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September 18, 2014 By O.Z. Productions-“There are reasons you never see in your neighborhood pickup games of boxing between neighborhood kids.”-Rafael Ochoa.

Boxing for its long history has always been considered the Red Light District of sports. While Floyd Mayweather is the pound for pound champion on the sport and the highest earning athlete on the planet, kids still inspire to be Lebron James and Peyton Manning. There is more than one reason for this, but for experienced boxing manager, trainer and promoter Rafael Ochoa there is one reason.  Mental Training.

“Boxing is a sport where you will spend hours training, having a strict diet and having to carry a large amount of emotional and mental weight. You have to remember unlike the big sports here in America, there is no team, no role player, no all-star team.” Says Ochoa. Boxing is a sport where you train mentality just as much as you do physically. That’s hard to do. There are reasons you never see in your neighborhood pickup games of boxing between neighborhood kids. It’s an individual sport and training is not a passive pick-up game.”
Ochoa, has been involved in the pugilist sport for over 40 years and his eyes have seen everything there is to see.

 “I’ve seen guys who are Gym Hall of Famers (Fighters who are well prepared at their training camps but unable to handle the mental and emotional toll of a professional career.) fall apart at the moment they face real adversity. That is pressure that no one wants to have to deal with day in day out. There is no league, no union just you and that is hard. When all the lights and eyes are on just you and the guy across from you what do you do? In football, basketball and baseball you get a chance to score it’s not like that in boxing. If you can train and perform like a Floyd [Mayweather] or a Ward [Andre Ward], you can in my mind handle any other mental toll from other sports.”

For all and all Ochoa feels that while boxing is not for everyone as a professional career, he does believe that boxing is a great sport for exercise purposes.
“Boxing as a way of cardio training in my view is one of the best ways to get into great shape. Just don’t take any punches!”

Rafael Ochoa is a trainer, manager and promoter with over 40 years of experience in boxing. He is the owner of OZ Productions, a Houston, Texas based management and Production Company that specializes in boxing and music.

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