find the app on their iPhone, iPad, and android mobile devices. DAZN is available as an Amazon Channel on Amazon Prime TV and can be viewed on Channel 429 on Sky in the UK and Ireland.    


DAZN is a global, privately-owned company with employees in over 25 countries. For more information on DAZN, our products, people, and performance, visit   


About Caribe Royale Orlando Resort

Located just minutes from the Walt Disney World® Resort in the nation’s number one convention and tourist destination, Caribe Royale Orlando is the only AAA Four Diamond all-suite meetings resort in Orlando. A TripAdvisor 2022 Travelers’ Choice Award winner – among just 10 percent of hotels worldwide to receive the distinction – the upscale Caribe Royale is emerging from a $140 million renovation that includes fully remodeling all of its one-bedroom suites, an all-new 50,000-square-foot grand ballroom (bringing the total meeting space to 220,000 square feet), and an inviting new lobby. Being privately-owned, Caribe Royale offers meeting planners faster approval cycles and more flexibility to create stand-out events. To learn more or to book a visit, event or meeting, visit Follow the all-suite convention hotel on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter(@cariberoyale), LinkedIn and Pinterest. #cariberoyaleorlando


About CELSIUS Holdings, Inc.

CELSIUS Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: CELH), is a global consumer packaged goods company with a proprietary, clinically proven formula. A lifestyle energy drink born in fitness and a pioneer in the rapidly growing energy category. CELSIUS energy drinks offer proprietary, functional, essential energy formulas clinically-proven to offer significant health benefits to its users. CELSIUS energy drinks are backed by six university studies that were published in peer-reviewed journals validating the unique benefits provided by them. For more information, please visit:

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Joshua And Navarrete Triumph On A Memorable Day In Boxing

Following a week where his bout required a substitution, former two-time Heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua returned to the ring to face longtime Heavyweight contender Robert Helenius at the O2 Arena in London, England. The main story of this fight was that because Helenius took the bout on a little more than four days notice, what type of fight would occur inside the ring when he faced Joshua on August 12th. This was a question that proved to be warranted because Joshua after all did lose his first world championship in June 2019 to Andy Ruiz, a fighter who took that fight on limited notice. The commonality between the two bouts unfortunately was that each came as a result of Joshua’s original opponent testing positive for banned substances. 

Although it is hard to ignore that coincidence, that would prove to be the only similarity between the two bouts. While in his first encounter with Ruiz, Joshua was reckless when he was able to score a knockdown of Ruiz in a memorable third round, which resulted in him getting caught, knocked down, and ultimately losing his title via stoppage, this time around the primary takeaway was Joshua’s patience. In that he was able to implement a tactical strategy where the primary weapon was his jab. An approach that was nearly identical to the one Joshua used in his bout with Heavyweight contender Jermaine Franklin in April of this year. 

A fighter implementing a tactical strategy is something that does not always lend itself to the appreciation of Boxing fans, especially when the fighter who is executing such a strategy is known for scoring quick knockouts as Joshua is. It is an approach however, that more often than not, proves to be successful. This fight would prove to be no different as Joshua frequently landed his jab and was able to control the tempo of the fight simply based on being able to land it frequently. While not always entertaining, it does a few things that some fans might overlook, one, it can limit an opponent’s ability to throw punches simply because it is a weapon that can make an opponent reluctant to throw punches because of the possibility of getting countered. The second thing a consistent jab can do beyond winning rounds and limiting an opponent’s offense is, it can gradually bust an opponent up and cause among other things swelling and bleeding. 

This set up a scenario where much like Joshua's performance against Jermaine Franklin earlier this year, it was a workmanlike performance where Joshua simply bided his time and took his time gradually mixing in hooks and right hands behind his jab. It would be a right hand in the seventh round that landed high on the head of Helenius that sent the longtime contender down hard and out on the canvas, the fight was over.

While some might be critical of Joshua's performance as was the case after his victory over Franklin, I felt that he was consistent and with this fight being his second under new trainer Derrick James, he is gradually showing improvement while also showing new wrinkles to his Boxing style. It is something that is not always appreciated, but it does show that a boxer's skillset never stops evolving as long as the fighter is committed to learning new things among the polishing and refinement process that takes place as a fighter prepares for competition. This fight should also prove that the biggest benefit to a fighter is being active regardless of what level you might be at in the sport.

With two wins in 2023, Joshua appears to be heading towards a showdown with former WBC Heavyweight world champion Deontay Wilder. While this is a fight that has been a wish for many Boxing fans for years and would have been bigger than what it would be now if it had taken place while both Joshua and Wilder were world champions as it would have led to an undisputed champion being crowned in the division, it is still one of the bigger fights that could be made currently and the only question might be whether that fight would be next or if Joshua might be able to get one more fight in before facing Wilder.

The key for Joshua will be to stay active because being active will allow him the best opportunity for success when fights that are more lucrative come along. Despite the economics that be in the sport that do not always promote the idea of consistent activity for fighters at or near the top level of the sport, we have seen time and time again the flaws of inactivity when a fighter or more specifically their promoters and management teams only want marquee fights where either the fighter underperforms or outright loses to an opponent that prior to that fight was more active and in competition on a regular basis.

Anthony Joshua's comeback continuing was not, however, the only bout that took place on August 12th of significant interest to the Boxing public. Following Joshua's win over Helenius, the Boxing world focused its attention on the Gila River Arena in Glendale, AZ for a fight that many observers, including yours truly, felt that a Fight of the Year candidate would take place. The battle for the WBO Jr. Lightweight world championship between champion Emanuel Navarrete and former WBC Jr. Lightweight world champion Oscar Valdez did not disappoint.

In previewing this fight, I started that both Navarrete and Valdez had similar styles and with each being a fighter that likes to come forward, it ultimately proved to be worth the anticipation that preceded it. From the opening bell, the two fighters engaged in a battle that was fought at a high pace with each having his share of moments throughout. 

What stood out to me however was the difference in size between the two fighters. Although both men made the 130lb. Jr. Lightweight limit, Navarrete looked like the much bigger fighter to the extent that he looked like perhaps a full 135lb. Lightweight or maybe even a 140lb. Jr. Welterweight compared to Valdez, who looked smaller in comparison. There were a few additional things that would ultimately prove to be crucial in this fight. First, despite the near non-stop pace in which this bout was fought, Navarrete was able to control a significant portion of the combat with his jab and this in addition to seeming to land the harder punches of the two in a toe to toe battle gave him the edge, despite Valdez having several moments throughout the fight where he appears to stun Navarrete. 

The courage both men displayed in this fight is something that can also not go unnoticed as by the late rounds of the scheduled twelve round world championship bout, Valdez was figuring with his right eye shown shut as a result of the jab and power punches of Navarrete. Despite fighting with an apparent injury to his right hand, Navarrete was able to kerp what was an ungodly pace in throwing 1,038 total punches and landing 216 according to CompuBox compared to Valdez' 436 total punches thrown and landing 140. While Valdez was ultimately the more accurate of the two, which made the fight competitive and close in landing nearly 33% of his total punches to Navarrete's near 21%, it was the greater activity of the champion that led to him retaining his title via twelve round unanimous decision. Unofficially, I had Navarrete winning this fight eight rounds to four or 116-112 in points.

While I felt Navarrete won this fight clearly, I also felt that it was highly competitive and have a strong feeling as someone who has covered several notable series of fights over the years including many trilogies that this might be the conclusion of chapter one in the story of Emanuel Navarrete versus Oscar Valdez. Boxing is a sport, but part of it is the constant desire of promoters and networks to want to put on the most competitive and most entertaining fights for their respective audience. Although this desire does not always happen on a consistent basis for several reasons related to the business of the sport, which more often than not does not serve in Boxing's best interest, this is a case where two fighters are willing to face each other and both said following the fight that if the fans wanted to see a rematch, they would be open to it. Style wise, the competition level and intensity will likely be the same no matter how many times Navarrete and Valdez fight. 

Ultimately, August 12, 2023 was a memorable day in the sport of Boxing. Not only did the Boxing fans get to see the next chapter in the comeback story of a former Heavyweight champion of the world that almost didn not happen, which resulted in what could be a candidate for Knockout of the Year, but what followed later in the day was a fight that lived up to every bit of hype as the potential Fight of the year for 2023. The real winners were the Boxing fans.

"And That's The Boxing Truth."

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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Wednesday Night Fights Returns with Raul Garcia Vs Leonardo Ruiz Plant City, FL - August 23

Press Release August 15, 2023 By ProBox TV- ProBox TV’s Wednesday Night Fights is back again next week fresh off a big result for Otar Eranosyan, who overcame a knockdown to take out former world champion Roger Gutierrez last week in Plant City to claim the WBA mandatory position for Hector Luis Garcia’s world title.

Credit: ProBox TV 

August 23 sees the midweek promotion return with an undefeated 10 round clash at super welterweight. Dominican Raul Garcia will collide with Mexican born Leonardo Ruiz in the evening’s main event in Plant City, Florida.

Garcia (13-0-1, 11 KOs) comes off an impressive 2nd round knockout victory over Angel Yomar Mateo Arias in his native Dominican Republic just six weeks ago. The bout with Ruiz marks his second fight in the US having shared the spoils with the undefeated Robert Terry in a split decision draw in California this past April. Ruiz (12-0, 8 KOs) also comes off a stoppage victory, picking up a 5th round knockout against Esau Herrera de la Cruz in Pomona four months ago.

The evening’s chief support will see ProBox TV new signing Justin Pauldo collide with Uruguayan Eduardo Estela over 10 rounds in the lightweight division. 

Pauldo (15-1, 7 KOs) is undefeated in 8 years, signing with ProBox TV two months ago under manager Jolene Mizzone. The 28 year old American comes off a unanimous decision win over Yeifer Valencia in Atlantic City last November having previously defeated Josec Ruiz by the same method in Los Angeles. 

Estela (14-2, 9 KOs) looks to get back to winning ways after a 7th round knockout defeat to Angel Fierro in Mexico five months ago. The 33 year old from Montevideo had previously gone four fights unbeaten, the last of those victories coming against the undefeated Ruben Torres in Carson, California. 

The televised undercard will also see Venezuelan knockout artist Johan Gonzalez (32-2, 32 KOs) take on Luis Eduardo Florez (26-28, 21 KOs) at super welterweight over 8 rounds. De Von Williams (2-0, 2 KOs) locks horns with Jared Tallent (1-2) at welterweight to kick off the televised card. 

You can watch Wednesday Night Fights for free on YouTube and FaceBook in both English and Spanish. 

You can sign up AD-FREE for just $1.99 per month at 

Material and Photo Courtesy of: ProBox TV Used with permission.

For more information about ProBox TV Used with permission.

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Friday, August 11, 2023

Mini Preview: Joshua-Helenius / Navarrete-Valdez

 The day of August 12, 2023 will be an interesting one highlighted by two fights in Boxing’s Heavyweight and Jr. Lightweight divisions. While this observer was intending to provide readers of a thorough preview of the Heavyweight bout in the days leading up to August 12th, as most know those plans changed one week prior to the scheduled bout, which also necessitated a change in the plans of yours truly. The bout that yours truly is referring to is the scheduled rematch between former two-time World Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and former world title challenger Dillian Whyte. A fight that seemingly had a lot on the table for both fighters, but more specifically for Joshua, who has a potential lucrative fight against former WBC Heavyweight world champion Deontay Wilder later this year or perhaps in January 2024. The rematch however, will not take places it was revealed that Whyte Had tested positive for what was described as a quote “Adverse Finding” in tests conducted by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) resulting in the fight being canceled.

While Joshua would have been fully within his rights to not fight on and instead go straight to the potential fight with Wilder, he chose to fight on in wanting to stay as active as he can. On a little more than four days notice, A substitute opponent was found in the form of longtime Heavyweight contender and former European Heavyweight champion Robert Helenius. A fight that can be seen globally on digital subscription sports streaming network DAZN.

Quite frankly, the story of this fight is one that is simple. Will Joshua be able to adapt to a different opponent on such short notice after having trained to fight Dillian Whyte. Although due in part to the circumstances this fight cannot be analyzed too much given the time constraints, Joshua has been in this position before, and the last time it did not turn out successful for him. 

Many likely remember Joshua's first reign as a Heavyweight world champion coming to an end in June 2019 when Andy Ruiz stepped in on short notice under circumstances similar to this where he replaced Jarrell Miller, who had tested positive for performance-enhancing substances, and despite the limited time to prepare, he knocked Joshua out and became Heavyweight champion of the world in the process. This time around, Joshua is facing a light place dangerous opponent in Helenius, but one that was caught cold in October of last year when he suffered a one punch knockout loss in the first round to Deontay Wilder. Coincidentally, Helenius fought last week in his native Finland and scored a third round knockout of a inexperienced opponent, so while he is stepping in on short notice, one might argue he might have an edge simply because he fought seven days prior to this bout taking place and did not take any damage during that bout.

It should not have to be explained that when two big Heavyweights get into a ring, each with knockout power in either hand, anything can happen and this is a scenario where Helenius has nothing to lose, but everything to gain and Joshua has everything to lose including the possibility to take one step closer to fighting for a world title once again. While Joshua-Helenius will be taking place at the O2 Arena in London, England, the second bout that will be taking place on August 12th might have the potential to be a Fight of the Year candidate. A battle for the WBO Jr. Lightweight world championship between champion Emanuel Navarrete and former WBC Jr. Lightweight world champion Oscar Valdez A fight that will take place at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, AZ that can be seen on digital subscription sports streaming network ESPN+. 

A battle between two boxer/punchers who have come forward pressure styles that can do a little of everything. This fight on the surface seems like it will be a better stylistic match up for Valdez who lost his WBC championship in April of last year in a unification bout with Shakur Stevenson. Valdez was outboxed that night by a superior boxer, but a boxer who did not engage with him and did not go toe to toe with him. While that fight, which was the first loss of Valdez’ career can be described as a bad style match up and one where he just could nullify Stevenson’s movement, this fight seems to be more in Valdez' wheelhouse simply because both he and Navarrete have similar styles. It is based on the styles of Navarrete and Valdez that some are calling this potentially the Fight of the Year in 2023.

This observer will not hype things too much because it is not needed when discussing two fighters that like to come forward and engage. Given what could be seen as an inevitable collision based on the styles of the two fighters and the fact that much like Joshua and Helenius, both have knockout power in either hand, it certainly would not surprise me to see this fight heat up very quickly and both fighters being more than willing to engage each other. Such a scenario may simply come down to who is able to land flush first, but with each fighter knowing what the other could do, may present an opportunity for one of them to take a more tactical approach at least in the early rounds. It will be interesting to see which fighter will take that approach, if either do, or if this could be what amounts to a shootout from the opening bell.

While the week that preceded these two fights began with one being made in the shadow of one of the negative flaws in the sport of the issue of performance enhancing substances, leading once more to a fight being canceled, one can only hope that the week will end on a bright note for the sport. Two competitive fights would certainly help to make that happen. 

“And That’s The Boxing Truth.”

Joshua vs. Helenius takes place on Saturday, August 12th at the O2 Arena in London, England. The fight as well as it’s full undercard can be seen globally on digital subscription sports streaming network DAZN beginning with Before the Bell, which will feature preliminary bouts that will begin at 12:30 PM ET/9:30 AM PT. This will be followed by the main portion of the card that will begin at 2PM ET/11AM PT. 

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