Friday, March 11, 2022

Alex Winwood Links Up With Tony Tolj, Moloney’s, Eyes Commonwealth Games Success

Credit: Dragon Fire Boxing
 Press Release: March 11, 2022 By Dragon Fire Boxing – Decorated Australian amateur star Alex Winwood has linked up with Tony Tolj headed up Dragon Fire Boxing as he readies himself for a Gold medal attempt at the Commonwealth Games. 


Winwood has stood out in the amateurs, and gets set to embark on the pro ranks in the near future. The Australian native discussed his link up with Tolj and Dragon Fire.


He said, “Australian boxing is buzzing, everyone is doing well and it’s great to see. I’m so happy to be working with the team I’m working with right now and I know it’s the right choice to get me ready for the Commonwealth Games and the professional ranks.


“Since I signed with Tony Tolj a lot of doors have opened for me. From a training and a career progression viewpoint, I’m heading in the right direction and I’m surrounded by some amazing talents such as Andrew and Jason Moloney. It’s been a massive blessing for me heading into the Commonwealth Games.”


Winwood has joined the Moloney camp and the now Gold Coast based Winwood opened up on working with Australias Dynamic Duo the Moloney twins with contrasting styles.


Winwood stated, “Everyday is a learning day in boxing when you’re around the right people and I certainly am. I’m learning so much from working with Andrew and Jason. They’re great fighters and just as great human beings.


“Andrew is a top class boxer, he’s an elite level fighter that can prepare you for anything from a pure boxing standpoint. He’s a former world champion, you don’t win world titles if you can’t box it’s a simple as that. I fully expect Andrew to become world champion again.


“Jason has that aggression and strength which isn’t really normal for the competition I have faced. He has elite level attributes as a pro, and it’s virtually impossible to find someone with those skills to work with on a daily basis. I’m very grateful I have the opportunity to work with the brothers and I fully expect them both to be world champions in 2022”

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