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Munguia-O’Sullivan Final Presser Quotes

Press Release: By DAZN – SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS. (Jan. 9, 2020): Jaime Munguia (34-0, 27 KOs) and Gary O'Sullivan (30-3, 21 KOs) hosted their final press conference today at The Alamodome ahead of their 12-round fight for the WBO International Middleweight Title. The event will take place Saturday, Jan. 11 at The Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas and will be streamed live on DAZN. 
Credit:Tom Hogan/Hogan Photos/Golden Boy Promotions 

Below is what today's participants had to say at the press conference:

JAIME MUNGUIA, Middleweight Contender:
"Thank you all for joining us. Thank you, Golden Boy, Zanfer, DAZN and my entire team. I want to tell you all I'm happy and motivated and at this new division. This is something new for me and my team. It is a great division with a lot of great fighters like Gary O'Sullivan. I'm excited for that's because at 160 we will have big challenges, we will have big fights and we will deliver great fights to all the people."

"I want to tell all that we had a great preparation. We prep at 100% keeping in mind that we want to give a great fight and a great show. And I want to tell you all to join us on this great fight."

"God willing after this, we will look for world titles at 160 pounds for the people that follow me. Thank you."

GARY "SPIKE" O'SULLIVAN, Middleweight Contender:
"Thank you everyone at the Alamodome stadium. It is fantastic to be here again, I want to take thank Golden Boy, Murphy's Boxing, Zanfer Boxing, Team Munguia, and everyone for being here today."

"I look forward to coming here Saturday night. I'm not under no illusion that Jaime is a great fighter, but he should be under no illusion that I've prepared really hard for this fight. I made a lot of sacrifices. I recently bought my first home for my family, and I was looking forward to spending Christmas with my family at my new home, but I made a lot of sacrifices and I remained in training camp for the holidays."

"Is nothing personal, I really like Jaime, he is a very good guy, very pleasant guy. I wish him good health and good luck in his life, but on Saturday night I'm coming for war, I'm coming to win. And I look forward to putting a great show."

ERIK "EL TERRIBLE" MORALES, Hall of Famer and Trainer of Jaime Munguia: 
"I'm convinced that Jaime Munguia at 160 pounds will be a great fighter. He has come to this fight after a great training with a lot of strength and speed. No doubt it would a good fight and I'm sure that Jaime has the energy and the strength to fight at the highest levels in a style that is pleasing to the fans because he has the talent and the heart. Jaime has grown a lot as a boxer. It's going to be a big fight and I want to invite everyone to be part of this big night of boxing." 

PASCHAL "PACKY" COLLINS, Trainer of Gary O'Sullivan:
"Hello everybody here in San Antonio. I want to thank Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya, Bernard Hopkins, Eric Gomez, DAZN, and the people from San Antonio for giving us the opportunity to be part of this event." 

"I've been managing Spike throughout his whole career and I know of what he's capable of doing. This is the one fight we've been looking for; against Jaime Munguia. Spike literally moved to middleweight to try to get this fight."

"No disrespect to Munguia. He's a great fighter as many Mexican fighters. Munguia has had his world title for a couple of defenses now and Spike still doesn't have that kind of title, that's something that he has been training his whole life for. Spike is a hungry fighter, he is a hard-hitting fighter. Jaime is a young guy, he makes mistakes as a young fighter and we are going to capitalize on that. When the opportunity arrives, he will land his shots and we will find out then how great of a fighter Jaime is. I believe is Spike's destiny to win Saturday night."

FRANCHON CREWS-DEZURN, WBC & WBO Super Middleweight World Champion:
"Excuse my French, but you aren't taking shit from me. I'm blessed to be in this position. I feel like Cinderella. Golden Boy gave me the opportunity to fight for a world title in 2018 and I was victorious, and as you can see my story keeps unraveling in front of you."

"Boxing isn't about weight lose and shout out to my opponent. That's an amazing feat to lose that amount of weight to compete for her goals, but unfortunately, that road is going to stop here with me because I've had to fight my whole life. Before I got signed with Golden Boy, I was sleeping at a Casino just trying to get a meeting to get signed with Golden Boy."

"After my opponent tried to bullet me at the WBC Cancun Convention by my blowing me a kiss and being disrespectful to my team, there is definitely some unfinished business that needs to be settled. I just want to make sure that when I step on the ring, I represent not only myself and my team, but I represent women's boxing as it continues to grow."

"I'm very blessed to be one of the new age pioneers of the sport and being able to be showcased in networks like DAZN. I have a great opening for you because I'm an entertainer. I know you see the shades, I know you see the glam, but when you take all of that away, you see a warrior, you see a woman that wakes up at 6 a.m. and doesn't sleep until 11 p.m. to get the job done. I worked 3 jobs, competed on elite levels, took care of a sick mom for 12 years to go for my dream. So, this is nothing but a pitstop to being undisputed."

ALEJANDRA JIMENEZ, Super Middleweight Contender:
"Good afternoon everybody, you don't know what it means to me to be here with you all. Not only because of boxing but to demonstrate the world that everything that you set up your mind on, you can accomplish with hard work and commitment."

"When I started as a fighter, they told me I couldn't be a boxer because there were few opponents on the heavyweight division, however, I decided to initiate my professional career. And in my fifth fight, I became a world champion on that division by becoming the first Mexican female fighter to win a heavy world title. Today, 66 kilos less, I'm going to fight for a world title at super middleweight."

"I've always wanted to come down from my division and fight the champion on the super middleweight division. I know Franchon is going to be a tough opponent. She's the number 1 in her division, but after this fight, I'm going to be number 1."

"Thank you, Oscar De La Hoya, Golden Boy, DAZN, my team, my family, Pepe Gomez, my trainer, my nutritionist for the support throughout this whole experience. Remember everything is possible if you really work hard for it. This Saturday, Mexico is going to take back a world champion and we're always going to come back here and fight for those world titles on behalf of Mexico."

HECTOR TANAJARA JR., USNBC Lightweight Champion:
"Thank you for coming out. I remember been in the same building since I started boxing. I'd like to thank Golden Boy and DAZN for letting me be part of this opportunity."

"I'm excited to fight. I know this is going to be a tough opponent, but I'll try to give it all for my family and fans."

JOSHUA FRANCO, Flyweight Contender:
"Thank you, Golden Boy, for giving me the opportunity to put up a show in front of all my fans, supporters and my family. You don't want to miss it; I'm feeling hungry. I'm feeling strong and it's going to be an exciting fight for as long as it lasts."

OSCAR DE LA HOYA, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy:
"It gives me great joy to be back here in this beautiful place and in this beautiful arena. This beautiful city brings back a lot of memories that over the years we have accumulated. We have been able to present to you some amazing fights that made us proud to put together. This is not an exception. Mexican star, Jaime Munguia, who is one of the best and top raising stars from Mexico. Then you have the Irish contender Gary "Spike" O'Sullivan who is a fighter that has no quit in him, a fighter who is a people's champion. When you see this fighter fight, you will see why."

"Golden Boy is kicking off the new year with a great night of actions. We are very proud to be putting this whole card together for well-educated Texas' fans, who know their boxing, who know their fight game, and who expect the very best."

"I'm very proud to be announcing that this fight here is promoted in association with Zanfer Promotions, and Murphy's Boxing. Jaime Munguia is becoming one of the biggest fighters, not only in Mexico but in the world. He has a great record, he is jumping up to the middleweight division, which as you know you have the biggest star in boxing today, Canelo Alvarez. There is a lot of opportunity for the winners on Saturday night. The winner takes all, the winner not only takes the prize home of becoming the best that night, but the winner is going to take that prize and get in line to fight fighters like Canelo Alvarez, fighters like the Charlo twins. It is a very important night, not only for Texas boxing, not only for Golden Boy boxing, not only for the fighters but for their legacy. We strongly feel that when you put Mexico versus Ireland is going to be a war. We are thrilled that we can put this together for all you here in Texas."

"We are proud to have a partner who will be streaming this fight live all over the world. The fighting destination in boxing is DAZN, where you can watch the best fights, the biggest stars like Canelo, like Joshua who just fought against Andy Ruiz. You can watch Jaime Munguia fight against Gary O'Sullivan only on DAZN. The great thing about DAZN is that you don't have to pay the pay per view price tag. For a fraction of the cost, you can watch more than 100 fights a year on DAZN."

BERNARD HOPKINS, Hall of Famer and Golden Boy Business Partner:
"It is a great place for boxing because of history. I'm excited not only for the main event, but also for the co-main event. We have two women who are representing boxing, which has been known for years, decades, as a man's sport. We all agree that has changed. 

"The co-main wants to be the undisputed. I know a little bit about being undisputed; it's very beautiful for anybody that has been in that situation. To all the fighters, this is the best opportunity to start 2020. Make it a good one; people want to see you again."

JUAN CARLOS TORRES, Zanfer Promotions:
"Happy New Year to everybody, I'm very excited about this fight. Thanks to Oscar De La Hoya, Eric Gomez, Golden Boy, Tecate and the people from San Antonio for all of their attention during all these years." 

"Both fighters, Munguia and Spike, are made to fight each other. Every time we see fighters that like each other and respect their fighting styles, we know there will be war. We know that Sullivan is a great fighter; a very focused and committed one." 

"Jaime always brings his 100% to the ring. We're very proud of him. We hope to have the success Bernard had in this weight class. We have seen Jaime progress every time. His last fight was his first fight with Eric Morales as his trainer and he has definitely made some defensive adjustments for Jaime, but now almost a year after that fight, we are confident that Jaime is prepared and will be showing a lot of different skills particularly defensive skills." 

"For all the people that are going to be there, we hope that you can subscribe to DAZN because you don't want to miss any fight. Good luck and happy to see you all there on Saturday."

PEPE GOMEZ, CEO of Cancun Boxing:
"Thank you, Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya, Zanfer Promotions and DAZN. In Cancun Boxing we do not come to play boxing, in Cancun Boxing we come to get the world titles; the titles from the World Boxing Council who right now have the champion Franchon and take them to Cancun."

Munguia vs. O'Sullivan is a 12-round fight for the WBO International Middleweight Title presented by Golden Boy in association with Zanfer Promotions and Murphy's Boxing. The event is sponsored by Tecate "THE OFFICIAL BEER OF BOXING" and Hennessy "Never Stop. Never Settle." The event will take place Saturday, Jan. 11 at The Alamodome in San Antonio, TX and will be streamed live exclusively on DAZN. 

Tickets for Munguia vs. O'Sullivan are on sale and are priced at $25, $40, $65, $100, and $200, plus applicable taxes, fees and services charges. Tickets can be purchased online at and by phone at 1-800-745-3000. Tickets will also be available at The Alamodome box office, which is open Monday - Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm C.T. and Saturdays and Sundays when events are taking place at The Alamodome.

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