Saturday, September 9, 2023

Bellew Says Danis ‘Wouldn’t Make It To The Ring’ If He Insulted His Wife In The Same Way He Is Attacking Agdal

Press Release September 9, 2023 By Liam Solomon/ - Logan Paul’s fiancé Nina Agdal is suing Dillon Danis and filing for a restraining order over the abusive trolling Danis is subjecting the Danish model to over social media. Bellew, who is no stranger to trash talk in the build up to a big fight, has condemned Danis for the below-the-belt content the MMA fighter is publishing on social media;

Tony Bellew: “He’s taken it way too far. I’m not going to lie, if someone insults my wife it’s not going to make it to the boxing ring. It would get dealt with literally immediately. It doesn’t matter how many security guards he has with him either, you can’t have someone insulting your wife or fiance. It’s a step too far. I don’t know what prompted him to do that, I have no idea.”

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