Tuesday, January 18, 2022

James Ballard: 2022 A Redemption Year in Boxing

 Press Release: January 18, 2022 By Brandon Countee – Light-Heavyweight boxer James Ballard looks to return to the ring in the first quarter of 2022 a much different boxer than he has been in the past both inside and outside the ring. Having fought twice in 2021, both bouts resulted in losses, something that he regrets. In hindsight, he realizes that with the pandemic and his personal life, he wasn’t as focused as he should have been.  “Boxers can either win, lose or draw.” James laments. “Those are the only three outcomes. I can accept losing if I gave my best and it just wasn’t my day. But honestly, I feel like I should have prepared better.” 

Credit: Brandon Countee

Ballard returned to the ring after a 3-year hiatus in July 2021 admits he should have been better prepared for his bout.  “I took my first loss in 2017 and immediately came back and avenged it the following fight.  I lost in 2018 and didn’t fight for 3 years. Then I wasn’t focused when I was training on getting back to the level I needed to. Losing was the likely outcome.” James admits.

He wants 2022 to be different and sees it as a rebirth of his career and his professionalism in the sport. The latter he accepts was lacking at times. Anyone who follows the sport can recall stories told or incidents witnessed of boxers, promoters, and all in-between making regrettable decisions or flat-out mistakes in retrospect.  “I made some boxing decisions that were just bad for business and personal. When I look back at things I wish I could have explained why I did or said some of the things. I gotta accept that I can’t change the past but just really have to focus on getting my career on track. Boxing is that one sport where there is redemption and your chance to grow. Since turning professional I got married and am a father now. I made a decision to be a better person.”

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