Friday, May 24, 2019

Australian Boxing Supremo Tony Tolj Discusses Andrew And Jason Moloney's Signing With Top Rank

Credit: Dragon Fire Boxing

Press Release: May 24, 2019 By Dragon Fire Boxing/Team Moloney – Tony Tolj has been a mainstay in Australian boxing for over a decade, having emerged onto the global scene as an integral figure in the career of Indonesian legend Chris John.

Tolj has chameleon-like tendencies when it comes to both the Australian and global boxing industry. He seems to keep evolving and adapting, moving with the times with significant ease. This has reflected in his ability to develop fighters, and get the best out of established pros. 

At the present time, Tolj has two of the world's hottest talents on his hands, in the shape of 'The Australian Klitschko's' Andrew and Jason Moloney. The pair have steadily climbed the world ratings, and now hold lofty positions with world title clashes on the horizon for the pair.

Not only do the pair appear to be heading towards world title clashes in the super flyweight and bantamweight divisions respectively, but news has emerged that the pair have linked up with the promotional powerhouses Top Rank.

Tony Tolj has guided both Moloney brothers for the majority of their careers and the Western Australian based manager opened up about his charges linking up with legendary promoter Bob Arum's American based setup.

Tolj said, "I am absolutely over the moon with Andrew and Jason linking up with Top Rank. Top Rank is the world leaders in boxing and has been for years. Top Rank always seem to keep growing and growing and getting stronger and stronger on a global scale, so for the boys to be a part of such a special setup makes me very proud." 

Tolj continued, discussing the effects that the Moloney brothers deal with Top Rank could have for both twins and for Australian boxing as a whole, "The Moloney brothers are unbelievable talents, so for them to link up with Top Rank will be a massive factor in them becoming world champions. 

"Top Rank has the capacity to make sure that the brothers get a fair shake when they fight for the world title. We've seen robberies when people go to other fighters backyards, and I believe Jason Moloney would have been a world champion if he had fought Emmanuel Rodriguez on neutral turf; but with Top Rank on our side these issues won't happen anymore." 

Tolj continued, as he gave his take on what the Moloney's and Top Rank link up can do for Australian boxing, "The Moloney's linking up with Top Rank will bring more global attention to Australian boxing, that will help in countless ways and it will also open a door for rising Australian talents to be assessed by in my opinion the biggest promoter in the world, Top Rank. This link up is bigger than the future of two fighters, as it will help Australian boxing grow for years to come." 

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