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Zaurbek Out Boxes Clark To Win WBO European Championship In Kazakhstan


Undefeated rising Jr. Lightweight Sultan Zaurbek scored a one-sided ten round unanimous decision over veteran Ronnie Clark to win the vacant WBO European Jr. Lightweight championship on Saturday night at the Baluan Sholak Sports Palace in Almaty, Kazakhstan. In an extremely tactical bout fought at a measured pace in front of a crowd of limited spectators due to the ongoing global COVID-19 epidemic, the unbeaten Kazakhstan native Zaurbek used his longer reach, height, and lateral movement to cleverly out box Clark over the course of ten rounds where the narrative was simply one fighter outworking the other to earn a convincing unanimous decision victory to win the World Boxing Organization’s version of the European Jr. Lightweight championship. Official scores were 100-90 (On two scorecards), and 99-91 all in favor of Zaurbek. Sultan Zaurbek advances to 11-0, with 7 Knockouts. Ronnie Clark falls to 21-5-2, with 7 Knockouts.


Also on this card:


Undefeated Jr. Middleweight Tursynbay Kulakhmet scored a tenth round stoppage of Aleksei Evchenko. Kulakhmet scored a flash knockdown in round one with a short hook to the head. From that point on Kulakhmet was able to control the pace of the fight and gradually wore Evchenko down. The gradual accumulation of punishment took its toll on Evchenko and in round ten a combination highlighted by a right hook to the head sent an exhausted Evchenko down for the second time. The effects of fatigue as well as punishment did not deter Evchenko from getting up from the canvas, but he was unable to withstand a follow-up barrage of punches from Kulakhmet forcing the fight to be stopped at 1:57 of round ten. Tursynbay Kulakhmet advances to 4-0, with 4 Knockouts. Aleksei Evchenko falls to 19-15-2, with 8 Knockouts.


In a Lightweight shootout Isa Chaniev overcame a first round knockdown to score a one punch third round knockout of previously undefeated Nurtas Azhbenov. The two fighters exchanged offense at a high pace from the opening bell. Azhbenov dropped Chaniev with a perfectly timed flush left hook to the head late in round one. Despite being clearly hurt, Chaniev was able to get up and held his own in the second round as the two boxers exchanged fierce offense. In round three, Chaniev connected with a flush right hook to the head as Azhbenov was trying to pull back leaving his head exposed sending him down hard and out on the canvas. The fight was stopped immediately without a count. Azhbenov was able to leave the ring under his own power. Official time of the stoppage was :45 of round three. Isa Chaniev advances to 15-3, with 7 Knockouts. Nurtas Azhbenov falls to 11-1, with 4 Knockouts.


Unbeaten Welterweight Talgat Shayken scored a seventh round stoppage of Alexander Sharonov. A largely uneventful and workmanlike performance by Shayken suddenly changed midway through round seven when Shayken connected with a right hand that appeared to break Sharonov’s jaw as he tried to turn away from the combat, which led to the fight being stopped. Official time of the stoppage was 1:53 of round seven. Talgat Shayken advances to 5-0, with 3 Knockouts. Alexander Sharonov falls to 12-6-2, with 6 Knockouts 


Undefeated 6’9 Heavyweight Ivan Dychko scored a first round knockout of veteran Denis Bakhtov. A perfectly timed right hook over a left jab put Bakhtov down on the canvas. The fight was stopped immediately without a count. Official time of the stoppage was 1:00 of round one. Ivan Dychko advances to 10-0, with 10 Knockouts. Denis Bakhtov falls to 39-19, with 26 Knockouts.


Super-Middleweight Dauren Yeleussinov scored a fifth round stoppage of Arman Rysbek. This fight saw both fighters having periods of effectiveness seemingly trading periods with one going on offense while the other stood back and covered up. During these periods both men had success landing combinations to the head and body. Yeleussinov would finally break through with a barrage of punches highlighted by a left uppercut through the guard of Rysbek in round five. Although Rysbek was stunned briefly, he did not go down, but after the round concluded, he opted to retire on his stool. Dauren Yeleussinov advances to 9-1-1, with 8 Knockouts. Arman Rysbek falls to 7-2, with 6 Knockouts.


Flyweight Kanagat Manatuly scored a ten round unanimous decision over Bekzhan Abubakir. Official scores were: 98-92, 97-93, and 96-94 in favor of Manatuly. Kanagat Manatuly advances to 6-1, with 4 Knockouts. Bekzhan Abubakir falls to 2-3, with 1 Knockout.


Jr. Welterweight Sagadat Rakhmankul scored a second round stoppage of Yersin Nurkenuly, who was making his professional debut. The bout was stopped at the conclusion of the second round. Sagadat Rakhmankul advances to 7-2, with 5 Knockouts. Yersin Nurkenuly falls to 0-1, with 0 Knockouts.


Welterweight Ray Seitzhanov improved to 7-0 in his career with a third round stoppage of Maxim Churbanov. The bout was stopped at the conclusion of round three. Ray Seitzhanov advances to 7-0, with 4 Knockouts. Maxim Churbanov falls to 8-9-1, with 0 Knockouts.


Unbeaten Jr. Welterweight Rakhat Seitzhan scored a six round unanimous decision over Ruslan Baituov. Official scores were: 60-52, 60-53, and 59-54 in favor of Seitzhan. Rakhat Seitzhan advances to 6-0, with 3 Knockouts. Ruslan Baituov falls to 0-2, with 0 Knockouts.


Undefeated Featherweight Aidos Medet improved to 7-0 in his career with a second round stoppage of Kostiantyn Stadnyk. Official time of the stoppage was 2:00 of round two. Aidos Medet advances to 7-0, with 5 Knockouts. Kostiantyn Stadnyk falls to 5-8-2, with 2 Knockouts. 


Welterweight Nurbol Sultanbay scored a first round stoppage of Umurbek Beknazarov Official time of the stoppage was 2:47 of round one. Nurbol Sultanbay advances to 5-1, with 2 Knockouts. Umurbek Beknazarov falls to 0-3, with 0 Knockouts.


Featherweight Yerzhan Zalilov scored a seventh round stoppage of previously undefeated Bagdat Uaydayev official time of the stoppage was 2:52 of round seven. Yerzhan Zalilov advances to 12-3-2, with 6 Knockouts. Bagdat Uaydayev falls to 5-1, with 1 Knockout.


While this card, which was promoted by MTK Global had a little of everything from highlight reel knockouts to tactical Boxing performances, the main takeaway from this card beyond prospects and contenders at various stages in their respective careers is just how truly global the sport of Boxing is and even in the midst of an ongoing global crisis, promotional entities such as MTK Global have continued to show the ability to adapt in uncertain times. Something that should be applauded by Boxing fans around the world because the reality is, if promoters are not able to adjust even under trying circumstances, the sport of Boxing and by extension all of combat sports cannot exist. As young fighters look to advance their careers with ambitions of winning world championships down the line, events such as this card are often crucial to a fighter’s development as well as providing boxers with valuable exposure that will hopefully help them as they look to take further steps towards the eventual goal of becoming world champions.


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