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Aussies "Big Scorpion" Miles Zalewski Making Big Moves Down Under, Hires Advisor Tony Tolj

 Press Release: July 19, 2021 By Dragon Fire Boxing – Zalewski 9 wins 1 loss was a top amateur with over 100 fights and collecting 80 wins. Adding New Zealand Silver Medalist National Titles along the way as well as x4 State Champion QLD, x4 Golden Gloves Champion Aus.  

Credit: Dragon Fire Boxing 

Zalewski is a former Professional Australian National Lightweight  champion in his earlier pro years. Then making a comeback after taking a 4 year hiatus from the sport and knocking out TC Priestly who was at the time, current Australian Super Featherweight champion in a Australasian Knockout of the year Contender. 

Zalewski opened up about his thoughts on joing global juggernaught Dragon Fire Boxing in an advisory capacity. 

"I’m very fortunate to have the right team and management this time around as I was ill advised in my early professional boxing years. I’m confident having Tony Tolj and Dragon Fire Boxing as my boxing path decision makers and management, we will achieve the goals we set out to make!" 

I’ve loved my time at All Stars Boxing Academy in Australia and I arrived at the right time. When I returned from my 2 year hiatus in Thailand, Liam was the only professional boxer and then I came along. I’ve witnessed the growth of the gym within the space of 2 years and the club has evolved big time. A lot faster than we all anticipated. That’s credit to all of our success combined. But Benny is one of the best trainers in Australia as his student mentality and hunger to learn more is his key to the clubs expansion. He understands and speaks to our unique differences and his communication with us all even during in the toughest of times, is what strengthens the connection between himself and his fighters. This is what makes the sport so special and not a lot of trainers get it. It’s a natural relationship that's cultivated over time. Benny is a special person and I see nothing but good coming his way and he’s still so young! I predict big things for ALL STAR BOXING ACADEMY! 

Being a professional athlete is already in itself a difficult lifestyle to manage and maintain high performance all year round, let alone being a professional boxer. This is an individual sport where we have to generate our own funds to make the dream happen. My manager Oxmar Properties Phil Murphy takes away those stresses and allows us to focus primarily on training which in turn, fast tracks the journey to becoming a world champion. I have so much to be thankful for and even after my boxing career is done and dusted, Oxmar Properties Phil Murphy will always go down as one of the important people who made it all happen and he will now work together with Tony Tolj and I can't wait for the future as all the pieces in the puzzle are now alligned! 

This point in my career is the best I've ever felt physically. Ive been boxing for almost 12 years plus and I get to really tap into my potential properly nowadays. Ive always been behind the 8 ball. Being a New Zealand citizen it was difficult for me to make the national team as I couldn’t compete for Australia and because my amateur career all began in Australia, when I competed to make the nation team in NZ, I was like a foreigner there who was overlooked and unwelcome. I feel the professional game has given me the freedom I need in order to go where I want and let alone all the political twists and turns, I believe my ability will win me the rewards I’ve set myself to achieve in this boxing journey. 

This is a sport where it's almost like overnight success. But of course that can only be achieved with years of work to get you there. I love this game. I love what I’ve learnt within the ring and outside of it. The people I’ve met and the opportunities I've attracted from the sport. It only excites me for what’s coming up ahead! I would love to share the ring with top 10 boxers and measure up my skills against some of the worlds best! 

I’m at a stage where I have full faith in my boxing skill, physical condition and mental fitness to defeat all the big names domestically and globally and I can't wait for the future. 

Advisor Tony Tolj opened up on his thoughts on his latest prominent to his vast Global Boxing stable. 

"I'm looking forward to working with Miles Zalewski and I see great potential. We have built a great team with Zalewski, with leading boxing trainer Ben Harrington and manager Oxmar Properties Phil Murphy together as a unit I'm 100% confident we can achieve great things and at this stage in his career, we strategically acquire the rights fights and the Big Scorpion will Sting all the Super Featherweights who step foot in the ring with him.


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