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Gonzalez Pounds Out Majority Decision Over Castaneda In War

Press Release: November 30, 2023 By ProBox TV-  ProBox Promotions continues to be the number one destination for mid-week boxing as the card from Wednesday, November 29 delivered, which streamed live on the ProBoxTV YouTube page and app. This week’s bouts saw another war during the main event, a junior middleweight prospect being tested, and a boxing lesson from a welterweight prospect.

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Orlando Gonzalez goes to war and comes out with a majority decision victory


The main event delivered big time as Orlando Gonzalez (22-2,12 KOs) earned a majority decision victory over Jorge Castaneda (16-3, 12 KOs) in an absolute war. The judges saw this one: 95-95 (Castaneda), 97-92 (Gonzalez) & 96-93 for Gonzalez.


Gonzalez started quickly in the first round, and towards the middle of the round, he landed a straight left down the middle, which buckled Castaneda and had him visibly hurt. Castaneda started to bleed from his nose during the second round, but it didn’t bother him. Gonzalez landed a devastating right hook and followed it with a left hook, knocking down Castaneda for the first time in the fight. Castaneda would beat the count and survive the round.


Castaneda had a bounce-back round in the third, but Gonzalez’s footwork and counter hooks were too much to handle. Castaneda looked visibly frustrated as he could not get going. Castaneda landed a huge one-two combination that rocked Gonzalez in the fourth round, and the momentum quickly shifted back to him.


The fight was fought in a phone booth in the fifth round, and Gonzalez’s body shots were adding up. The crowd at this point were loud and cheering on their respective fighter. Castaneda landed a clean double left hook in the sixth round, while Gonzalez’s check right hooks kept Castaneda honest. Gonzalez would control the seventh round with his level-changing shots, but Castaneda deflated Gonzalez with a left hook to the body and a triple left uppercut in the eighth. Although Gonzalez showed his warrior spirit by coming back, he was clearly hurt.


Castaneda stalked Gonzalez in the ninth round and hurt him with a left hook to the body. Although Castaneda hurt Gonzalez, he couldn’t put enough together for a knockdown, so Gonzalez survived the round. In the tenth and final round, both men emptied their tanks, hoping to sway the judges in their direction, but in the end, Gonzalez did a little more to secure the victory.




Tarik Zaina easily outboxes Marcelino Nicolas Lopez


Tarik Zaina (13-0-1, 8 KOs) had no trouble with scoring a unanimous decision (97-93, 98-92 & 99-91) victory over Marcelino Nicolas Lopez (37-4-1, 22 KOs) as the card’s co-feature.


Zaina showed good lateral movement in the opening round, while Lopez established his left jab and scored with an overhand right. Throughout the first half of the fight, Lopez threw the overhand right, which landed at times but missed most of his attempts. Midway through the fight, Lopez started to chase Zaina, which didn’t work out for him as he was on the receiving end of a left jab.


At the start of the seventh round, Zaina switched to southpaw, and Lopez could not make any adjustments to counter the punches he was receiving. Zaina dictated the pace with his right jab for the rest of the fight, which helped secure the unanimous decision. 


Marques Valle scores a tough unanimous decision


Undefeated super welterweight Marques Valle (10-0, 7 KOs) scored a unanimous decision over Farid Ngoga (10-1, 6 KOs). The judges saw this one 77-75, 78-74, 78-74 for Valle, who had his hands full all night.


Ngoga was dictating the pace with a left jab in the first round. Valle was stalking but not landing too many punches. In the second round, Valle landed his left jab and finished it with a right uppercut. Ngoga seemed fatigued, which allowed Valle to get some big shots off. Ngoga did land some combinations of his own, which created some swelling on Valle’s face.


In the third round, Ngoga found a home for his overhand right, but Valle was determined to apply as much pressure as possible, and towards the end of the round, he landed a triple right uppercut, which stunned Ngoga. After more of the same in the fourth round, Ngoga switched to southpaw in the fifth round and landed a ton of right jabs, which gave Valle something to think about.


Ngoga stayed in the southpaw stance throughout the rest of the fight, which saw him succeed with the right jab. Valle looked confused, and towards the end of the sixth round, Ngoga created a cut under Valle's left eye. Both men finished the final round strong, but the judges liked the cleaner, harder shots from Valle, which resulted in him earning the unanimous decision.


A competitive bantamweight fight that resulted in a draw


“This is the kind of fight that if you are a judge, what do you like?”- Chris Algieri


In the night's opening fight, Joahnys Argilagos (9-1-1, 4 KOs) & Jose Lopez (4-2-3, 0 KO) fought to a draw in a competitive bantamweight battle. The judges saw this one 78-74 (Lopez), 77-75 (Argilagos) & 76-76, which resulted in the fight being a draw.


In the first round, Argilagos started fast with combinations, while Lopez dedicated his offense downstairs to the body. Lopez then started to see Argilagos hands come down a bit, leading Lopez to start landing big right hands. Argilagos wasn’t as active in the second round, but he had the flashier combinations. Lopez continued his workman-like style and kept pressure on Argilagos with the left jab and overhand right.


Rounds three to seven were more of the same. Argilagos would throw the showy punches in spurts while Lopez kept coming forward while landing a ton of punches to the body and an overhand right that landed throughout the fight. In the last round, the fighters went toe-to-toe as they knew the fight was still up for grabs. Although there were no knockdowns, the crowd roared as the fight concluded.



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