Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Ebanie Bridges Interview

Press Release: June 27, 2023By Bitcoin Casinos - IBF Women's Bantamweight world champion Ebanie Bridges recently sat down with BitcoinCasinos.com for an exclusive interview where she shares her thoughts on a potential rematch between Chantelle Cameron and Katie Taylor as well as a variety of subjects including the state of Women's Boxing. A full transcript of the interview can be read below.

Question: It’s all about the hype and ramping it up to the next level – so, have you thought about what you can do next time at the weigh-in?

Ebanie Bridges: I just want to be comfortable, it’s not like I’m being big-headed or anything like that – I like to wear what I look good in and I seem to break the internet now no matter what I wear as ‘my thing’ seems to be a big deal. I wear lingerie and I think it’s classy what I wear – it’s nice, elegant and anything too trashy. It’s not about competing; it’s just about doing what’s right for me and ‘doing me’ always works. While my past as a bodybuilder and stage presence helps me being comfortable for the weigh-ins and the poses etc.

Question: Going back to boxing, women’s boxing is buzzing and in a great place at the moment – do you feel it’s finally getting the respect it deserves

Ebanie Bridges: Yeah, it’s definitely getting more of the respect it deserves and I’d say in the last 3 or 4 years more so now than ever. We are getting good matches and more girls in the sport.

Obviously, Katie Taylor was amazing for the sport, but her fights were very one-sided and wasn’t competitive enough then and people don’t want to see lob-sided fights.

One star back then wasn’t enough, but now we’ve got so many stars in women’s boxing and there’s no 2-3 years waiting for fights – we just fight.

Question: You mentioned Katie Taylor – she fought Chantelle Cameron recently – Taylor fighting above her weight and lost. Do you think if they fought again – maybe if Cameron comes down to her weight – who will win?

Ebanie Bridges: Oh, Chantelle blitzes it. Too strong – I’d always pick Chantelle anyway and I had no doubt she’d win the last fight vs Taylor. She’s just better – I think the only thing Katie Taylor has on her is speed. But other than that Chantelle Cameron’s defense is brilliant – her pressure is brilliant – her punch selection is brilliant and has great speed and is strong. I just think she’s better all-round.

Question: So, how long are you looking forward to, in terms of getting back in the ring?

Ebanie Bridges: My next fight will be in August, so pretty soon – just 2 ½ months or so. I’ll be looking to get back out there before the end of the summer.

Question: Have you got an eye on your potential opponent?

Ebanie Bridges: Not yet we are working on it at the moment but coming back off a lay-off and the injury it’s not going to be a unification fight or anything like that. It will be more to test the hand out really and make sure that’s okay.

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