Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Look At “The Official Fight Promoter Playbook”

Whether you are a casual Boxing fan or enthusiast there has probably been a time where you have questioned certain things related to “The Business of Boxing” whether it be why a fight between two marquee fighters cannot seem to be made, the cost of media coverage, or the cost of a pay-per-view event, or what is the process of putting together a Boxing card.  Recently I had an opportunity to read “The Official Fight Promoter Playbook” written by Tony Shultz.

This book, which is part of a five book series focusing on the business of fight promotion, offers a resource on how to run a successful Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event.  Shultz, a fight promotions expert offers great insight of the intricate necessities that a promoter needs in order to promote an event.  

Covering a variety of topics including venue contracts, marketing strategies, sponsorship agreements, budgeting, and TV broadcast agreements, just to name a few, the book offers a step-by-step blueprint that covers the essentials of Boxing promotion and the necessary aspects that are needed to be successful.  The book offers advice, strategies, and samples on how to get a Boxing or MMA promotional entity off the ground in an insightful way. 

As a Boxing journalist it was not so far in the past that I attended a Boxing event that quite frankly was a train wreck. Fortunately, the Boxing card and those who fought on it put on a great show. Surrounding the ring from the time you entered the venue putting it mildly was disorganized. As a template this book may have provided guidance for an overall successful event.  

“The Official Fight Promoter Playbook” offers a template for anyone that has an interest in promotion. As one who has written columns regarding “The Business” of Boxing this book offers an excellent resource and clarification of many questions that arise. 

As someone who grew up as an avid Boxing fan and has written about and covered the sport for many years I was impressed with how well the book was put together and thoroughly enjoyed looking into a different aspect of the sport.  Whether you are an aspiring promoter, journalist, or enthusiast of the sweet science who wants to learn more about the promotional side of the sport this book is a “MUST READ”.  

“And That’s The Boxing Truth.”

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