Saturday, December 11, 2021

Benn KO’s Algieri In 4


Undefeated Welterweight contender Conor Benn scored a brutal fourth round knockout of former WBO Jr. Welterweight world champion Chris Algieri on Saturday night at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England. Benn began the fight by trying to establish an attack to Algieri’s body. Algieri, a fighter known for his lateral movement and ability to pick his spots was unable to find a rhythm due to both Benn’s body attack as well as his head movement, which limited Algieri’s ability to land his jab. In round two, a short left hook to the head sent Algieri down in a summersault like motion where his legs momentarily got caught in the ropes. Algieri contended that it was a slip and appeared to indicate that he felt he was hit behind the head. Nevertheless, the knockdown was counted. Benn brought a sudden and dramatic conclusion to the fight in the fourth round when a brutal one, two highlighted by a right hand to the chin sent the former world champion down and out on the canvas. Official time was 1:58 of round four. Conor Benn advances to 20-0, with 13 Knockouts. Chris Algieri falls to 25-4, with 9 Knockouts.


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Undefeated Undisputed Women’s Lightweight world champion Katie Taylor scored a ten round unanimous decision over top contender Firuza Sharipova. The fight was largely dictated by Taylor’s hand speed as she consistently found ways to beat Sharipova to the punch. Sharipova was able to execute her offense in spots, but generally it was Taylor getting the better of the action. Sharipova suffered a cut above the right eye in the fifth round as a result of an accidental clash of heads. Perhaps in a sign of frustration, the challenger was deducted a point in round six for holding, but even rough house tactics were not enough to turn the ebb and flow in her favor and Taylor was able to secure the convincing ten round unanimous decision to retain her Lightweight crown. Official scores were: 98-92, 97-92, and 96-93 all for Taylor. Katie Taylor advances to 20-0, with 6 Knockouts. Firuza Sharipova falls to 14-2, with 8 Knockouts.


Jr. Welterweight contender Robbie Davies scored a second round knockout over longtime contender Hank Lundy. Davies caught Lundy with a right hook to the temple in round one that badly staggered the veteran and former world title challenger. Lundy was able to survive the round under very unsteady legs, but Davies sensing that his opponent was compromised pressed forward in the second round, ultimately trapping Lundy and knocking him down and through the ropes. Lundy struggled to get back in the ring, but was counted out. Official time of the stoppage was 1:23 of round two. Lundy appeared to injury his right leg as he fell through the ropes and was examined in his corner following the stoppage. Robbie Davies advances to 22-3, with 15 Knockouts. Hank Lundy falls to 31-10-1, with 14 Knockouts.


Undefeated Jr. Lightweight Joe Cordina scored a ten round unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Miko Khatchatryan. Cordina consistently forced the action and outworked Khatchatryan over ten rounds to earn the unanimous decision victory. Official scores were 100-90, and 98-92 (On two scorecards) in favor of Cordina. Joe Cordina advances to 14-0, with 8 Knockouts. Miko Khatchatryan falls to 13-1, with 7 Knockouts.


Jr. Featherweight Peter McGrail moved to 2-0 in his young career with a second round knockout of Engel Gomez. The end came with a one, two from McGrail from the southpaw stance that ended with a left hand to the chin that sent Gomez flat on his back on the canvas. The bout was immediately stopped. Official time of the stoppage was 2: 18 of round two. Peter McGrail advances to 2-0, with 1 Knockout. Engel Gomez falls to 8-4-1, with 4 Knockouts.



In a battle of undefeated Middleweights, Caoimhin Agyarko scored an impressive ninth round stoppage of previously unbeaten Noe Larios. Agyarko implemented a systematic attack and was able to find a home for his left hook with increasing regularity throughout. This along with periodically switching his stance from southpaw to orthodox kept Larios from being able to find a way to break his rhythm. The end came when a flush left hook to the jaw of Larios staggered him and sent him against the ropes. A follow up barrage of unanswered punches forced a stoppage of the bout at 2:08 of round nine. Caoimhin Agyarko  advances to 10-0, with 7 Knockouts. Noe Larios falls to 14-1, with 6 Knockouts.


Super-Middleweight Paddy Lacey remained unbeaten by scoring a workmanlike four round decision over Vasif Mamedov. As all non-title bouts that do not impact regional or world rankings that are held in the United Kingdom and Ireland are scored solely by the referee officiating a bout, Referee John Latham scored the bout 40-36 in favor of Lacey. Paddy Lacey advances to 3-0, with 0 Knockouts. Vasif Mamedov falls to 2-8-2 with 0 Knockouts.


Featherweight contender Jordan Gill fought to a three round technical draw with veteran Alan Castillo. Gill suffered a cut on the hairline as a result of an accidental clash of heads that resulted in the bout being stopped. Because the bout was stopped before four rounds were completed, the bout was declared a technical draw. Joran Gill advances to 26-1-1, with 7 Knockouts. Alan Castillo advances to 27-11-1, with 10 Knockouts.


Jr. Welterweight Calum French scored a six round decision to begin his professional career over Rustem Fatkhullin. Referee Bob Williams scored the bout 60-54 in favor of French. Calum French advances to 1-0, with 0 Knockouts. Rustem Fatkhullin falls to 8-17, with 3 Knockouts.


Jr. Featherweight Joe McGrail began the evening by successfully making his professional debut in scoring a second round stoppage over Francisco Rodriguez. McGrail scored a knockdown with a right hand in the second round and had Rodriguez staggered badly in the latter seconds of the round. Although Rodriguez was able to survive the round, his corner had seen enough and stopped the fight at the conclusion of the second round. Joe McGrail advances to 1-0, with 1 Knockout. Francisco Rodriguez falls to 0-4, with 0 Knockouts.


For Conor Benn, the son of former two-division world champion Nigel Benn, this was a statement-making performance against a former world champion in Chris Algieri, who’s only previous stoppage loss came at the hands of current IBF/WBC Welterweight world champion Errol Spence. As a fighter, Nigel Benn was one of the most feared fighters in the Middleweight and Super-Middleweight division because of his punching power and ability to end fights often in devasting fashion in the blink of an eye. Several sons of great fighters have ventured into the sport and have found it difficult to live up to what is oftentimes an unrealistic expectation based on their roots of whose footsteps they are following that has at times produced mixed results. For now, Conor Benn has at least proven that he is a legitimate top contender. In terms of his punching power, it’s clear that he inherited his father’s ability to end a fight suddenly and in brutal fashion. Whether this ultimately leads him to winning a world championship in his own right remains to be seen. The year 2022 just might be the year where Conor Benn will at least get an opportunity to win one.


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