Thursday, October 22, 2020

Torres Decisions Zepeda In San Carlos


Unbeaten Lightweight prospect Luis Torres scored a hard-fought eight round unanimous decision over fellow prospect Orlando Zepeda on Thursday night at the Marinaterra Hotel and Spa in San Carlos, MX. In a fight that saw plenty of back and forth action with both fighters looking to get an upper hand by going to each other’s body, the ebb and flow seemingly switched constantly between the two round after round. In round seven just as it appeared Torres had hurt Zepeda with an overhand right to the head, the lighting grid above the ring in the makeshift outdoor arena on the beach went dark as it appeared the generator supplying power blew, which caused a short delay. After the decision was made to continue using the natural daylight, the two fighters engaged in a furious exchange of offense in the eighth and final round. At the end of an extremely competitive bout, Torres was declared the winner via unanimous decision. Official scores were: 78-75, 78-74, and 77-75 in favor of Torres. Luis Torres advances to 9-0, with 6 Knockouts. Orlando Zepeda falls to 9-2, with 2 Knockouts.

Also on this card:



Undefeated Featherweight Alan Solis scored a hard fought eight round unanimous decision over Eddy Valencia. What was a competitive fight from start to finish saw several exchanges of offense between the two fighters in many of the rounds. It seemed based on what occurred in the ring that neither fighter was able to stand out clearly in what seemed to be an extremely even fight. Despite this, all three official judges saw Solis winning the fight unanimously by wide margins. Official scores were: 78-74, 79-73, and 80-72 in favor of Solis. Alan Solis advances to 11-0, with 6 Knockouts. Eddy Valencia falls to 15-5-6, with 5 Knockouts.



Unbeaten Super-Middleweight prospect Lester Martinez needed only one minute and fifty-nine seconds to score a first round knockout over veteran Michi Munoz. A one, two combination to the head followed by a flush left hook to the body to end the night for Munoz, who went down and was unable to beat the count. Lester Martinez advances to 6-0, with 6 Knockouts. Michi Munoz falls to 28-11-1, with 19 Knockouts.



In a Welterweight bout that opened the evening, Jesus Hernandez scored a four round split decision over Giovanny Meza, who was making his pro debut. Hernandez scored a knockdown of Meza in the first round with a wide left hook to the head. Although Meza was seemingly able to take over the tempo of combat over the remaining three rounds, Hernandez’ harder shots and general aggression allowed him to get the nod from two official judges giving him the split decision victory. Official scores were: 38-37 (Meza), and 38-37 and 39-36 in favor of Jesus Hernandez advances to 2-1-1, with 0 Knockouts. Giovanny Meza falls to 0-1, with 0 Knockouts.


A recurring theme of 2020 in Boxing has been fighters looking to stay active in the midst of the ongoing global COVID-19 epidemic. While some at the highest level of the sport continue to remain inactive due to both risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus as well as financial reasons, what has taken place is many prospects like those that appeared on this card promoted by Roy Jones’ RJJ Boxing, have been able to seize opportunities for exposure, that might not necessarily have been available when the sport is in its normal active state. In a year that will forever be known for the negative things that have happened in the world, prospects like Luis Torres, Orlando Zepeda, and Alan Solis have been able to position themselves to try to advance their respective careers in 2021 when hopefully, the sport of Boxing as well as the rest of the world might be closer to normal.


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Wednesday, October 21, 2020



Press Release October 21, 2020 By Dragon Fire Boxing – Mandurah boxing sensation "Action" Jackson England will be keeping a keen eye on the bout between rising Aussie stars Mark Schliebs and Brock Jarvis next month, as he eagerly awaits the chance to call out the victor. 

Credit: Justin Rake

A fight between the two rivals has been keenly anticipated by boxing fans across Australia, with Jarvis and Schleibs respectively trained and or mentored by Australian legends Jeff Fenech and Lester Ellis.

Jarvis heads into the IBF intercontinental featherweight title bout unbeaten through his first 17 fights, while Schliebs is also yet to record a loss through 12.

But no matter the result, England is confident he could hand both their first indiscretion.

"I've got big respect for both of these guys, but I know it in myself that I could beat either one," the WA prospect said.

"I know what I'm capable of doing and I'm always fight ready."

Staying fight ready has formed the crux of England's 2020, with the COVID-19 restrictions and late cancellations making it near-impossible for the young gun to lock in fights.

He has seen two would-be opponents pull out of bouts in recent times, and is now looking to build domestic rivalries with eastern states fighters like Jarvis and Schliebs.

"You look back on the great Aussie rivalries and they're just amazing," England said.

"Mundine v Green is the obvious one - the way they went about their business and the fights they had, it was just first class.

"Like I said, I have no animosity to either Jarvis or Schliebs, but I know I can win those fights."

England's ultimate goal remains to win a world title.

It's a goal he edged even closer to this year, when he was named to the World Boxing Council super featherweight top 40 in July.


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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Was Lomachenko-Lopez A Let Down?


There is nothing quite like the anticipation that comes before sporting events. Whether it is major team sports respective playoffs such as the NHL's coveted Stanley Cup playoffs, which more often than not culminates in an encounter between the two best teams in the league facing off in the finals, or a similar playoff structure that culminates in Major League Baseball's World Series, one commonality that all sports fans can relate to is the anticipation and excitement that usually comes before those events.


In Boxing and by extension all combat sports, the one thing that can equal the anticipation of the world championships that are determined in team sports is when two world champions put their world titles on the line to determine who is the best. Similarly, such anticipation also occurs when two recognized stars of the sport do battle in a fight the public wants to see. Such an encounter took place on October 17th when Lightweight world champions Vasyl Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez met at the MGM Grand Conference Center in Las Vegas, NV for the Undisputed Lightweight championship of the world.


An encounter that was one of, if not the most anticipated fight of 2020. Of course , as is usually the case when it comes to anticipated fights in Boxing this fight also faced significant hurdles before the two fighters finally got in the ring. Unlike many previous marquee battles throughout the sport’s history, the hurdles that for a time stood in the way of Lomachenko-Lopez coming to fruition did not come in the form of the various business aspects of the sport that all too often serves more to the determent of Boxing than it does it’s benefit, but rather due to the ongoing global COVID-19 epidemic that has impacted daily life around the world and has also severely effected sports as a whole. While it is in a way refreshing that the business of the sport did not have a deciding influence in this fight taking place, the delay of the encounter, which was originally aimed to take place earlier this year was nonetheless frustrating for everyone that wanted to see it take place.



With the fighters willing to take less money than what would normally be the case when the sport is in its normal active state, with Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum and cable television network ESPN making the reasonable decision to resist the temptation of putting this fight either on the overpriced and outdated model of pay-per-view here in the United States or as an exclusive event of ESPN’s digital subscription streaming network ESPN+ given the current economic conditions due to the epidemic, instead opting to air the event not only on ESPN’s main cable network, but also on ESPN+, it ensured that this fight had the opportunity to be seen by more eyes than would normally be the case. It was simply time for the two world champions to determine who was the best in the talent-deep 135lb. Lightweight division.


In previewing this fight, this observer stated that this came down to a scenario of experience versus youth. In that due to his overall experience both as an amateur and his experience in world championship fights as a professional, Lomachenko appeared to have the edge in terms of experience compared to Lopez, who was nine years younger and had only recently fought for and won a world title for the first time.


This was also a classic scenario of a boxer versus a puncher in that although both men had shown the ability to get an opponent out of there if the opportunity arose, Lomachenko was more known for his Boxing ability whereas Lopez had built a reputation for his ability to score head-turning and often brutal knockouts. No matter how a fight might look on paper however, Boxing truly is a sport where one should always expect the unexpected.


What was unexpected was the Boxing ability of Lopez. For the majority of the twelve round world championship bout, Lopez not only consistently forced the action, but also displayed poise in his approach. This was not the seek and destroy attacker that Teofimo Lopez had built his reputation on, but rather a disciplined boxer who was able to picked his spots. While this differed significantly from what many had anticipated, what it also did was limit Lomachenko’s offensive output and create difficulty in getting into a rhythm.


Although what became a tactical chess match is not always the most entertaining type of fight to watch, particularly for casual fans, for combat sports aficionados that enjoy watching strategies play out in a measured way, this was a very interesting fight to watch. In this observer’s eyes, Lopez’s strategy by not looking to overwhelm Lomachenko with offense, but attacking in tactical spurts, but also limiting Lomachenko’s ability to land counter punches and attack in spurts of offense himself, is what allowed him to sweep the first six rounds of this fight in my mind. At the same time, because tactical fights like this aren’t always the easiest to score and there are times where moments in a round can sway opinion as to has the upper hand in a fight, I did not have a sense of which way the official judges might be seeing this bout even though based on overall activity and more specifically, Lomachenko’s inability to let his hands go consistently, I felt Lopez had a clear edge after the first half of the fight.


As this fight progressed, it in some ways reminded me of the first encounter between then Undisputed Middleweight world champion Bernard Hopkins and Jermain Taylor in July of 2005. A fight that saw the then unbeaten Taylor outwork Hopkins over the first half of the fight only for Hopkins to seemingly get the better of the action and seemingly take the second half of the fight. The end result, a split decision victory for Taylor signaled the end of a historic reign atop the Middleweight division for Hopkins, but also fueled demand for a rematch based not only Hopkins’ long standing as a dominant world champion, but also the controversial decision in the eyes of some as the impression of many was that Hopkins had done enough over the last six rounds of that fight to retain his world championship.


Although this fight was not similar to Hopkins-Taylor 1 in how it was fought, the similarity between the two was like Hopkins, Lomachenko stepped up his offense over the second half of the fight against Lopez with the eleventh round appearing to be his best round of the fight where he outworked Lopez clearly. Much like what became the first of two meetings between Hopkins and Taylor, the question became did Lomachenko do enough over the second half of the fight in order to sway the view of the three official judges in his favor. Shortly after the final bell of Lomachenko-Lopez, I commented on social media that it was a good fight, but I didn’t know who won it. This is because of the difficulty that often exists in fights that are fought in a tactical way as this was. It may indeed be a cliché, but sometimes even with as much experience as one might have in watching fights and/or covering the sport as this observer has done for most of his life, you truly do not know or have a sense of how judges might be seeing things. 


The official decision being unanimous for Lopez was not surprising, but what was a bit of one was the scorecards of the three official judges, who turned in scorecards of 119-109  eleven rounds to one, 117-111, nine rounds to three, and 116-112 eight rounds to four all for Lopez. What made the scoring disparity a little bit of a surprise at least in my eyes was because this fight was not an action-packed give and take battle, but was rather tactical and a technical Boxing match all the way through, I felt that the possibility existed that there could be narrow scores at the end of this fight, not unlike numerous fights I have covered over the years that to my eyes appeared more conclusive in terms of how they were fought in being able to distinguish the victor. Nevertheless, I do not feel this was a controversial decision and felt that Lopez won eight rounds to four on my unofficial scorecard, which mirrored the scoring of judge Tim Cheatham’s 116-112 official scorecard. While some fans may choose to voice their displeasure over the scoring and in particular the scorecards of judges Julie Lederman (119-109) and Steve Weisfeld (117-111) respectively, it is important to keep in mind that the way this fight was fought was not the type of battle that appeals to the casual fan, who more often than not are drawn to the idea of seeing an action-packed fight. While this is in no way disrespectful to the casual observer, it can lead one to question how scorecards like these could be rendered like this. Although the three official judges are the only ones who can speak as to what they saw, the one constant throughout the entire fight was Teofimo Lopez forced the action. In a fight that not much back and forth action is occurring, it will often come down to which fighter is taking the initiative.


Even though I felt back in 2005 when Bernard Hopkins lost his Middleweight world championship to Jermain Taylor that he had done enough to win and felt similarly when he lost the rematch with Taylor later that year in two fights I covered, the one commonality between the two fights that creates a legitimate argument for Taylor as having won those bouts is he forced the action both times from the beginning of the fight. Although I can only speak for myself, the common piece in both fights that worked against the more experienced Hopkins was he turned up his offensive output too late in the fight to turn both in his favor on the scorecards. Similarly, an argument should be made that if Vasyl Lomachenko’s strategy was to use his experience and try to tire the normally aggressive Lopez and gradually step up his pace offensively in the middle and late rounds, he instead ended up giving away rounds that were likely on the table early in the fight and that led to his downfall, as was the case when Hopkins fought Taylor in two competitive and close fights fifteen years ago. 


Should the Boxing fan feel let down by a fight many felt would be the Fight of the Year in a frustrating 2020? This observer does not feel so. It is important for the fan whether they be a casual observer or a Boxing aficionado to keep in mind however, that Boxing is called the sweet science for a reason. Much like other combat sports, Boxing is a martial art and no matter how a fight might look on paper, there are times where it will not evolve into a knock down, drag out war. While it is indeed true that such battles do create the most interest and in turn also draw the interest of casual fans as well as create memories that can be discussed and debated for a lifetime, most of the time for the fighters involved, those wars do not always translate into a long and successful career. The big takeaway from this fight should also be, no matter how a fight might look on paper, there is also the possibility that a fighter known for one aspect in being able to score knockouts can show a new wrinkle to their skill set when it is least expected. The new Undisputed Lightweight champion of the world Teofimo Lopez proved that in this fight.


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Monday, October 19, 2020

World Rated Luke Boyd Sets Eyes On Moving Up The World Rankings, Partners With Dragon Fire Boxing And Dreamtime Management


Press Release: October 19, 2020 By Dragon Fire Boxing – World rated Luke Boyd sets eyes on moving up the world rankings, partners with Dragon Fire Boxing alongside long term management Dreamtime.

Credit: Dragon Fire Boxing 

Luke Boyd is excited to continue his push up the world ratings, as the Dreamtime guided super bantamweight aims to hit the ground running in 2021.

Boyd, who has now linked up also with Tony Tolj headed Dragon Fire Boxing opened up about his partnerships with both Dreamtime and Dragon Fire Boxing.

Boyd said, “Dreamtime Boxing has first and foremost allowed me the opportunity to represent my heritage and cultural background which I think is very important, as well as inspiring other young indigenous athletes to pursue their dreams as I have.

“Dreamtime boxing has guided my career, supporting me every step of the way and giving me the chance to be where I am today which is in the top 15 in the world, so I can’t be more grateful for that. I’ve become Australian and WBA Oceania Champion with them, and having the backing to do that is something I am eternally grateful for.”

Sydney’s Boyd continued, discussing his link up with Dragon Fire Boxing, “Linking up with Dragon Fire Boxing is the future. It’s a great move to link myself, Dreamtime and Tony Tolj, and the boys all together to make a world-class team that can get me to world titles.

“Being able to work with the likes of Andrew and Jason Moloney, Bruno Tarimo, Andres Campos and many other world-class names around my weight gives me an edge on any other fighter in the region at my weight in my opinion.

“These boys are all at the world level, and iron really does sharpen iron, so being able to work in such a world-class environment will only bring the best out of me as a fighter, and I have Dreamtime and Dragon Fire to direct me on the business side and get me the right fights to get me to a world title.”

2020 hasn’t been the easiest year for boxing but Boyd remains buoyed as he outlined what his goals and aspirations are for 2021 and beyond.

He said, “It’s not been an easy year and I’m desperate to get back in the ring. The link between Dragon Fire and Dreamtime however has motivated me even more as I know now I’ve got the infrastructure to get me to the top. So I’m going to push as hard as I can to get the best out of myself in the gym and eventually.

“It’s been frustrating but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was to thank everybody who has supported me and continues to support me. We will be back together soon and pushing for more titles and big, exciting fights!”


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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Ritson Defeats Vazquez


Jr. Welterweight contender Lewis Ritson scored an unimpressive twelve round split decision over former IBF Lightweight world champion Miguel Vazquez on Saturday night at the East of London Arena in Peterborough, England. For twelve rounds, Ritson had trouble dealing with the lateral movement and combination punching of Vazquez. Although there was not much power behind Vazquez’ punches, the former champion consistently dictated the fight and had Ritson following him around the ring. Despite his inability to make Vazquez a stationary target, Ritson was more effective when he was able to let his hands go. It was this that proved to be the deciding factor as two of three official judges scored the fight in Ritson’s favor giving him a split decision victory even though Vazquez wad the more active of the fighters throughout. Official scores were: 115-113 (Vazquez), and 116-113, 117-111 in favor of Lewis Ritson. Lewis Ritson advances to 22-1, with 12 Knockouts. Miguel Vazquez falls to 42-10, with 16 Knockouts.



Also on this card:


Jr. Featherweight Marc Leach scored a ten round unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Qais Ashfaq. A difficult fight to watch due to contrasting styles not meshing, Leach landed a combination to the head of Ashfaq in round four that sent him down. While this was a flash knockdown, it did provide Leach an edge on the scorecards in what was a closely fought battle. A second knockdown from a left hand sent Ashfaq down for a second time in round seven. The two knockdowns in a fight where neither fighter was able to stand out clearly from the other, otherwise proved to be the difference in giving Leach the unanimous decision victory. Official scores were: 95-93, 96-93, and 96-92 all in favor of Marc Leach. Marc Leach advances to 15-1-1, with 3 Knockouts. Qais Ashfaq falls to 8-1, with 3 Knockouts.



Also in the Jr. Featherweight division, unbeaten prospect Thomas Ward fought to an eight round technical split draw with Thomas Essomba. The ebb and flow switched periodically throughout with Ward having the upper hand when the two fighters were at distance while Essomba had and advantage when the two fighters exchanged punches as well as an overall edge in terms of aggression. In round seven, an accidental clash of heads opened a deep gash over the left eye of Ward that ultimately caused the fight to be stopped after eight complete rounds of the scheduled ten round bout. Official scores were 88-85 (Essomba), 88-84 (Ward), and 86-86 resulting in the split decision draw. Thomas Ward advances to 29-0-1, with 4 Knockouts. Thomas Essomba advances to 10-6-1, with 4 Knockouts.



In a clash of unbeaten Welterweights, Rylan Charlton scored an impressive third round knockout over previously undefeated Joe Laws. Charlton hurt Laws early in the first round with a left hook to the body. This served as a set up for a flush left hook to the head that sent Laws down later in the round. Charlton seemed to have a clear edge in terms of punching power over Laws and he continued to administer punishment in the second round. The third round saw a right hand to the head of Laws send him down hard on the canvas. Although Laws got up on unsteady legs and it appeared justifiable for the fight to be stopped, it was allowed to continue and an uppercut to the head sent Laws down for a third and final time as he was unable to beat the count. Official time of the stoppage was 1:39 of round three. Rylan Charlton advances to 6-0-1, with 3 Knockouts. Joe Laws falls to 9-1, with 5 Knockouts.



Lightweight Kane Baker scored a bit of an upset by scoring a six round decision over previously unbeaten prospect Meshech Speare. Baker, who fought only thirteen days ago in losing a decision to undefeated prospect Aqib Fiaz, took this fight against Speare on short notice and took full advantage of the opportunity. Baker frequently got the better of the action on the inside and made it ugly. Although Speare’s best moments in the bout came when he was able to get his punches off first and keep Baker at distance, he simply did not throw with consistency and this allowed Baker to outwork him and earn a convincing decision victory. Kane Baker advances to 14-7, with 0 Knockouts. Meshech Speare falls to 5-1, with 3 Knockouts.




In a Women’s Featherweight bout that opened the evening Ellie Scotney successfully made her professional debut with a six round decision over Bec Connolly. Scotney dictated the fight with her hand speed from the start. Scotney’s timing and punch placement led to a knockdown in round three with a right hook, left hook combination. Connolly had her moments in the latter rounds landing some effective body punches, but the effects of the punishment she sustained throughout ultimately caused a bad cut over her right eye. Ellie Scotney advances to 1-0, with 0 Knockouts. Bec Connolly falls to 3-8, with 0 Knockouts.


This card, which was promoted by promoter Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing did see a few unexpected results in some prospects suffering their first losses as well as one being held to a draw. The story of this card will likely be however, a somewhat controversial decision in the main event between Lewis Ritson and Miguel Vazquez. While not the most entertaining bout, the former world champion Vazquez, who some might contend could be in the twilight of his career put forth a solid performance against a fighter in Lewis Ritson who might be on the fringe of world title contention. 


While Ritson did earn the biggest win of his career to date, some may argue that the decision should have gone the other way and that is not necessarily the impression that a would be contender would want to leave as they look to continue positioning themselves for a potential opportunity to fight for a world championship. Nevertheless, sometimes a win is still a win and it will be what Lewis Ritson does going forward that will likely determine how soon he will challenge for a world championship. Although he may not have been as impressive as he would have liked to have been against a fighter of the caliber of Miguel Vazquez, the experience Ritson gained in this fight will only serve him well as he continues his career.



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Friday, October 16, 2020


 Press Release: By DAZN – Unified Heavyweight Champion of the World Anthony Joshua OBE will defend his IBF, WBA, WBO and IBO World Titles against Mandatory Challenger Kubrat Pulev at The O2 in London on Saturday, December 12, live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and on DAZN in all of its nine markets including the U.S.on a show promoted by Matchroom Boxing in association with Top Rank and Epic Sports and Entertainment. 

Credit: DAZN 


Joshua (23-1, 21 KOs) recaptured his belts and position as the Unified Heavyweight World Champion with a masterful unanimous decision victory over Andy Ruiz Jr at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia on an historical night in December that saw the Heavyweight World Titles contested for the very first time in the Middle East.


December 12 will be ‘AJ’s’ first fight on UK soil in over two years, since he defended his crowns with a devastating seventh round knockout of Russia’s Alexander Povetkin at Wembley Stadium, and the former Finchley ABC man will be aiming to deal with Pulev in style to set up an Undisputed showdown against WBC Champion and fellow Brit Tyson Fury in 2021.


Pulev (28-1, 14 KOs), the IBF’s No.1-ranked Heavyweight Mandatory Challenger, gets his second shot at World honours after his defeat to modern legend Wladimir Klitschko in 2014 – the only loss of his 29-fight professional career. He has won six fights in a row since then, including victories over Derek Chisora and an IBF Eliminator win over Hughie Fury in 2018.


The Bulgarian superstar was set to challenge Joshua at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium in October 2017 but was forced to withdraw through an injury and will now get his opportunity to ruin the champion’s plans to face Fury in an all-British blockbuster showdown in the future.


December 12 is the date and once again the Heavyweight belts go up in the air and it is my sole focus to make sure that come December 13 they are in their rightful place in the UK,” said Joshua


“The O2 is the original lion’s den, I have a lot of history with the arena, but without the fans something huge is missing. I am really hoping that, safety permitting, we might be able to bring some boxing fans in, but we will have to see.  I respect every opponent and I respect Pulev. I wish him well during his preparation.”


"For a small country of Bulgaria to stand up for the Heavyweight Titles is a great accomplishment," said Pulev. "This fight is for my late father and all Bulgarians around the world! I’m coming to London to seize the Heavyweight Championship of the World.”


“After a challenging year for everyone, to end with the unified World Heavyweight Championship is very special,” said promoter Eddie Hearn. “Over a year after regaining his crown, Anthony Joshua takes on yet another dangerous challenger in Mandatory Challenger Kubrat Pulev. AJ’s resume is unrivalled, and this is the final hurdle until we challenge for the undisputed crown next year. 


“Whilst it’s unusual to think of an AJ fight without tens of thousands of fans in attendance, we will be doing everything we can to lobby for the safe return of fans to this event, we have to move forward together. I know Team Pulev and Bob Arum will be doing all they can to become World Champion on Dec 12 but AJ constantly evolves and improves and I expect a dominant performance and a spectacular KO to close out 2020.”


Bob Arum, Top Rank Chairman, said: “Eddie Hearn better watch out. Kubrat Pulev is going to destroy his plan for a Joshua-Tyson Fury unification fight.”


258 Managing Director Freddie Cunningham said: "Anthony again shows his willingness and desire to chase the Undisputed Title with another tough mandatory fight and despite the challenges of making a fight of this scale during these times it is important for AJ to keep momentum. It will be an exciting way to end the year and unique in every way. We will be working with Matchroom to build a card full of 258 fighters to give the fans entertainment throughout the undercard."


John Wirt, President of Epic Sports and Entertainment, said: “Crowd or no crowd, we are coming to AJ’s backyard to claim the titles. Come December 12, there will be no more excuses or delays. I guarantee that it will be an epic battle and that Kubrat will stop AJ inside the distance.”


“Anthony Joshua returns to the ring, a year after recapturing his World Titles from Andy Ruiz Jr, and Britain’s Unified World Champion will be determined to reign supreme in a hotly-contested Heavyweight division," said Adam Smith, Head of Sky Sports Boxing Development. 


“Kubrat Pulev has proven pedigree, with just that sole defeat to Wladimir Klitschko, and he’ll be hoping to send more shockwaves through the sport with an upset victory, but I know that AJ has been training tirelessly, priming his explosive power for another night of fireworks.


“Tyson Fury will of course be watching - as an Undisputed World Title fight is within touching distance - and AJ cannot afford a slip-up in a blockbuster ending to the boxing year.”


“We’re thrilled to bring the Heavyweight Championship of the World to all DAZN subscribers,” said DAZN EVP Joseph Markowski. “AJ-Pulev will have major consequences for the entire boxing landscape as both men aim to end the year in emphatic fashion.”


DAZN is currently available in the U.S., as well as Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and Switzerland.


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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Lomachenko-Lopez: The Fight Of The Year?


2020 will go down as one of the most frustrating years in recent memory if not in history. Not just for the sports world, but for life in general. The source of that frustration of course stems largely from the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic that has significantly changed daily life as well as imposed severe impacts that may not be fully understood and known for some time. For the Boxing world, the impact has been felt in several ways, most notably the lack of spectators being able to attend events due to the epidemic, which has had and will continue to have severe economic consequences for the sport as well as several notable fighters and potential fights that could be made being sidelined both for financial reasons as well as due to the risk of potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus.


Two fighters however, have taken a significant step in attempting to return the sport to something resembling what fans are accustomed to when Boxing is in its normal active state as one of the most anticipated fights that could be made in the entire sport will still take place, despite the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. This observer is of course referring to the highly anticipated Lightweight unification battle that will take place on October 17that the MGM Grand Conference Center in Las Vegas, NV between world champions Vasyl Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez with the Undisputed Lightweight world championship at stake 


The 135lb. Lightweight division has historically been known as one of the most competitive divisions and has provided many memorable battles throughout Boxing history. This fight could well go down in that lineage as such an encounter. One of the key components in any fight being anticipated as potentially memorable is the element of the unknown. The fight between Lomachenko and Lopez not only has that element, but it is an encounter that could go a variety of ways in terms of how it is fought.


Both fighters have the ability to box and both have punching power capable of ending a fight should the opportunity arise. By now the story of Vasyl Lomachenko is well known to most Boxing fans. A man who won three hundred ninety-six fights as an amateur in what was an illustrious amateur career where he only lost once and won two Olympic Gold medals as a Featherweight and Lightweight in 2008 and 2012 respectively. Since turning pro in October 2013, Lomachenko has exclusively competed in world championship fights with the only loss as a professional coming in a controversial split decision to Orlando Salido in March 2014. 


Lomachenko will enter this unification bout against Lopez with a record of 14-1, with 10 Knockouts having won world titles in the 126lb. Featherweight and 130lb. Jr. Lightweight division prior to winning the Lightweight world championship he currently holds and has partially unified holding the WBC, WBA, and WBO Lightweight world championships. Although many feel he deserved the decision in his fight against Salido, the controversial loss has done nothing to diminish his standing or his skill set that has bedeviled nearly every opponent Lomachenko has faced. Lomachenko has registered a career knockout percentage of nearly 67% thus far as a professional. While Lomachenko is basically a complete package in terms of a fighter’s skill set, he is known as an extremely skilled boxer who can out box his opponents. There have been times where Lomachenko’s arsenal has frustrated opponents into quitting most notably in his fights with Nicholas Walters and Guillermo Rigondeaux.


What makes Lomachenko such a frustrating puzzle that one could argue no one has been able to solve? In simple terms, he can do a little of everything in a Boxing ring and does it extremely well. Perhaps one element of Lomachenko’s skill set that serves as a major source of frustration for his opponents is his immaculate footwork and lateral movement that allows him to attack from various angles as well as change levels and vary his attack. Some may recall the story of Lomachenko as a young boy being taught the sport beginning at age four by his father and trainer Anatoly before stopping his Boxing training for several years at the insistence of his father as a pre-teen to train in traditional Ukrainian dance in his native Ukraine. While some may overlook this, learning the fundamentals of the sport as a young child before focusing several years on dance allowed Lomachenko to develop an element of his skill set that many top fighters throughout the entire sport do not have. This along with well-rounded offense and being defensively sound has made Lomachenko a difficult fighter to combat.


The argument of some however, is that by Lomachenko being so dominant, questions regarding his ability to take a punch as well as how he would respond to adversity and to be more specific, what happens if Lomachenko is hurt in a fight remain. Some of those questions can and are likely to be asked of his opponent in this fight. Teofimo Lopez.


In some ways, Lopez has had a similar rise in terms of his professional career in becoming a world champion in just fifteen professional fights, but this is where the slight comparison between himself and Lomachenko end. Overall, the IBF world champion does not have the amount of combined experience amateur and professional compared to Lomachenko, but in fairness, few fighters have the discipline to embark on an amateur career where they end up having just shy of four hundred bouts as most fighters look to a professional career after competing as an amateur for the greener pastures that Professional Boxing has to offer.


Lopez did however, have a respectable amateur career where he had a record of 150-20 where he was a national Golden Gloves champion and did represent Honduras in the 2016 Summer Olympics. As a professional, the unbeaten Lopez has registered a career knockout percentage of 80% having knocked out twelve of his fifteen career opponents. 


Although like Lomachenko Lopez has Boxing ability, Lopez has shown that he has explosive punching power as evidenced in his last fight where he won the IBF Lightweight world championship with a brutal second round knockout of Richard Commey in December of last year and his first round knockout over highly touted prospect Mason Maynard in December of 2018. A fight that Lopez ended in just forty-four seconds.


Lopez ability to end a fight with either hand should make him a threat at any point in this fight. The IBF world champion will also enter this fight having scored knockouts in six of his last eight bouts so it is arguable that like Lomachenko, he has significant momentum going into this fight. 


What this encounter comes down to in my eyes is a scenario of experience versus youth. Although the two fighters have comparable records as professionals in terms of the amount of fights each has competed in, Lomachenko is nine years the elder of Lopez at thirty-two years old and also has spent more time in the professional ring having boxed a total of 131 rounds in his pro career compared to 60 total rounds for Lopez. It should also not be overlooked that many of the rounds boxed for Lomachenko have occurred in world championship fights and some may point to this as an edge for him as Lopez only recently fought and won a world championship. Something that should also not be overlooked is that much like the vast majority of bouts that have taken place since the sport began trying to resume in due in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, this fight will take place behind closed doors with no crowd in attendance.


The circumstances in which this fight will take place throws an obvious wrinkle into what most associate with the term “Big Fight Atmosphere.” This will nevertheless be the biggest fight in Lopez’ career and it will be interesting to see how he will respond to a fight of this magnitude. 


As for what we might see on fight night when the two fighters square off, I believe it is crucial that Lopez attempt to cut the ring off from Lomachenko early in the fight, a task that has proven to be easier said than done for previous Lomachenko opponents. Lopez must find a way to limit Lomachenko’s movement and make him a stationary target where it might be more to his advantage. For Lomachenko, it is logical to assume as he has done throughout his career will look to implement a tactical approach to his strategy. This could mean looking to extend Lopez into the middle and late rounds into what some would consider the deep waters of the fight, something that Lopez has not really experienced to date in his career.


Although anything can happen, it would not be surprising to see Lomachenko look to set traps with the angles he gives his opponents and look to counter Lopez as he comes forward. The question will be whether or not Lomachenko will be able to avoid Lopez’ power for all twelve rounds. While Lopez also can box, it is also logical to think that if this fight does go the distance, that it might be in Lomachenko’s favor.


 An illustration of this is reflected in the current odds courtesy of Sports Betting Dime “Lomachenko has a 72.0% chance to win the fight (-257 odds), while Lopez is at 23.8% (+320 odds) and a draw 4.2% (+2280 odds).

The method-of-victory props indicate that Loma is more likely to win by decision (45.0% chance, +122 odds) than stoppage (27.0%, +270 odds), whereas Lopez has a better chance to earn a stoppage win (13.5%, +640 true odds) than a decision victory (10.3%, +870 odds).”


While the odds going into a fight may not always prove to be accurate once the fighters are engaged in battle, the current odds going into Lomachenko-Lopez very much reflect the classic scenario of a boxer versus a puncher and more often than not when two fighters with contrasting styles clash, it provides a memorable night of Boxing. In terms of what may be ahead for the winner of this fight, it is important to keep in mind that unlike many marquee bouts over the years, this encounter has no rematch clause stipulated in the contract.


Of course, this does not rule out that there could be a rematch between the two especially if the fight turns into the Fight of the Year candidate that many believe it will be. What the no rematch stipulation does illustrate however, is two world champions are putting everything on the line to determine the Undisputed Lightweight championship of the world. All the ingredients for a classic encounter are there, a multi-division world champion looking to cement his legacy further by becoming an undisputed world champion against a young, unbeaten, and determined world champion looking to prove he can also be an all-time great fighter. For Boxing fans both the hardcore enthusiast as well as the casual observer, this is the type of fight most demand to see, but due to various aspects of the business of the sport rarely get to see it without waiting a significant period of time for it to come to fruition. 


This is a rare instance where in part due to the circumstances of what is going on globally with an ongoing epidemic, the Boxing fan will not have to wait a lengthy period to see two fighters they want to see square off do battle, Something the sport of Boxing frankly needs more of. There simply is nothing more to say than we will see what happens on fight night, Saturday, October 17th.


“And That’s The Boxing Truth.”


Lomachenko vs Lopez takes place on Saturday, October 17th at the MGM Grand Conference Center in Las Vegas, NV. In the United States, the fight as well as its full undercard can be seen on ESPN across cable, satellite, and Live TV streaming platforms as well as through the ESPN app featuring ESPN’s digital subscription streaming network ESPN+ on mobile, tablet, and connected streaming devices/platforms/Smart TVs beginning at 7.30PM ET/4:30PM PT. For more information about ESPN please visit:


In the United Kingdom, Ireland, and many countries internationally, the card can be seen on combat sports digital streaming network FITE TV on a pay-per-view basis for £9.99. To check for availability in your area and start time internationally, list of compatible streaming devices/ platforms/Smart TVs, and to order please visit:www.FITE.TV


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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

FITE Launches On Cox Contour Platforms

 Press Release By FITE – New York, October 14, 2020 - FITE, the premiere global platform for sports and entertainment, announced today that they have inked a multi-year deal with Cox Communications for distribution on their TV platforms. FITE is now available to Cox Contour and Contour Stream Player customers across the company’s footprint.  

Credit: FITE 


FITE, an international company headquartered in New York, is desirous to extend its reach to fans in the USA, their number one market. The company is just halfway through its fourthyear in business and has grown 12% year over year in 2020. Although originally known as expert curators of boxing, pro wrestling, and MMA PPV programming, since March of this year, FITE has added football, soccer, tennis, basketball, films, and a deep push into motorsports and music concert streaming. 


The FITE app will join popular sports brands such as NBC Sports, ESPN, and DAZN on Cox Contour, providing customers with a frictionless way to experience live sports at home. Cox Contour customers can order events and SVOD bundles on FITE via the app or with the Cox voice remote, directly to their TVs. As an added benefit, Cox customers will have access to exclusive FITE content advantages such asreplays, multi-device use and for many of the major events, additional language options.


Louis Lewow, VP-Distribution, FITE stated, “we’ve enjoyed working with Cox on this distribution deal, and its launch is coming at a perfect inflection point for our growth. We’re thrilled to offer our premium PPV, SVOD and free programming options to Cox Contour customers.”


The FITE app launch kick-offs with a variety of exclusive PPV shows, such as the popular FITE Klub motorsports events and our 11-concert Extravaganza package, plus Southern American World Cup Qualifier soccer, live MMA and boxing from around the globe, and premium pro wrestling events like Impact’s Bound for Glory 2020 in available in 4 languages.




About FITE:

FITE is the premium global platform for live sports and entertainment offering many of the industry's marquee PPV events and SVOD packages with 2.5MM

registered users. FITE is available worldwide through its iOS and Android

mobile apps, Apple TV, Android TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire TV and Huawei apps. In

addition, FITE supports Cox Contour, Cox Contour Stream Player, Vizio SmartCast™, Foxxum, Chromecast, PS4, XBOX, ZEASN, Netrange, Vidaa/Hisense, Vewd, Netgem TV, Comcast’s Xfinity 1 and Xfinity Flex as well as 7,000 models of Smart TVs. Available online at 

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