Saturday, November 28, 2020

Joyce KO’s Dubois In 10


In a highly anticipated battle of undefeated Heavyweight “Knockout Artists” 2016 Olympic Silver medalist Joe Joyce scored a tenth round knockout over previously unbeaten Daniel Dubious to win a trio of championships in the British, Commonwealth, and European Heavyweight championships on Saturday night at historic Church House in Westminster, London, England. The story of this fight quickly became the success and accuracy that Joyce was able to have in landing his jab. Such success gradually developed swelling on the left eye of Dubious. The bout was surprisingly tactical, competitive, and even however, as Dubious found success in landing hooks with both hands to the head of Joyce as well as being able to occasionally make him miss throughout. A close fight heading into the tenth round, a jab from Joyce landed on the left eye of Dubious, which by that point in the fight had swollen completely shut, forced Dubious to take a knee and take the full ten count. Official time of the stoppage was :36 of round ten. Joe Joyce advances to 12-0, with 11 Knockouts. Daniel Dubious falls to 15-1, with 14 Knockouts.


Also on this card:


Undefeated Jr. Welterweight contender Jack Catterall scored a commanding ten round  decision over a very “Game “ Abderrazak Houya. Catterall was in control from the opening bell. The highlights of the bout came in round six when Catterall nearly ended the fight with a flush left hook to the head that sent Houya down. This was followed by a second knockdown from an overhand left in round nine as all non-title bouts held in the United Kingdom are scored solely by the referee officiating a fight, Referee Victor Loughlin scored the bout 99-90 in Catterall’s favor. Jack Catterall advances to 26-0, with 13 Knockouts. Abderrazak Houya falls to 14-3, with 2 Knockouts.



In a bout for the WBO European Jr. Middleweight championship, undefeated champion Hamzah Sheeraz scored a tenth round stoppage of Guido Pitto. Sheeraz found a home for his left hook to the body of Pitto from early on in the bout. This along with his height and reach advantage allowed him to control the bout. The one-sided bout was halted when a right hand to the head set off a barrage of unanswered punches that forced a stoppage. Official time of the stoppage was 1:11 of round ten. Hamzah Sheeraz advances to 12-0, with 8 Knockouts. Guido Pitto falls to 26-8-2, with 8 Knockouts.



Cruiserweight prospect Jack Massey scored a workmanlike eight round decision over Mohammad Ali Bayat. Massey simply out boxed Bayat over the course of a fight that had a formulaic feel to it where he was in control of the combat all the way. Referee Victor Loughlin scored the non-title bout 79-74 in Massey’s favor giving him the victory. Jack Massey advances to 17-1, with 8 Knockouts. Mohammad Ali Bayat falls to 16-2-1, with 16 Knockouts.


Unbeaten Heavyweight David Adeleye scored a second round stoppage of Danny Whitaker. An overhand right to the head sent Whitaker down in the second round. A follow-up barrage sent Whitaker down for a second time resulting in the fight being stopped, but it came close to ending in a disqualification as Adeleye barely missed with an uppercut to the head while Whitaker was on one knee. Although Adeleye was cautioned by Referee Mark Lyson, the stoppage for Adeleye stands. Official time of the stoppage was 2:09 of round two. David Adeleye advances to 4-0, with 4 Knockouts. Danny Whitaker falls to 4-2, with 0 Knockouts. 



In non-televised bouts,  Unbeaten  Jr. Middleweight Josh Franklin scored a four round decision over veteran MJ Hall. Josh Franklin advances to 1-0, with 0 Knockouts. MJ Hall falls to 2-57-2, with 0 Knockouts.


Heavyweight Mitchell Barton successfully made his professional debut in non-televised action by scoring a four round decision over Matt Gordon. Mitchell Barton advances to 1-0, with 0 Knockouts. Matt Gordon falls to 2-4-1, with 0 Knockouts.



Undefeated Featherweight Louie Lynn remained unbeaten in a non-televised bout by scoring a seventh round stoppage of veteran Paul Holt. Louie Lynn advances to 8-0, with 7 Knockouts. Paul Holt falls to 7-9, with 2 Knockouts.


While the records and past histories of Joe Joyce and Daniel Dubois indicated that this could have been a short fight, what developed instead as can happen when two fighters known for scoring quick knockouts face each other, was a tactical battle perhaps out of respect for each’s respective punching power. Although this fight did not end in a way that would fit the perception of either fighter’s reputation as “Knockout Artists”, it does serve as an illustration of just how effective a weapon a jab can be when it is used properly. While many great Heavyweight world champions including Larry Holmes and Muhammad Ali proved the dynamic of how to use the most elementary of punches, the jab throughout their Hall of Fame careers, for a “Knockout Artist “ such as Joe Joyce to be able to add this weapon into his arsenal will make him even more of a dangerous opponent as he looks to move towards a shot at a world championship. For Daniel Dubois, he has nothing to be ashamed of. He fought hard and it was a competitive fight all the way through. It will be how he deals with the first loss of his career however, that will likely define him in the eyes of some. For now, it’s a matter of healing from the damage that his left eye suffered in this fight then going back to the drawing board. 


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