Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tyrell Biggs Documentary Last Day of Kickstarter Campaign

Press Release: November 24, 2013 by LunchBox Communications- Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We only have 18 hours left on Kickstarter to raise the funding to complete "Whatever happened to Tyrell Biggs?". Kickstarter is an all or nothing platform. They will only charge your account and donations if the amount of plegdes reach our campaign goal.

This is where we ask you to do a little work. Tell everyone. Forward this email to anyone you know who has an interest in sports, filmmaking, community hope, after school programs, documentaries or helping out with anything you believe in. Then please take five minutes tonight to donate. Every dollar and supporter counts.
We are excited for this story to be told and we hope you are too...
This is so much more than a sport biopic about the first ever US Super Heavyweight Gold Medalist and his rise and fall. It's a story that has the potential to engage and inspire people of all ages and from all walks of life.
As Filmmakers we felt moved to connect the dots from the classic tragic boxing tale of Tyrell Biggs to the hope of the interfaith and multigenerational community that has adopted this fallen hero and, with him, begun writing a new chapter in boxing for a struggling neighborhood.
We are inspired by the boxing community in West Philadelphia at the Shepard Recreational Center. Two of the young boxers from the Center's Mitch Allen Gym just won the Junior Olympics. Also, D and D management has a growing stable of up-and-coming Pros training at the gym alongside the young kids and legacy champions. This is where Pastor David Price of D and D realized that the man he was seeing work around the recreation center in the afternoons was none other than Tyrell Biggs, the first Super Heavyweight Olympic champion.
We learned what boxing and independent filmmaking have in common - besides taking a lot of hard knocks - to succeed it requires a major commitment by an entire community. West Philadelphia and the Shepard Recreation Center are bursting with stories but an unfortunate lack of resources to tell their own tale.
The campaign ends tomorrow morning, November 25th. Please start hitting the forward button now.
With gratitude,

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